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le 17 octobre 2013
One of my favourite books is Boswell's Life of Johnson, and I had been on the lookout for a good Kindle version. So I was very pleased to come across the Delphi Complete Works, which contains not only the complete Boswell, but also Osgood's abridged version. Looking down the contents list, I saw that Mrs Thrale's biography of Johnson was also included, plus essays on the great man by Nathaniel Hawthorne, G.K. Chesterton, H.P. Lovecraft and Thomas Babbington Macaulay. This would already represent a large amount of shelf space if it came in book form, but the Delphi edition also contains all the Rambler, Adventurer and Idler essays, The Lives of the Poets, extensive selections from The Dictionary (and not just the handful of often quoted definitions that all Johnson fans know), all the poetry and a great deal else. For a few seconds I thought that Rasselas had been unaccountably left out, but it too is there, under its original title of The Prince of Abyssinia. If you like Samuel Johnson or if you want to find out about him, this version has everything you need at a incredibly low price.
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