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  • Empire
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Commentaires client

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le 24 juillet 2014
Three to Four Weeks ago, I was listening to a local radio station that also features a weekly top 40 countdown hosted by Ryan Seacrest. Jennifer Lopez was temporarily filling in for him and introduced Empire by Shakira, which I admit, convinced me in a way to purchase the song. I confess that I do not fully understand the meaning of the song. However, I am only guessing from the lyrics of the stars, love, and universe that Empire appears to be a song about passionately being in love with someone. I’m tempted to look up the meaning of this song later on just to see if I’m correct or at least close in knowing the meaning. Empire is a fun dance pop type of song.
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le 11 mars 2014
Magnifique titre en attendant l'album le 24 mars bien meilleure que Can't remember to forget you même si je l'aime bcp je préfère celui la ça lui ressemble bcp plus. Trop hâte d'avoir l'album en main je me vois déjà aller le chercher dans 13 jours Shakira <3
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