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For We Are Many Import

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  • CD (20 octobre 2010)
  • Nombre de disques: 1
  • Format : Import
  • Label: Mis
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HASH(0x96b2b1f8) étoiles sur 5 Excellent Album 13 octobre 2010
Par Davio The One - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
This is a great album. I don't care whether music is Metal, bubble gum pop, country....if it sounds good I'll give it a shot. This album sounds good. I jumped on the ATR ship with Overcome, which I thought was a great album as well. After buying their entire catalog it was clear that Fall of Ideals was exceptional, however I don't think Overcome was as bad as many of the hardcore fans seemed to paint it in the reviews. I don't mind when band's try to change their style. I am a guitar player, and playing music that you like, and experimenting with new sounds, is what it is all about. I am a perfect example of how Overcome brought in a new fan because several of the songs hit the mainstream radio and I found out who ATR was.

For We Are Many is a cross between Fall of Ideals and Overcome, and in my opinion it blends the best of each album PERFECTLY. It has radio friendly songs that still have a hardcore edge to them, and it has hardcore songs that still have a catchy edge to them. As ridiculously lame as it sounds, I actually got goosebumps listening to the breakdown of track 6, Aggressive Opposition, the first time.

If you are an ATR fan, this album is a no brainer. If you like catchy/melodic yet still hardcore music, this album is a no brainer. If you don't mind a slight dose of screaming combined with some good clean vocals, give this album a try but I still think you'll like it.

Excellent work ATR!
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HASH(0x96b2b24c) étoiles sur 5 All that Remains Returns!!!! 13 octobre 2010
Par Bdinicola - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
After two years, all that remains returns with an impressive new record. Let me say, it is a welcome feeling to have adam d produce the album as when he did fall of ideals. first off, i have been following atr since behind silence and the solitude and the progression as a band has been one worth investing time in. not many bands are thriving well and still making records so its good to see that atr is still an influential part of the genre.

To me, fall of ideals was atr's most impressive album to date and when overcome released i was torn in two. this darkened heart was sick, fall of ideals was perfect, and overcome threw me off gaurd. i appreciated atr branching out to meet a new audience, i mean, the rock band dlc's also added to the records sales. but i felt overcome wasn't their best, aside from a few immaculate songs (song for the hopeless, chiron, two weeks), the album just didnthave the kick that fall of ideals had. enter, for we are many...

Let me just say, the album is absolutely brilliant and takes more than a couple of listens to fully grasp the diversity of the record. i've listened to it almost 12 times through and new pieces and surprises seem to arise. for we are many is, for lack of a better term, a "hybrid" between fall of ideals and overcome. it surely is better the overcome, i feel as if you were just introduced to atr with the release of overcome, not knowing of their past work you may feel 'out of the element'. believe me, this album harkens back to some of their older stuff, and man does it feel great. there are however, a few welcome twists that really make each song distinct and gripping. Those of us who found the 'weak willed' to be one of their best songs will find remnants of that in tracks such as "dead wrong" and "for we are many." the album also incorporates some unique electronic elements ("won't go quietly" - eric clapton ending) that make for we are many a unusual, yet welcome atmosphere. Phil's vocals are some of the best he's ever done. he's found the perfect balance between his sings and screams, each emits a particular mood. the songs themselves are more diverse then ever. you can tell that adam d as usual was pushing atr pretty hard but man did it pay off. some of the guitar solos are pure genius and insanity, coupled with phil's godly voice and you have a distinguished album. for we are many is by far, some of atr's best work and it proves that they continue to incorporate new ideas to further their sound.

1. NOW LET THEM TREMBLE (5/5) - a powerful intro that pulls you right into the mood of the album. plus the transition to for we are many is awesome. sounds crisp and rigid displaying how the band has changed and what the audience is in store for.
2. FOR WE ARE MANY (5/5) - the title track says it all. phil's vocals are just insane. his speed in some locations is almost sickening. a must listen!!!!
3. THE LAST TIME (4/5) - fast paced and pretty cool. again, phil's pitch is what really grips you.
4. SOME PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME (5/5) - one of the most stand-out tracks on the album. this track is just empowering. it keeps a perfect balance between sing/scream with verastile breakdowns. the song builds as the seconds add on and just blows your mind. phil also drops his vocals at the end, like i mentioned before like in 'the weak willed'
5. WON'T GO QUIETLY (4.5/5) - this one in particular has a unique rhythm that sets it apart from the others. specifically, the instrumentals are top notch (not they arent in the others) and truly compliment phil's godly voice. some may find the outro 'out of place' but i think its pretty sweet
6. AGGRESSIVE OPPOSITION (4.5/5) - this song is intentionally off-kilter. if you think of the title it makes perfect sense. the range of vocals in this track are stunning. it reminisces elements of fall of ideals.
7. FROM THE OUTSIDE (4/5) - this is the only one where i feel doesnt really have any distinction. its cool and has impressive instrumentals, but it doesnt quite hit you in the face until the end. but its still better than most tracks on overcome
9. FAITHLESS (5/5) - doesnt overstay its welcome. its quick and truly graceful in its tone. phil's vocals again near the end show his growth and willingness to change. the bridge is pretty sick as well.
10. HOLD ON (3.5/5) - one of the first singles to be released, i enjoy the song up until the chorus. i think its safe to say that this song willreach the popularity level similar to 'two weeks.' i could see it being on rock band as a dlc. it doesnt quite break new round...but its still enjoyable
11. KEEPERS OF THE FELLOW MAN (5/5) - brilliant! simply put! preps you for the conclusion of the album.
12. THE WAITING ONE (5/5) - some people may be torn between the ending of the album. i could say i miss the ending of fall of ideals' indictment...but this one actually fits the mood perfectly. phil's vocals emotionally grip you throughout the entire song. it walks on that fine line of 'hard -rock' but remains atr all the way. the instrumentals here really cap the album off. if you think about it, the pace of the album has been quite rapid, this takes its time to make sure you remember the previous 11 tracks. great ending!!!

13. OF THE DEEP (5/5) - this is where my album actually ends, if you preordered it, itunes gave out an exclusive. it bears a stricking resemblance to 'for we are many.' in fact, some of the key words are re-used "the fire it rages" is one. phil's scathing vocals are the most profound in this track i think. its quick, almost 3 minutes long with a crazy solo. again, it has more affiliation with tracks like weak willed and idictment. i love it becuase its truly brutal and 100 percent classic ATR. FIND IT!!!

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HASH(0x96b2b684) étoiles sur 5 A band's evolution? You decide. 12 octobre 2010
Par T. Kauger - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
I'm all for the evolution of a band's sound and style. It's important.

All That Remains is clearly undergoing one of these stylistic changes. At their core, they are still devoted to the intelligent-yet-frenetic music that powered their first three albums. At the same time, they're taking on a more clean and polished demeanor, with songs that are just as at home on the local pop rock station as they are on the underground metal one. They're blending the genres, and for that, I applaud them.

But "For We Are Many" is puzzling.

Brutal and technical musicality makes its appearances in tracks such as "Some of the People, All of the Time" and "For We Are Many", harking back to what once drew many to All That Remains. The more "sonically pleasant" tracks on this album, however, are at best mildly repetitive, and at worst, forcibly artificial. This album is, at once, a study in what All That Remains does best, as well as what they are trying to do, but can't pull off. The cleaner, more radio-friendly songs (namely the last four tracks) signal the band's change in style, but the songs fall flat on their faces. They simply aren't as musically strong as what All That Remains has done in the past, regardless of the bands' heaviness.

As mentioned, several tracks on the album are terrific, and I'll certainly enjoy them; others seem to be ramshackle attempts at the band's new-found vision. Don't pigeonhole this as another guy who is pining for what a band once was. All That Remains is trying to change, and I accept it; I just wish they didn't do it in such a synthetic way.
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HASH(0x96b2ba50) étoiles sur 5 Ehh, not really a fan of this album. Fall of Ideals was far better 19 février 2012
Par J. Aardman - Publié sur Amazon.com
Honestly, if you're a metal lover, skip this and get their album The Fall of Ideals. That album was superb in the musicianship and developement. This album felt forced to me, it wasn't nearly as creative and dynamic as TFOI. I feel like ATR lost their unique trates and went to just an average metalcore band. There are a lot of "Soft Songs" on this album, and as far as soft songs go, their pretty good. But all their heavier songs on this album just don't have the flow and diversity of sound that was so prominent in TFOI. The tunes and screams seem rushed in places, and they also seem to drag in others. Most of the vocals seem tuneless and rythmless. It's kind of sad, ATR has so much potential, but this album was just a letdown. They tried a new sound, and I commend them for taking a risk. But in my opinion, it was a failure. TFOI was one of the best metal albums I've ever heard, and compared to that, this album falls way short. I would say the only songs that are worth getting would be:

Aggressive Opposition
For We Are Many
Hold On
Keepers of Fellow Man
Now Let Them Tremble
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HASH(0x96b2b600) étoiles sur 5 Not what I expected 23 février 2011
Par Benjamin Delnero - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
I was really disappointed with this album. First, some background info. I've loved this band for years. It's one of the first "heavy" bands I got into and I credit them for getting me into the metal genre. That said, I feel like Overcome was the album that they started to go downhill with. It just didn't have the aggression I was used to hearing from them. Imagine my surprise when I listen to this album and I like it even less than Overcome. The songs are very generic metalcore. Breakdowns scattered here and there. This would have been a great album about 5 years ago. Nowadays this is stuff I've heard too many times before. Production is another area where I take issue. This album has a very fake, compressed sound to it that first popped up in Overcome. I wasn't a fan of it then and my opinion hasn't changed. They need to get a better producer to give them the huge, clear sound that they deserve. For what it's worth, I'm a big time audio enthusiast, so my opinion probably won't apply to the mainstream audience who will just listen to the MP3 version on earbuds.

Not all is bad however. The musicianship is as good as it always was. The guitar playing is still amazing as it even was. But again, I stress that this is nothing I haven't heard before. There is really nothing that sets them apart from the dozens of other metalcore bands. The songwriting is decent. The lyrics are pretty good to me. This brings me to yet another complain though. The whole album seems to be alternating between heavy songs and mainstream, catchy songs. I get that they have gotten a mainstream audience with their last album, but I had hoped that this album would be a return to form they need. It's ok to make catchy songs and branch out a bit, but not by alienating the core audience that liked you in the first place.

Overall, this is an album for fans only. If you aren't a fan already then there are many other bands that are just as good or better that you could look into.
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