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le 18 juin 2014
I received an ARC on behalf of the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!

First of all I can say that Jay Crownover brings us in a world of real Bad boy and she does it well as always.

The Point is not a place where anyone wants to live, the place is corrupted and it can get very ugly, very fast.

Bax is just out of jail and must find his bestfriend Race. At some point he met Dovie, Race’s sister.

Shane Baxter aka Bax is the Bad Boy, he have a tattoo on his face, he is handsome and most of all he is so hot and sexy. He has a bad attitude and love girls, no he likes satisfying his desires when he wants, with whores mostly.

Dovie is a good girl but she lived some hard moments in her childhood, her mother did not want her and her father either. But Race came to save her and also bring her in The Point where she meets Bax.

Told from dual point of view, this book is full of action, suspense, sexy romance, bad attitude, bad boys, and fight. It’s a book set in criminal world and Bax is the villain who must become the hero to save the people he love. It’s a love story between two breaking people.

Jay Crownover has a talent, she manages to make you love her characters even if it is not kind boys and even if they do not make good things or good choices. I love Bax, he’s so much tortured, in spite of the fact that he likes his life such as it is, he wants to change but he knows that it’s impossible. I like Dovie, she’s sweet, kind and she always want to help young people who haven’t a great family. She’s an angel in a world of crimes, war, slaughter, drugs and whores.

I love reading books about people who don’t have a great childhood and who do the good choices because the life isn’t like this. Every people in the world made some bad choices at a moment in the life and it’s great.

Jay tells us with this book that evil is everywhere, that you’re rich or poor you can make bad things and don’t regret it. As to put a contract on the head of your illegitimate daughter or selling drugs and stealing cars.

I like the sexual tension between Bax and Dovie, the evolution of the relation between Bax and Titus and the one between Dovie and Race.

I can’t wait to read Better when he’s bold mostly because I want to know who is the man who send text to Brysen and what will happen to Race.

This book is awesome and Jay you Rocks.
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le 14 juillet 2014
Stopped reading at 50%. The story doesn't progress at all between 15% and 45%. I was just bored. Really bored. And I didn't feel ANY special connection between Bax and Dovie, so their relation was just a big WTF to me.
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