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le 22 mai 2012
The estate of Ian Fleming (1908-64) contracted Jeffery Deaver (JD) to give legendary book and film icon James Bond (JB) a new lease on life. The US author used expert advice on all things British (and on the latest apps and weaponry, real or not). This 2010 James Bond in his mid-thirties is not the son of old James Bond. JB and M's secretary Moneypenny and longtime 1960s CIA colleague Felix Leiter simply enjoy second lives since appearing in the original 13 Ian Fleming novels in the 1950s and -60s.
The desired result of the alleged enemy to world peace is as weird as ever. He is a vintage Deaver creature, a business genius morbidly obsessed with decay and decline at different levels: a publicity-shy and security-conscious international tycoon in the field of refuse collection & recycling and electrical power production. But Deaver is also a master of misdirection in novels...
The plot, ultimately involving the use of food as a weapon during warfare in poor nations, is as ludicrous as in many of Ian Fleming's original books, but offers plenty of action in Serbia, Dubai, the UK and South Africa. Somehow the action is more plausible than ever before, thanks to great recent advances in weapons technology and IT.
The book's worst defect is that whilst Ian Fleming's were tout, short novels, "Carte Blanche" is flabby with >500 pp. Also, despite all the namedropping of expensive brand names, it never evokes Bond's magic from Fleming's books. Finally, the new James Bond has become a chatty, occasionally sentimental, socially-conscious team player. Brr.
The estate of Ian Fleming hoped perhaps that many film fans reading this travesty, will turn to (and buy) the vintage stuff. If so, the estate may have succeeded.
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le 28 août 2012
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