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4,5 sur 5 étoiles
4,5 sur 5 étoiles

le 18 avril 2017
I had read the complete fallen empire series, and enjoyed it greatly, but when I downloaded this one because of the title I was not sure what I was getting myself into, wondering if tis was a dragon shifter book or not... I don't particularly enjoy shifter books so I was very much relieved when I realized it was a forbidden love story with magicians and loads of actions and as usual with Lindsay Buroker, a fast pace and suspenseful story.

all in all a great read with more to follow!!
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le 12 avril 2014
Lindsay Buroker is an excellent novelist, with the knack of creating believable other worlds.
The only disappointment here is that it ends too soon, unless of course it is the start of a new series.
I would definitely like to read more about Sardelle and Jaxi (and of course Ridge).
I would recommend checking out Lindsay Buroker's website for updates.
She even takes the time out from writing novels to answer emails.

Lindsay Buroker est un écrivain exceptionnel, avec un don inné pour la création d'autres mondes.
Seule déception d'aujourd'hui, c'est que c'est ce roman se termine trop tôt, à moins que ce ne soit le début d'une nouvelle série de romans, justement.
J'aimerais vraiment en savoir plus sur Sardelle et Jaxi (et bien sûr Ridge).
Et je vous conseille de vérifier le site de Lindsay Buroker pour suivre ses héros au-delà des romans.
Elle prend même le temps de répondre aux mails, entre deux romans.
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le 9 avril 2014
I only recently discovered Lindsay Buroker and can only say (again and again): Boy, am I glad her books were recommended to me! I'll be forever grateful!

Balanced on the Blade's Edge is a great adventure with the right dose of witty humor, romance and steampunk. The world Ms Buroker creates is unique and welcomes you without weighing you down with too much explanations. As I have come to expect from her books (after reading The Emperor's Edge series) her cast of characters delighted me. I was right there with them, which of course is also due to Lindsay Buroker's writing style which pulled me in right from the start so that I didn't want to let go.
Now, having read it...I'm sitting here, a little lost and wondering what to read next...unfortunately there's no book 2 that could bring me back to the world and characters she created. *heavy sigh*
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le 3 avril 2014
Buroker mentioned on her blog that she had written this book quickly, just like Encrypted. Encrypted happened to be one of my favourites, so I decided to give this one a try. And I didn't regret it! There's action (lots of explosions, in true Buroker style), likeable characters and a romance. What more do you need?
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