Casio Hommes GW9000A-1 G-Shock Mudman solaire montre atomique

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Descriptif technique

Informations Montres
Marque Casio
Numéro du modèle GW9000A-1
Numéro de pièce GW9000A-1
model_year 2011
Forme Rond
Type de Verre minérales
Type d'affichage digital
Type de fermoir hook-buckle
Matière du boîtier Resin
Diamètre du boîtier 46 millimètres
Epaisseur du boîtier 15 millimètres
Matière du bracelet Résine
Longueur du bracelet homme standard
Largeur du bracelet 24 millimètres
Couleur du cadran blue
Calendrier Jour et date
Caractéristiques spéciales Quartz movement, World time (48 Cities), dual 1/100 sec. stopwatch, Tough Solar Power, Mud and Shock resistant; auto Dual Illuminator EL, Water-resistant to 660 feet (200 M)
Type de Mouvement Quartz
Type de Garantie Fabricant et revendeur

Détails sur le produit

  • Dimensions du produit: 12,2 x 8,1 x 7,4 cm
  • Numéro du modèle de l'article: GW9000A-1
  • ASIN: B000UV0MJS
  • Date de mise en ligne sur : 19 mai 2011
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Casio Homme #GW9000A-1

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Excellent Watch!!! Very Comfortable & Very Accurate. Very Water Resistant & Shock Resistant 23 août 2013
Par The Federalist - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I ordered the GW9000A-1 Mudman G-Shock watch directly from Amazon Prime. UPS lost the watch during shipping and it never got delivered to my address. I called Amazon and they sent out a replacement watch of the same exact GW9000A-1 Mudman model watch to replace the one that UPS lost.

The replacement watch that they sent me was delivered and received with deep long line scratch marks on the right hand side of the watch on the inner brushed stainless steel bezel that's located in the small exposed opening crevice underneath the exterior black resin bezel on the watch case. The scratches are very fine scratches and they are parallel to each other above and below each other on the stainless steel brushed inner bezel. It looks like the scratches were caused by "over machining" the stainless steel inner bezel when the stainless steel inner bezel was being brushed and machined at the factory where the watch was made in Thailand. It looks like when the factory was machining the stainless steel bezel to put the brushing texture on it, that they "over brushed" and "burned" the scratches very deep into the stainless steel causing that particular area where the brushing texture is located to have deep long line scratch marks on it. The brushed texture on the stainless steel has very "deep" scratch marks on it from being "over machined" at the factory where the watch was made at. These scratches on the brushed stainless steel don't look that bad, but they can be seen when you look at the watch at a certain angle. I guess that it's a matter of trying to get used to them and to not let them bother you. I personally don't mind these fine line scratches on the brushing on the brushed stainless steel. The watch still looks very nice even though Casio "over machined" the brushing on the stainless steel bezel at the factory. I don't really think that one would notice unless they were "anal" like I am about things like this.

Amazon sent me a replacement watch of the same exact model GW9000A-1 Mudman G-Shock for the cosmetic defects that the watch had with the scratched inner stainless steel bezel. When I received the replacement, the Amazon box that it was delivered in was very badly damaged and crushed. The watch box that stored the actual watch that was inside the Amazon box was also damaged and torn and crushed too. I didn't want to keep the watch for fear that the watch might be damaged internally from the damaged that the Amazon box and watch case sustained during shipping. I ended up sending this watch back to Amazon for again another replacement watch of the same exact model GW9000A-1 Mudman.

When I received the replacement watch, this one was defective too. It had "stress mark cracks" and "crack lines" that were molded into the exterior black injection molded resin case on the molded light button and to the right of the light button. The exterior resin bezel on this particular GW9000A-1 Mudman G-Shock is a one piece injection molded piece that's made out of polyurethane resin that covers over the entire watch case to protect the watch from shocks. The light button is located underneath the exterior resin bezel. The area of the resin bezel that covers the light button which is part of the resin bezel is where most of the crack lines were located. I believe that the crack lines were created while the resin was taken out of the injection mold when it was cooling off. The crack lines were visible to the eye if you looked closely at the resin. I didn't want to keep this watch either for the fear that the resin that's located just above the night light button that has the crack lines on it would someday crack or tear off resulting from the continuing pressing with one's finger of the night light button. The night light button is housed and located directly underneath the injection molded resin that covers over the watch case on this particular model GW9000A-1 Mudman G-Shock. So I ended up returning this one back to Amazon too.

I've been wearing Casio G-Shocks since 1983 ever since Casio came out with the 1st G-Shock and I LOVE these watches very much. There shouldn't be any excuse for this particular $90-$100 GW9000A-1 Mudman watch to have any scratches anywhere on the brushed inner stainless steel bezel or to have any crack lines on the injection molded exterior resin bezel. Casio needs to have better quality control (QC) at their factories in Thailand and in China when manufacturing these particular parts for their watches. I used to own many different G-Shock models that were made 100% in Japan and they were all flawless. I currently own a 100% Japan made Atomic Solar GWF-1000-1JF G-Shock Frogman and it's flawless too. Why can't Casio have the same quality control with all of the G-Shocks that are also made in Thailand and in China just like they do with their Japan made Frogman??? I also own many other different Casio G-Shock models that are made in Thailand and in China and they are all top notch high quality and very well built watches. I understand that Casio outsources a lot of their manufacturing for many of their G-Shock models to Thailand and to China in order to save money on labor costs, but what good does that do to the company when they are building watches with these small cosmetic flaws? They need to pay more attention to detail with the manufacture of their exterior resin cases and with the small machined and brushed stainless steel parts that they attach underneath the resin bezels. Casio needs to put more effort into better quality control in their manufacturing in China and in Thailand. Other than that, I believe that Casio manufactures VERY high quality G-Shocks. The U.S. Navy Seals as well as all the other military branches here in the United States and around the world wouldn't be wearing G-Shock watches if their watches weren't durable and high quality time pieces. These watches are PROVEN to be the most durable and the most long lasting watches that can be used under very extreme conditions.

Please don't take my review about the GW9000A-1 Mudman G-Shock negatively or the wrong way. This particular model is definitely an EXCELLENT watch. The internal components on the GW9000A-1 are very advanced and also very durable. The Mudman is a VERY durable watch. It can withstand shocks and it can also be used for serious diving up to 200 meters (660 feet) deep in the ocean. Lots of military personnel as well as the U.S. Navy Seal Divers use this GW9000A-1 model G-Shock as their everyday watch. I want you readers here to know that even though I encountered the cosmetic defects with the scratches on the stainless steel inner bezel and with the crack on the exterior part of the resin bezel, that I STILL LOVE this particular model GW9000A-1 Mudman G-Shock. I LOVE all the features that this particular model Mudman has built into it (Local Time, Day, Month/Date, World Time, 1,000 Hour Stopwatch, 60 Minute Countdown Timer, 5 Alarms with 1 Snooze Alarm, 5 Band Frequency Atomic Time Keeping, Built in Atomic Receiving Indicator, Solar Powered Rechargeable Battery, Built in Battery Power Meter, Power Saving Mode to Save Battery Power when the Watch is exposed to Darkness, Water Resistant to 200 Meters, Shock Resistant, Auto Electro Luminescent Night Light). I ALSO LOVE the rounded style of the watch case. The watch looks VERY NICE and VERY MASCULINE. Overall, it's a VERY ACCURATE and a VERY DURABLE watch. No other watch can compare to the GW9000A-1 Atomic Solar Mudman watch.

I haven't returned the one that I received from Amazon that has the scratches on the brushed inner stainless steel bezel yet and I'm thinking about keeping it as my primary watch. I only returned the other 2 replacements that Amazon sent me (the one that came with the damaged and crushed Casio box and damaged and crushed outer Amazon box as well as the one that came with the stress mark cracks and crack lines on the outer black resin bezel).

I have almost 4 more weeks to decide whether or not I should keep or whether I should return the one with the scratches that are on the brushed inner stainless steel bezel. I'm trying to get myself to accept and to live with these scratches. I love this particular GW9000A-1 Atomic Solar Mudman model very much and I'm thinking about keeping it as my every day watch. I'm going to give a 5 star rating for this watch because I believe that the cosmetic flaws that I found on this particular model are only cosmetic flaws that one can live with once they get used to them. I definitely recommend this particular Mudman G-Shock to anyone who is looking for a very accurate, very durable, highly water resistant and shock resistant watch. I hope that my review has been very helpful to the people who are interested in the GW9000A-1 Atomic Solar Mudman G-Shock.
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Outstanding Watch 5 mai 2013
Par Jay PS - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I've worn a watch 24/7 for the better part of 35 years, literally never taking them off. I've owned Luminox watches, G-Shocks, Citizens Eco-Drives, Timex brand watches and Pro Treks. I'm a bit obsessed with my watch being completely accurate so over the years I have gravitated toward the atomic watches. Over the past 10 years, I have picked up a variety of G-Shocks and Pro Treks and this Mudman was the first atomic piece I purchased. Since then I spent money purchasing watches with all kinds of other features (compass, barometer, etc.) but I find myself coming back to this one. It's a simple watch, easy to use, and the auto sync and solar charging work flawlessly. It's ridiculously tough, has been through 2+ years of hell, yet still looks good enough to wear with a suit--and believe me, I'm brutal on these things. Given all that's out there, I highly recommend this watch. At this price point, to get atomic time keeping and solar power in a watch that's tough as nails yet very attractive, is all you can ask for. I prefer it over my PAW-1300 ($300 MSRP), GW7900B-1 ($150 MSRP), GW6900-1 ($130 MSRP), and PRW2500-1 ($300 MSRP). It lacks the features of some of the Pro Trek line, but it's ease of operation and toughness more than make up for it.
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 G-SHOCK MUDMAN 20 février 2014
Par Igor - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
In whole these watch were pleasant.
Has received these watch with level of charge of the accumulator M. Has put on window sill. In some hours level became H.
Excellent radio synchronization has surprised. At night, in automatic mode, it is synchronized with UK (distance 2700км) and GER (distance 2000км). Thus I do not put them on window sill as it is written to instructions, and I put nearby on bedside table about bed. I focus the antenna on the direction of received signal.
It is sometimes difficult to consider time on the display - their top part at unsuccessful lighting is closed by decorative circles of synchronization.
Very hard buttons, but I think it more plus, than minus.
Bezel has high and sharp edge. Plus - is less probability to scratch glass. The minus - edge is quickly scratched since it has upper cut. I think that the edge has to have flat edge, as on G(GW)6900.

1 . The good price, has bought for $95.
2 . Excellent radio synchronization.
3 . G-Shock technology.
4 . Touch solar.
1 . It is sometimes difficult to sort time on the display - depends on the lighting direction.
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Great Watch! 26 août 2013
Par Steveo - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
Lets start off by saying this is easily the best G-Shock under $100. I used to own a Casio solar runners watch which lasted for a year and seven months. My problem with the Casio, was that band broke after a 10 months. So I got a replacement band at Wal-Mart which was a piece of crap. The face of the watch got so scratched up that I couldn't really read what was on it. So after a couple of months I decided to get a new watch. The features I was looking for was a watch that was solar and water resistant. So at first I just wanted to get a cheaper Gshock that had those functions. But after research I decided to get a Master of G watch. I almost got the Gshock Riesman but I wasn't willing to spend the extra $50 bucks. So I decided to get the Gshock Mudman 9000a. When I got the watch in the mail I was surprised to see it was so small. But after wearing the watch for a couple of days I came to the conclusion its the perfect size. So right out of the box the watch was set to the right time and date. The watch was at a medium charge. I was worried about the bumps underneath the watch rubbing on my wrist. But if you wear the watch no so tight its not a problem. I wore the watch swimming multiple times and had no problems. I also had no problem setting up the watch and going through all the features. I suggest going on YouTube and watching videos if you cant figure out how to use the watch. The watch is a beast. So in conclusion if you're looking for a good Gshock get this one!

200m water resistant
Atomic time keeping
Looks and feels good

Countdown timer wont let you go to seconds, only minutes
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Tough Functional Timepiece 5 mars 2011
Par Coreyg510 - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I just want to say that I looked long and hard at this watch before I decided to purchase it. I compared it with the pathfinders and the Suuntu's. However, this watch won out and I'll tell you why. It's tough and It's functional. Not too much, but not missing any "daily use" features that would detract from it. On top of it all, you can get it for around $100.00

After using the watch for over a week or two now this is what I've found. Keep in mind I have read many other reviews so I'll highlight what I wish someone would have told me before I bought it.

1. The buttons are not THAT hard to push. Their not as easy as a Timex for instance, but a Timex doesn't boast the ability to keep out dirt and grime. Don't be scared off by people saying the buttons are hard to push.

2. The 5 "optional" daily alarms are nice. I say optional because you can turn them on or off. Some watches only boast one daily alarm. It's nice for twice a day, but I use 24hr time.

3. The count down timer is very useful and I utilize that all the time. It only goes up to 60 minutes however. If you need more time than that, set an alarm. The Stopwatch is standard, but with a nifty 5 second countdown timer that you can use if you want.

4. The watch is atomic (Syncs up wirelessly every day to keep very accurate time). It's a nice feature, but I would never buy a watch soley because it was atomic. My life won't grind to a halt because my watch is 5 seconds off. While it is nice, I have seen some issues where mine doesn't always want to sync. However, I can't imagine that it loses a lot of time over the course of 3-4 days. I will say this, it does sync better at night than during the day, even if you are on top of a parking garage or in the middle of the street on a sunny day at noon. the manual is right...

5. The solar feature is cool, but pretty basic. It's like a plant. Give it light once in a while.

6. The watch also boasts world time and a few other nice features such as the ability to go to 200 meters underwater. snooze on the alarms and auto illumination (the light automatically turns on the back light (green) when you turn the watch to a 40 degree angle towards you. It can be turned on or off.

Just a few things I don't like. The back light only stays on for 2 seconds (not an exaggeration). I feel like they could have extended it to 4 or 5 seconds. Secondly, the atomic clock doesn't always want to sync even at night sometimes. Lastly, the alarm is a bit soft. It won't wake you up if your anything but a very light sleeper.

Other than that, I would highly recommend this watch. As I said, there are others Suuntu Core was one I looked at as well. However, I couldn't see spending 300$ on a watch for a barometer, altimeter, ect. I don't use it that much. The Mudman takes a beating and has features I use every day. It's like my new Visa, I don't leave home without it.
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