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Action Figur Terminator T-1000 17cm Steel Mill [import allemand]

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  • - Terminator- T1000 Steel Mill- Taille 18cm
2 neufs à partir de EUR 30,04
Information concernant cet article :
Il s'agit d'une version allemande, la langue principale de cet article est l'allemand.
Information concernant cet article :
Il s'agit d'une version allemande, la langue principale de cet article est l'allemand.

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  • ASIN: B005OZZ448
  • Dimensions du produit: 30,5 x 22,9 x 7,6 cm
  • Moyenne des commentaires client : 5.0 étoiles sur 5 1 commentaire client
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Descriptions du produit

Figurine de Terminator 2 du T-1000 dans sa version Steel Mill.

Informations :
Taille : 18 cm
Type : Figurine
Editeur : Neca

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Amazon.com: 4.8 étoiles sur 5 10 commentaires
4.0 étoiles sur 5 Close to the original 21 janvier 2014
Par Clayman 8 - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
Sculpt- 9/10
There is little to say about NECA's quality of sculpts,even on an older model as the T1000. Patrick Stewart's likeness is extremely well done down to his cold,calculated portrayal of the Skynet Terminator. The face is perfectly straight and emotion-less,and the expression even somewhat changes when you turn or angle the head differently thanks to the awesome sculpt. The secondary head comes with the trademark bullet eye-hole and here as well NECA did an incredible job. The entire right side of the face has metallic distortion ripples along the cheek,nose and up to the right ear and lip area. One would expect there to be just a hole drilled through the head but they went the extra mile to add the damage through out the head.
The hands have nice detail all along them with the skin texture showing smoothly throughout the parts. The even outline the nails.
The rest of the body is also very well done,with cloth parts all showing the creases and folds of a figure in movement. The police badge,name tag and all the small buttons and clips are crisp and pop out well. Its interesting to point out that this sculpt is made,following it's title,with the patrolman boots on instead of the classic leather shoes of the original officer showing the slow "disassociation" of the T1000's morphing ability. This is also underline with the sculpt of the left boot. For those who have seen the Director's Cut of T2,a short scene shows the T1000 grab onto a railing after pulling itself back together and has the hand take up the hazard stripping of the railing. The boot does the same with the diamond pattern of the floor grating he is standing on,and this exact effect is copied here with sculpted diamond plate halfway through the boot as well as a partially melted boot sole.

I DID however have certain problems with the fingers spikes. They are molded from a soft plastic,much like the boots, and had horribly warped and "hooked" in the box. It is almost impossible to get them to stay properly straight as no amount of lighter heating or boiling the parts and straightening them has worked. Im currently working on replacing them with carved up tooth-picks to keep them straight.

Joints- 7/10
They work well,but as with all older NECA models,they are a tad limited. The figure has ball joints on the neck and i assume the shoulders and wrists and normal pivot joints on the elbows,hip and knee area (very well hidden into the boot top however).
Both heads swivel all around,the arm can turn forward/backward up and down (but only up to a certain angle however) with the elbow having a forward/backward movement as well. Wrists turn and angle freely. The hip has a limited turn sideways (i honestly didnt try to go full 360 on it though) and the knees move forward and back as well as pivot sideways,although they are also partially blocked by the boot top.

The pose is limited on this model as the hip and legs are in a fixed "stepping" position,which partially makes me question the use of having knee joints in the first place... The arms do let up some posing creativity but again as the legs are fixed one can only do so many things aside replacing the normal hands with the finger spike.

Paintjob- 9/10
I will probably never give a full 10/10 for anything but here its a good example of how a very simple figure is still very well done. There was absolutely no slip ups,no lazy/crossed eyes are mispainted areas. The folds and raised areas are all evenly painted a variety of dark grays that do not invade or seem over-done compared to the black uniform. The metallic parts a a simple coat of silver paint however there is really no need for more,considering that the T1000 is essentially chrome-colored. The skin tone is also very well done with a good variety of depth in the creases of the face and hands. The spike hands have a nice smooth transition from silver to skin-tone as well instead of cutting from one color to another.

Extras- 6/10
I didnt expect much honestly as there are (if i remember right) 3 or 4 variants of this figure,excluding the pure silver one,each with different extra parts in it. It will all really depend which parts you want on him. This one comes with a pair of extra hands with 2 finger spikes,a longer and a shorter one as well as an extra head that has the shotgun hole in it. I would've liked to have a Beretta pistol on him as well but as this is the end chapter model,its is also normal he does not have it anymore.

In general,im really happy with it as the recent waves of NECA figures have slightly gone down in terms of quality and originality. The limited pose is somewhat of a negative point for me but can be overlooked thanks to the general dynamic of the model as a whole. The biggest selling point for me was the eye-hole and the spike fingers as its the way i most remember the T1000.
I'd recommend it for a collector to oppose the End Battle T800 as they go very well together as a display piece.
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Call To John Now....I know this hurts *twist the blade into sarah's arm* 12 mai 2013
Par The Cool Monkey - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
hahaha I just love that quote any way god Terminator 2 is just a masterpiece hands down actually one of the most beloved Sci-fi movie's any way my first T-1000 was from the toyline Movie Maniacs series 4 and that was just an awesome figure but man oh man NECA is just amazing when it come's to figures obviously but holy can tomatoes this one is just behind epicness so if you seen T2 T-1000 can take the shape of his victims or so making it impossiable to escape from his metalic grip. This figure is base off of where this is the final match between John,Sarah,and T-800 at the steel mill but at this point you can tell T-1000 is malfuctioning so everything he touches his is taking shape without control but sadly it was cut out except a part where there is this strange flickering running to his forehead but the scene is where he is walking on the grid flooring giving the shapes on both feet, so he comes with 5 accessories two interchageable hands which are regular hands and then his sharped pointed index figures aswell as a normal head also this figure comes with the head where sarah just basically shot him right in the eye with an automatic shotgun leaving a giant hole haha but the scalpt on it is very well detail you can see the wrinkles in the skin and shinning metalic inside that has swirls through out to the leaving entrance from bullet impact. But here's what get's interesting is that NECA decided to make more T-1000 to give you an option to switch out different limbs or torso's and add them to the figure really cool indeed but lisen if your a terminator fan get this honestly one the most epic figures out to date I will explain articutlation below.

Articulation: Head is on a ball joint, pinn in socket, he bends at the elbows,hands are on ball joint, rotates at the hip, bends at the knees and rotates but sometimes its hard to stand him so becareful.

Articulation score:

paint application: 10

Detail: 9.4

Overall score: A solid 9.5
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 The end of the line for NECA's T2 line...and the T-1000 30 octobre 2011
Par Michael W. Howe - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
NECA's line of figures from James Cameron's Terminator 2: Judgement Day is drawing to a close. With the last two releases from NECA toys, the number of figures associated with T2 has dwindled to just one apiece, in the wake of NECA now doing figures from the first Terminator movie. With the most recent figure wave (as of this review in late October 2011), NECA has given us one of their last iterations of Skynet's advanced prototype: the T-1000.

Named the 'Steel Mill T-1000,' this figure shows what has happened to the T-1000 following his being frozen in liquid nitrogen, blasted apart, and reassembled to continue his pursuit of John Connor. The stance of the figure is more in line with the previous 'Motorcycle Cop T-1000,' with a right-foot-first pose.' Though while the figure retains the Motorcycle Cop's white-striped pants and boots, the upper torso is more in line with the original police uniform that the T-1000 first appears in.

Accessory-wise, the T-1000 comes with two different heads: a normal head with a decent likeness of actor Robert Patrick, and a second head in which the T-1000 has a hole blasted through the right side (compliments of Sarah Connor). The figure also comes with two interchangeable hands with extended index fingers, meant to simulate the scene where he impales and threatens Sarah Connor.

A nice little sculpting bonus are the T-1000's boots, which have a metal-flooring pattern. Those who have seen the theatrical cut of T2 may not get this reference, but those who have seen the Extended Edition cut will. Apparently, after reassembling itself after being frozen and blasted apart, the T-1000 begins to glitch/malfunction, parts of its body mimicking certain objects against its will. In one scene in the extended edition, the T-1000 walks over a metal floor, and its boots begin to mimic the same pattern.

The Motorcycle Cop T-1000 wasn't as well-received as the previous T-1000 incarnations, but this version may very well prove to be more popular, given the Robert Patrick likeness that is more concrete, as well as the alternate 'effects' head.
4.0 étoiles sur 5 Like the detail. 17 mars 2014
Par jtucker72 - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
The Neca 7 inch line figures are quite durable and this T-1000 is no exception. So far I have bought, Dutch, Kyle Reese, the terminator exoskeleton, and a Rambo figure. I was impressed with this one's head sculpt and the movie accurate details of his expression. The only thing I didn't like was the lack of a service pistol and belt, kind of a no-brainer I thought, but other than that he looks great.
5.0 étoiles sur 5 T1000 at its best 12 juin 2013
Par MELISSA A DUFFY - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
Neca does it again with exceptional quality and likeness, great joints with alternate hands and head, easy exchanging of alternate parts. Comes with normal head and shotgun hole head, also two needle fingers. A+++++++ product. (Doesnt come with gun which would've been nice)
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