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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Compilation of knowledges, 9 juin 2014
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : JavaFX 8: Introduction by Example (Broché)
Looking at the authors you already know before reading the book that the content will be a compilation of knowledges.
The book covers almost all subjects of the JavaFX world. It goes from the very basics to advanced topics. Indeed you will read the pre-requisites you will need to run your very first project to complete application with various examples. What you will also read is a chapter about Lambdas because of the important changes they bring to Java. I think it is a very good choice from the authors to include it in the book.
The book contains a lot of examples but not just "Hello world" ones. Indeed authors have make the good compromise between the sufficient example and the meaning of them, meaning you have concrete and coherent examples of applications. For example one of my favourite is the photo viewer which shows you a lot of concepts of JavaFX but is simple enough for everybody to understand and proves you the strenghts of the language. Indeed it demonstrates how animations are done in a nice study case (who never wanted such an application?). One of the other nice example is the custom component creation with a LED light done by Mister UI: Gerrit Grunwald. Gerrit is for me one of the best UI guy I know and he shares his talent in creating a lot of custom components.
Another topic which is simply explained is the JavaFX 3D. The topic is explained using really nice figures in order to explain a difficult topic. What I really like is how the TriangleMesh is explained because honestly I have never found a really good explanation.
Finally you will have a lookup at the media API available in JavaFX with a complete and well explained media player for both audio and videos. The example is full working like all others and should give all you need to fully get all concepts.
To conclude the book is very well written and give you a really full tour of features available in JavaFX to start working with this technology. You shouldn't ne disappointed by this compilation of knowledges written by Java rock stars.
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