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le 16 juillet 2014
First of all, I have a huge confession to make (please be indulgent with me): I had never read a book of Deborah Bladon before VAIN... Obviously I have heard about her Pulse series but I have never go for it (my mistake it appears!). So, seriously, my review of this book is not biased by my previous reading from this author.

As I am reading a lot of romance novel, Amazon sends me a lot of email to inform me of new releases. I usually pass on most of them but I was really intrigued by the cover of VAIN (I have a weakness for tattooed arms), then caught up with the description, and I decided to give it a try! And... Good luck with this one!

The story is about a nice (but wicked) girl, Alexa, who mets a bad (but hot) guy, Noah... Until then, everything is fine in the romance novel world. What is really changing in this book from my previous reading is that I do NOT like the guy. Seriously, he is a f****** a**! You know it from the beginning but it does not stop you from understanding Alexa and the choices she made in this first part of the series.

However be prepared, I though I saw it coming, but I did not saw THAT coming! Seriously, that bad? The last page of this first part literally kills me! I really cannot wait for the second part of this series and I really am curious to see (read) how Deborah Bladon is going to make me fall for the guy...
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