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3,9 sur 5 étoiles
3,9 sur 5 étoiles
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le 28 mai 2016
Le mieux-vivre des jeunes États-Unis en expansion vers 1850/1860 justifie-t-il la violence extrême pour y parvenir ? Un thème plutôt actuel dans le dialogue nord / sud ... L'action se passe majoritairement dans les marges d'un Mexique affaibli après la guerre perdue qui a abouti à l'adjonction du Texas aux jeunes États-Unis. Des mercenaires mettent ces régions à feu et à sang : Ont-ils un idéal ? L'efficacité militaire prime-t-elle le Droit ? Des questions bien actuelles ...
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le 5 janvier 2009
Livre typique de l'écriture de Cormac McCarthy donc violent et difficile à lire même quand on est bilingue: mon dictionnaire ne connaît pas certains mots. Cependant on s'accroche pour lire la suite car on est intrigué par ce garçon décrit de façon minimaliste et on a envie d'en savoir plus. Bref un bon livre si on a le temps (et la patience) d'en relire régulièrement quelques passages pour les comprendre.
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le 13 juin 2016
Cormac depicts a crude and powerful vision of human condition based on a known history - a group of scalp hunters led by Glanton which stormed the Mexican- American desert around 1850. Landscapes are vivid and are made real to the reader - one can feel thirsty, cold or burnt while reading - as well as diversity of human conditions - loneliness rudeness and ruthless which makes the reader take a breath to keep going. Certainly one "must read" novel!
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le 15 juillet 2014
I had loved No country for old men and The road for their rugged poetry and strong characters and expecting sth similar, but felt let down.
The violence is all around, and verges on the voyeuristic. The cover of the book is also rather offputting. OK, all men are evil, etc. but once you have said that, then what else is there to say about this book?
Quite frankly, none of the characters really sticks and you want them shot asap. The judge is perhaps an exception, in a perverse way. None of the characters appears to have any form or emotion or thinking beyond, drink, kill or sleep.
After a few pages, one gets completely desensitized by the constant violence, and there is a feeling the author is trying hard to find something more shocking at every chapter.
The only good thing is the recreation of the language of the time, even if for foreigners it is hard to get through. You also get a pretty impressive idea of life in the desert, but unfortunately the story is far too dry and one-dimensional itself.
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le 24 avril 2012
This is a remarkable book. I've never read any such book which has so much struck me.
An really extensive vocabulary ranging from biblical realms to Middle Ages English. Thus a dictionary nearby is advised.
The prose takes you away on outstanding landscape depictions. Truly the way Cormac McCarthy uses words to describe those beautiful sceneries and moments of action is awe-inspiring. Some scenes, in one sentence and lasting a few pages, really made me stop breathing and just dive into the lecture. Some are unbearable due to their sheer violence, but never gratuitous, making me stop the lecture at some points for a few minutes. It's only at the last page of the book that it made "sense" to me why the characters were like they were, and where everything was made clear in my mind.

One of my favorite McCarthy books I have read so far.
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le 27 mai 2014
I like Cormac McCarthy-great writer but this one is totally overwritten. The striving for effect makes it very boring! Pity
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le 19 novembre 2011
Thank you very much for this nice experience. Quick delivery, perfect state of the product and very interesting book will shop again sometime
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