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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Spiritual Manifestation Blueprint, 25 décembre 2013
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : The Map: To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True! (Broché)
The Map: To Our Responsive Universe-Where Dreams Really Do Come True by Boni Lonnsburry takes on the theme of achieving personal dreams through the perspective of a GPS to your soul. The following are some of the novel ideas in the book:
Discussion on antidotes for certain emotions such as the need to control one’s inner and outer world(pages 116-117), guilt (pages 123-124), and shame (pages 125-126).
Ways to work with and bring in harmony your child, adolescent, adult self, and “dark (negative) side (pages 126-145).
Page 169-How What Others Create Can Also Be a Sign Of A Man Or Woman’s personal belief system. For instance, the author gives an example of how what Mary and George see in the way their friends/family/acquaintances create their relationships and money are actually spiritual reflections of what they personally believe as well.
Pages 203-228-Ways To Channel Energy Toward personal dreams such as the “Make The Movie” real technique.
Pages 253-287: Ways To Tell when your dream is about to come true and much more insightful information.
Pages 273-274: How A Negative Sign can sometimes be a blessing in disguise.
Pages 355-357: Letter To Your Future Self and pages 359-360: Requests To Your Higher Self (a man or woman’s soul/spirit).
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Du plus utile au moins utile | Du plus récent au plus ancien

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