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le 15 octobre 2015
I decided to give this book 5 stars despite the fact that I do not agree with Mike on some parts especially in the nutrition section.
The highly scientific method of writing, using more than 2000 scientific papers gives this book great credibility.

I believe that any person who weight trains or is thinking to start training , should have his hands on this book because he will learn a whole bunch of information.

Here you will learn how to eat, when to eat for both weight gain and fat loss, also for maintenance.
The part that I found extremely useful is the part on training and the method of progressive overload.

I started implementing his training techniques and I can feel that my workouts are much more efficient.

In short buy this book and do not hesitate.

Note: I find the big size of the book, and color to be very eye catching and attractive, feels great to hold!
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le 4 octobre 2015
Michael goes through all the subjects in a very scientific and pragmatic way! He speaks about how to prepare you mind, how many time you should rest, how to properly train, what to buy, how to do the exercises, and lots of other things. I am not disappointed on the contrary it is a very nice book! I would have loved to have more explications or videos from him on how to do the excises.I recommend this book strongly! Bravo Michael keep up the good work. You're a very inspiring person and like the polish way you handle things! Hats off!
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le 11 janvier 2017
Tired about all pseudo-scientific stuffs other books or fitness gurus throws at your ignorant face. Try this book out. Bookmarked so many pages as the amount of clear knowledge about fitness is just awesome.
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le 15 septembre 2015
Très bon ouvrage de référence pour qui souhaite comprendre les bases de la nutrition et des plans d'entraînement.
Ce livre explique de manière compréhensible pour chacun les bases dans ces domaines.
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le 31 juillet 2012
Un livre peu cher, dans un anglais agréable à lire, et surtout, qui va direct à l'essentiel selon l'objectif qu'on se donne.
Cela fait plusieurs années que je m'entraine, et j'aurais souhaité avoir lu ce livre il y a quelques temps!
De plus, l'auteur est disponible vis à vis de questions personnalisées...
Je conseille.
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le 15 juillet 2016
Excellent book! A must have for everyone that wants to do bodybuilding. Moreover, Mike will answer your questions if any.
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le 12 avril 2013
Very good book on how to build your muscles without too much hassle.
A nice mixture of nutrition & exercise recipes.
Recommended reading!
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le 16 février 2018
Seul point positif de ce livre selon moi: l'objet en lui-même , papier fin et couverture souple.
Ce qu'il y a un l'intérieur n'est qu'un ego-trip, l'auteur n'est pas coach de métier et trop de fausses informations sont relayées . Préférez un livre de Delavier, sérieux et fiable .
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le 11 février 2017
I've been lifting for 25 years, been a trainer for 18 years (vs about 10 years for the author) and wrote a book about fat loss. While some information is true, I strongly disagree with 50% of the book. I'm finishing now my worst workout in several years. What did I do differently today? I've followed the author's advice to eat carbs with protein pre workout. The amount he recommends. He claims that it "always" increases performance. Why did I do 2 reps less on most sets? Why do I feel sleepy? If you want to succeed, never have carbs pre workout. Trust me. There's lots of other bad advice in this book.
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