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This is the second in a series about James Blake. And it kept me reading from cover to cover, very quickly. I like the short chapters that keep moving rapidly from scene to scene. There are many characters in this novel, and each have unique lives, but also something in common. To begin with, James Blake and his wife Julie, who is about seven months pregnant, receive a call that sets them off from Weymouth, England, to London under assumed names of Charles and Mary Harrington.

Another prime character is German born Wolfgang Heller who is a brutal hired killer. He's been hired by a man in prison serving a life sentence, the vengeful, Matteo Lando. How many people have been targeted for death?

Jack Franks, an FBI agent, is the man to warn James Blake that the FBI knows he's been located and his life is at risk. He offers to help James, as he indicates that there are U.S. national security issues involved. The FBI will help him, if he helps them. Yet James does not know how he can help them.

Miles Blake, James' brother, an investigative reporter for a British newspaper, becomes aware of James' dilemma, and wants to help. However, he's been haunted by nightmares for three years because of what torture Julie had gone through by placing her in danger. Miles is not sure if he can right that wrong, but it is his duty as a brother. Would Julie ever trust him again?

There are a few more characters that enrich this fast-paced novel. There are numerous twists and turns in this compelling novel. It is gripping, intense, and captivates the reader to the end. Author Seb Kirby is an outstanding author who knows how to write what I think of as a classic action-packed thriller. I'm looking forward to the next book in the James Blake series.
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