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4,0 sur 5 étoiles

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le 20 janvier 2013
Following straight on from the tumultuous events of the first book of the trilogy, this instalment charts the progress of the mysterious evolving consciousness now established on Venus through the eyes of the main protagonists. Jim Holden and his crew are joined by Prax, a botanist from Ganymede searching for his abducted daughter while on Earth Avasarala, a top Earth government official aided by Bobby, a Martian marine from Ganymede, struggles against political in-fighting and military duplicity to avert the latest threat posed by the exploitation of the protomolecule by another sociopathic corporation. It’s impossible to describe events in any greater detail without spoiling the plot, but suffice to say the yarn just piles along at a cracking rate with unexpected little plot twists at every turn. The political intrigue in the Avasarala thread is almost a welcome counterpoint to the frenetic pace of the other narratives but without deadening the overall tempo and it serves to nicely expand the scope of the tale.

A book of this size (about 600 trade format, small print pages) would usually take me ages to finish but I gobbled it up in less than two weeks and, if I hadn’t had to sleep and work & do boring things like that, I would have read it in one sitting. It is totally engrossing with an easy, light & witty style – a very rare quality in modern science fiction. The Shakespearian reference to Caliban (the monstrous, barely human resident on the island setting of ‘The Tempest’) is a fine literary allusion which only makes sense at the very last page; nice touch. I sincerely hope we don’t have to wait too long for book three (Abaddon’s Gate) to round off the trilogy; I’m not sure I can stand the suspense…
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le 11 février 2014
After "the leviathan wakes", first book of the trilogy, I was expecting better, but as it often happens in series,this sequel is desappointing.The plot lacks of creativity and installs situations similar to those of the first book;
I might add that the author seems not to be very familiar with physics ( speed, acceleration, inertia). It is "Science fiction" after all :-)
Won't go for the third.
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le 16 septembre 2013
Bon, d'accord, c'est plutôt primaire, mais c'est rythmé, pas mal écrit, l'intrigue et son traitement se tiennent plutôt bien. Pas de la grande SF, mais un bon bouquin pour une journée de vacances.
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le 13 août 2014
Ce livre ce lit très bien. J'ai passé un bon moment.

Je commande la suite sans tarder et je le recommande aux amateurs de space opera.
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