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4,6 sur 5 étoiles

le 31 mai 2016
This is the third book I have read of hers and she makes you feel like you are watching a movie play out in front of you as you are reading.
This book was well written and really portrayed the point out was trying to get across.
This was a sweet love story. I had a difficult time seeing how two people so young could love each other so passionately, but by the end of the story I was crying and believing that anything is possible. Riley and Clay's love is profound.
Would I recommend the book? Yes. I enjoyed it. Even though there were some parts I struggled to relate to with Riley's parents letting her do the things she did at her age I still thought the story was strong. I loved the relationship between her and Clay.
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le 6 février 2013
Cet auteur a une forte sensibilité, l'histoire est bien écrite te les personnages touchants!! Merci pour ce roman et cette histoire
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