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Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection 1 & 2 [Import USA Zone 1]

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Détails sur le produit

  • Acteurs : John Agar, Mara Corday, Albert Dekker, Grant Williams, Randy Stuart
  • Réalisateurs : Edward Dein, Ernest B. Schoedsack, Francis D. Lyon, Jack Arnold, John Sherwood
  • Scénaristes : Ben Pivar
  • Format : Dolby, Sous-titré, NTSC, Import
  • Audio : Anglais (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
  • Sous-titres : Anglais, Français
  • Région : Région 1 (USA et Canada). Ce DVD ne pourra probablement pas être visualisé en Europe. Plus d'informations sur les formats DVD/Blu-ray.
  • Rapport de forme : 1.33:1
  • Nombre de disques : 6
  • Studio : Universal Studios
  • Date de sortie du DVD : 13 mai 2008
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  • ASIN: B0013XZ6SY
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HASH(0x9b2c5ac8) étoiles sur 5 Great campy sci-fi from the 1950's 21 février 2008
Par calvinnme - Publié sur
Format: DVD
Universal has finally seen the folly of their ways in selling this set exclusively via Best Buy and is re-releasing both volumes 1 & 2 in one set. Included are all ten films in the original sets, but once again there will be no extra features - just the films themselves and some trailers. If you love the great campy horror films of the 1950's you'll love this set. The following is from the press release on the new combined set:

Tarantula (1955, 81 min.)
An experiment to create a growth formula that could end starvation evolves into a nightmare when a contaminated spider grows gargantuan - with an appetite to match!

The Mole People (1956, 78 min.)
Deep below the surface of the earth, three scientists stumble upon a tyrannical tribe of albinos who have enslaved a mutant - and dangerous - race of mole people.

The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957, 81 min.)
After encountering a mysterious radioactive mist, an ordinary businessman finds his physical size diminishing as his ordinary household becomes a terrifying trap of doom. By the way, who keeps a cat in the house with a six inch tall husband around?

The Monolith Monsters (1957, 76 min.)
In a desperate race against time and nature, a geologist and a scientist must find a way to stop effects of killer outer-space rocks that are literally petrifying people with fear!

Monster on the Campus (1958, 76 min)
Terror sweeps a college campus after the discovery of a prehistoric fish that turns animals and humans that come into contact with it into bloodthirsty monsters.

Dr. Cyclops (1940, 78 min) in COLOR!
A brilliant but deranged physicist shrinks his enemies to one-fifth of their normal size when they begin to challenge his unconventional experiments.

Cult of the Cobra (1955, 80 min)
Vengeance is sworn against six American GI's after they witness a clandestine ceremony worshiping beautiful women who can change into serpents.

The Land Unknown (1957, 79 min)
When a navy expedition crash-lands in a crater thousands of miles below sea level, they encounter a hot, tropical landscape of prehistoric terror filled with ferocious dinosaurs.

The Deadly Mantis (1957, 79 min)
A paleontologist teams up with the military to battle a huge praying mantis when it goes on the attack in metropolitan cities after being released from an Arctic iceberg.

The Leech Woman (1960, 77 min)
Determined to recapture her beauty, a woman discovers a compound that will restore youth - but only when it's combined with fluid taken from bodies of the newly dead.
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HASH(0x9e68c9e4) étoiles sur 5 The ultimate "B" movie set 11 mai 2008
Par A. Gammill - Publié sur
Format: DVD
Although I bought both these sets at Best Buy when they were released, I'm delighted that folks who may have missed out on them can now own these great films on DVD.

To be honest, only a couple of the films might be considered bona-fide sci-fi classics, which occasionally rise above the limitations of typcial fifties "B" movie material. THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN is one the most thought-provoking and existential films from the period. And THE MONOLITH MONSTERS rises above its low budget with some simple yet impressive effects, and better-than-average performances.

TARANTULA and THE DEADLY MANTIS are entertaining parts of the wave of Giant Killer Bug movies that ruled the screens in the 1950's. MANTIS sports one of the more ridiculously memorable critters of the era. CULT OF THE COBRA and THE LAND UNKNOWN incorporate the then-popular sub-genre of "jungle thrills" into their scripts.

The real oddity of this collection is DR. CYLCOPS. It's the only film here made in color, and was actually made in the forties. But the miniaturization effects are first-rate, and are every bit on-par with those of SHRINKING MAN, made some 15 years later.

Rounding out the collection are THE MOLE PEOPLE, THE LEECH WOMAN, and MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS. . .all fine examples of drive-in shocks on a limited budget. I personally find these three to be the least of the bunch, but there's really not a bad film in the whole collection.

The only extras here are theatrical trailers for most of the films, leading to my only minor complaint: The trailer for SHRINKING MAN is not the famous one narrated by Orson Wells, but a short teaser which really reveals nothing of the film itself. I've seen the Wells trailer on t.v. many times over the years, so I would think Universal could have gotten their hands on it. But like I said, it's a minor quibble from an admitted Serious Sci-Fi Geek.

And hey, even if you're NOT a Serious Sci-Fi Geek, this impressive set may just convert you.
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HASH(0x9b3f79cc) étoiles sur 5 The big, the small, the lost and the shifty 28 décembre 2008
Par mrliteral - Publié sur
Format: DVD
In the early days of talkie films, many of the major studios carved out their own niches: MGM did the spectacular movies and the musicals, Warner Brothers did the social issue and gangster movies and Universal did the monster movies. By the 1950s, Frankenstein and company were generally played out, so Universal switched from the supernatural to the "scientific" monsters. These films were for the most part B-movie fare and generally fun, but also formulaic enough to merit parody, most notably on Mystery Science Theater 3000. In fact, at least three of the ten movies in The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection were redone on MST3K.

These ten movies fit into four categories, each with two or three films: the big, the small, the lost and the shifty. The "big" films deal with oversized monsters: Tarantula, The Monolith Monsters and The Deadly Mantis. Tarantula, one of three in the set directed by Jack Arnold (of Creature of the Black Lagoon fame) deals with an oversized arachnid that terrorizes a small town. Guns can't stop it, dynamite can't stop it: is the world doomed? B movie stalwart John Agar leads the cast, while Clint Eastwood appears briefly in one of his earliest roles (His first role? A cameo in Revenge of the Creature (not part of this set)). The Deadly Mantis (parodied on MST3K) features a thawed out giant insect that heads south from the Arctic. The Monolith Monster feature the monster that is simultaneously the most interesting and the most boring: giant rocks that tear up the landscape and multiply when wet.

The "small" films are the closest to classics in the bunch. Dr. Cyclops is unique in this set for three reasons: it is not only the only one not made by Universal (but by Paramount instead), it is the only one not made in the 1950s (it was made in 1940) and it is the only one in color. The story focuses on the title character, a mad scientist who creates a device that can shrink animals, including some people who get too close to his secrets. The Incredible Shrinking Man has the title character facing doom as he gets smaller and smaller, ultimately winding up in mortal battle with a spider.

The "lost" films deal with lost worlds. The Mole People (another MST3K victim) has archaeologists (including future Ward Beaver Hugh Beaumont) finding an ancient Sumerian civilization living underground. They are distrusful of outsiders, but are so sensitive to light that a flashlight is blinding and sunlight can kill. The Land Unknown has a group of people finding a lost world in Antarctica, complete with dinosaurs and carnivorous plants.

The "shifty" movies deal with people transforming into beasts. In Monster on the Campus, the main character changes into a primitive savage after being "bitten" by the fossil of an ancient fish. In Cult of the Cobra (the one really supernatural movie in the bunch), some ex-soldiers run afoul of the title group, which sends a woman after them, one who can transform at will into a cobra. Finally, The Leech Woman has a middle-aged woman who can turn young briefly, but only if she kills. Despite being another film that MST3K spoofed, it does stand out in one respect: it stars B-movie beauty Coleen Gray. While the actresses in the other films are little more than eye candy who scream at appropriate times, Gray is exceptional in her more human character. It is little wonder that Gray is the only actress in the set to have a decent career (including films like Kiss of Death, Nightmare Alley, Kansas City Confidential and The Killing).

It'd be a little much to say these are great movies, but they are all fun to watch. The low-budget effects, the cheesy writing (except for the Richard Matheson penned Incredible Shrinking Man) and the often wooden acting do not hurt these films but somehow enhance them. There aren't many extras (only movie trailers), but this is still a nice set, and with no movie topping 81 minutes, these films are quick and entertaining.
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HASH(0x9ce0672c) étoiles sur 5 Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection Vol 1 and 2 1 juin 2008
Par Tim A. Dishon - Publié sur
Format: DVD Achat vérifié
Great fun. The 1950's was such a time of paranoia and the editors of the video have chosen some of the best examples of this. Nuclear testing, space invaders, communism mind control...they're all here, tied up in a neat little package. The collection itslf is well done, with screaming women on each disc. Each movie also includes the theatrical trailers, which are great. Familiar faces of 50's sci-fi are all here. John Agar, Grant Williams, Faith Domergue, Craig Stevens and even Troy Donahue. Grab some popcorn and sit back for an evening of pure entertainment. The only thing I'd warn you about is that these movies are highly addictive. You can't watch just one.
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HASH(0x9ad4296c) étoiles sur 5 Terrific collection of Science Fiction Classics From the genre's Golden Age. 1 avril 2009
Par James Simpson - Publié sur
Format: DVD Achat vérifié
Volumes one and Two of the Universal Science Fiction sets, that were once available for a limited time at Best Buy retailers are now avialable in one wonderful set for a decent price. Many of the films featured on here are Monster movie favorites ranging from Classic to mediocre, but not really a less than entertaining one in the bunch.

The films include:
Tarantula(1955)-Clearly an imitation of the superior, "Them!(1954)", this film is the best of it's rip-offs featuring a good cast led by Sci-Fi stalwart, John Agar and the ultra hot, Mara Corday. The effects are quite good in this one and the subplot involving the experiments of the doctor who made the Tarantula is actually interesting. It's also fun to see Clint Eastwood as the Fighter Pilot who drops napalm on the Tarantula at the end! A good effort from Universal.

The Mole People(1957)-Mediocre effort with interesting plot, involves a few archaeologists who get stranded underground and discover a lost civilization of albinos(!) who have enslaved a race of mole people(!) and there growing rebellion. The Mole people are pretty cool looking but the film is burdened by a lack of action and a out of place, downbeat ending.

The Incredible Shrinking Man(1957)-The best film on the set and one of the best Science Fiction films ever made. Grant Williams is excellent as a man exposed to a strange radiation that causes him to shrink mysteriously. A thought provoking script by the great, Richard Matheson and surefire direction by Sci-Fi favorite, Jack Arnold combine to make this an all-time classic. Great effects, too!

The Monolith Monsters(1957)-The award for weirdest Monster concept goes to this moody thriller about mysterious rocks from space that have a life of there own, taking in the body fluids of people and turning them to stone. They also grow giant if exposed to water. Ooh-Oh. Surprisngly tense and well acted, this one is the sleeper of the set.

Monster on the Campus(1958)-Preposterous film has Doctor Arthur Franz recieve a Cyleocanth and finding that exposure to it's blood causes one to revert to a primordial state! So this includes a German Shepherd becoming a "wolf"(he's just wearing fangs, kids) a giant dragonfly and Franz turning into a ape man!(the same make-up that make-up artist recycled WAY too many times from Abbott and Costello Meet Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde(1952). Well directed and Franz is sympathetic, but strictly average.

Dr. Cyclops(1940)-Bizarre film that is totally out of place on this set. It's the only Color film. It's the only film not made by Universal(it's made by Paramount) and it's made in 1940! Why is it on here? Who knows. However, it IS an actual Science Fiction film as opposed to a Monster film and is actually pretty good. Albert Dekker makes a memorable mad scientist, experimenting with ways of shrinking people and animals. Great effects from the director of the original King Kong(1933). It's not a classic , but very entertaining little adventure film nonetheless.

Cult of the Cobra(1955)-Noir influences abound on this sleeper about American GIs who witness a strange ritual where beautiful women become cobras(!). The soldiers break up the cult and escape, only to have one of the lethal babes on there trail, picking them off one by one. Faith Domergue is gorgeous as the exotic femme fatale, but is not a great actress. Marshall Thompson, a vet of Sci-Fi classics, fares better. The romance between the two adds a level of tragedy to the film that keeps this Monster flick above average.

The Land Unknown(1955)-Universal makes there own "lost World: adventure flick with this entertaining little feature about a helicopter crew that crash land in an arctic jungle land, where dinosaurs lurk! The effects are fun and the acting is adequate(Though leading lady Shawn Smith should have STAYED a brunette. She was way younger looking in It, The Terror From Beyond Space(1958). The film never seems to gain any momentum, though and when compared to the best of it's type, remains just mediocre. The sets are cool, though and it looks nice in widescreen. Enjoyable, but no classic.

The Deadly Mantis(1957)-Very fun Monster Movie about a GIANT prehistoric Mantis unleashed from the ice in the Arctic attacking an army base and than Washington! The effects are first rate and some scenes are genuinely chilling(that scene with the Mantis appearing out of the fog, swallowing a bus on a road is right out of a nightmare) and the climax is a good one. The romantic sub-plot between Craig Stevens and Alix Talton is actually funny and enjoyable, rather than distracting. This is one of the more underrated Monster movies of the period.

The Leech Woman(1960)-Sort-of hilarious satire(in a way) on female vanity has Colleen Grey afraid of losing her looks, so she goes on a sfari to obtain a magic powder to make herself beautiful once more. However, it's only temporary and she needs blood to stay young! The actress is quite good in this, but the film never quite rises above it's material with the amount of drama and wit that could have made this a minor classic. In otherwords, it's just okay.

This is one fun set of Monster Movies and is reccomended to both B-Movie hecklers and serious genre fans, since there is a nice mixture of the two and both parties will have many pleasant surprises. Some may appear corny, others may feel dated, but the entertainment value has not diminshed from these classics one bit.
Buy the set and have fun!
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