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Coby Kyros MID7125 Tablette Tactile 7 " Android Gris

Actuellement indisponible.
Nous ne savons pas quand cet article sera de nouveau approvisionné ni s'il le sera.

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Informations sur le produit

Descriptif technique
Numéro du modèle de l'articleMID7125-4G
Couleur Gris
Nombre de coeurs1
Taille de la mémoire vive0.512 GB
Taille de l'écran7 pouces
Type de technologie sans fil 802.11B, 802.11G
Nombre de ports USB 2.01
Item dimensions L x W x H19.5 x 12.1 x 13 millimeters
Poids du produit395 grammes
Informations complémentaires
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Date de mise en ligne sur Amazon.fr25 janvier 2012
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Descriptions du produit

COBY MID71254G CAMERA,1080,WIFI,16:9

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HASH(0x8dcb7408) étoiles sur 5 It does what I need it to do. 3 février 2012
Par Ashraf A. Dawod - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I'm a techy, I enjoy working with technology and customizing them in simple ways to make them work for me. I'm also a musician, and I'm not usually at home for days at a time. I didn't want to carry my laptop everywhere because its where I do most of my musical project, and didn't want to risk anything happening to it. So I decided to get a tablet for when I'm moving around.
After some research, I found a way to make this Coby Kyros MID7125 work for me. Here is what I did.

I bought this tablet, which a neat little device, everything worked right out of the box. When I plug it into the computer, it brings up 2 things:
-The internal memory of the Kyros
-The SD memory (if you have a card installed)
I was a little bummed that it doesn't charge while connected to the computer, but I did find out that if I turn it "off", it holds what ever charge it has until you turn it on the next time. I had charged it fully, turned it off, and didn't use it for over 2 days, and it had full charge.
It picks up on the wireless network pretty good.

Physical keyboard & case in one
The second thing I did was buy the 7' case which has the built in USB keyboard, this made my life MUCH easier, because its easier for me to simply type on a physical keyboard, then on using the stylus on the screen.
Here is a link to the case, which was "Plug & Play". The Kyros already comes with the proper adapter for it.

Android Market.
Its true that this doesn't have the Android Market place, BUT I have found instructions on how to install the market place, and it worked like a charm.
(Make sure you have an SD card to make this happen)
Here is the youtube instructions, and the files you need are in the description of that video.

There is something I've noticed though, even after installing the market place, there were some apps that I couldn't find IN the market place, apps such as Evernote & Blogger. The reason I wanted Evernote (aside from it being a great app) is that it will allow me to actually type documents, ideas, & what not while I'm on the road, without needing to turn on the WiFi. & I will then have access to those notes later when I return home to my computer.
The way around this is by looking for the "apk" files, so for example, I went on google and looked for "Evernote.apk", you simple save that file to your SD Card, and once you insert the card into your Kyros, use the build in program called "APK Installer", it will find the file, you simply click it to install, & voila.
Another way (if your not near a computer):
While on the tablet (assuming your connected to WiFi), you open up the browser, search for the "apk" file, download and install right then & there. I actually tried this and it worked.

The Camera
This model (MID7125) has a front facing camera, which takes pictures & videos. So far I have not found away to share those pics & videos via the installed camera program. So now I'm on search to hopefully find an app that would allow me to do that on the Kyros.
The quality is, ok. Nothing to write home about.

So my advice is, if you are planning on taking this on the road, instead of your netbook or laptop, make sure to install all the applications you need before you hit the road. I'm mainly using it for entertainment (watching movies on my SD Card) & writing notes and blog posts when I have a chance.
I don't for see it replacing my laptop, but it is a good alternative if your going away for a few days, want to stay connected, & don't want to take your laptop.

I hope this has helped.
Take care.
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HASH(0x8dcb7630) étoiles sur 5 It's okay for the price you pay 13 décembre 2011
Par okaybuys - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I bought this tablet [for 129.99 on black friday. As a teen it was a lot of money but still a good price compared to an IPAD. i finally got it (it shipped from ny to Washington) I was anxious to use it so i turned it on after charging and it worked for about twenty minutes before the screen went to lines almost like it was frozen.

pretty much the pros: the resistive screen actually works pretty dang good, just have to get use to it, the getjar app that coby suggest to download for apps works wonderfully for facebook, skype, games, ect. It last for a good few hours and it does charge fast. It's a good price. If you don't want problems i suggest stepping up for an ipad
pretty much the cons: randomly freezes and have to reset it constantly, no microphone and camera is crappy.

So you spend $130 for it and you get what you pay. if you want no problems a thermal screen, and all the popular apps go with an ipad. but if you don't want to spend 500 for a tablet this is an okay buy. try shopping for something else
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HASH(0x8dcb7894) étoiles sur 5 Decent Product in price 9 octobre 2011
Par Leo - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
This product is good, but some issues which I noticed so far.

The touch screen works better, if stylus is used. It's doesn't respond to finger that well. I always end up 'clicking' than 'scrolling'

The camera is not much good, as there is no app to allow it to be used as webcam. I wanted skype or any video chatting app to work on, but nothing works.

No Android market. I knew about this before, so no shocker, but still

Good things -low price, Android 2.3, hdmi output, decent battery life
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HASH(0x8dcb7bd0) étoiles sur 5 For the price, it's pretty good 27 décembre 2011
Par nmwhipkey - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I got three of these (7125) for my siblings (12, 10 and 8) they LOVE them. They are def not top of the line, but you aren't paying top of the line either. The screen requires a stylus (or something pointy) and not your finger, which is good and bad. The market FAILS but you can download the Android market, google talk, gmail, and latitude (without rooting or voiding the warranty). This video shows you how [...] . Angry birds works, which is a big selling point. One problem I've noticed is sometimes it says the network is down and won't connect to the wireless, but if you simply restart the tablet it works again. You can download the nook app from the appslib, but not the android market, so you can attempt to get into the appslib (pain in the @$$) or you can just use the aldiko that comes with the tablet. It's pretty good on the responsive side, not too slow. The camera takes alright pictures, it's nice that the camera is in front, for video chatting, but I have not tried to video chat or download skype, so I can't tell you if it works/works well or not, sorry. We were constantly using them, trying to set them up, watching videos, and they lasted about 4-5 hrs on battery life. I had originally gotten them $80 pandigital tablets from walmart and THOSE were FAIL. These tablets are GODLY in comparison. All in all, if you want a top of the line, this isn't for you, if you want something for your kid to play with this is perfect.
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HASH(0x8dcb7e04) étoiles sur 5 Save Your Money - Buy Somethign Else. Anything! 12 novembre 2011
Par Sean - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I bought this item on 9/9/2011 from Amazon for developing software because it was cheap and ran a fairly new version of the Android OS. Not a good idea. Because the Original Android OS was modified by Coby, applications that run on other Android devices simply failed/crashed on this thing for no apparent reason. AKA not a good testing platform. In addition, the screen has a shiny blurry feeling to it that made my eyes hurt after an hour or so of continuous use. Finally, the Apps store is not the Google App Store/Market Place but a Coby Apps Store which means your selection is going to be limited. Otherwise, the device did as advertised.

Now, this is why I would advise you to buy something else - Coby Customer Service & Tech support is Useless. Plain & Simple!

Proof 1: I needed to reset it to the factory setting, I followed the directions on the site, but they were useless. Finally I called tech support. However, they could not help - Apparently, they did have info about the product because it was a newer model. After tinkering with it for a few hours, I figured it out on my own. Kudos!

Proof 2: It worked for about a week then the all important volume button stopped working. I called Coby and got an authorization to return this item. In return they sent me a down grade/older model 7015. I called and was connected to a woman called Beverly on 10/25/2011 - She stated that it would be picked up from my house and the situation woult then be corrected. Two weeks later no one showed up. Hence, I called Coby again on 11/9/2011, got in touch with Deon who took my information and forwarded it to his spupervisor Tim and advised me to call back on the following day if I did not hear from him/Tim. Given that I did not hear from either of them on 11/10/2011, I called Coby again and got in touch with Beverly. She had no recollection of our previous conversation. She took my info and promised to forward it to her supervisor. Annoyed, I asked to speak with Tim who honestly had nothing useful to add except that I should call back on the following day as he needed to get in touch with the warehouse. On 11/11/2011 I called at 1:34PM and got Beverly again - after placing me on hold for an eternity, I was finally told that Tim is out to lunch and any update would come in from the warehouse on the following Monday. Should Have seen that one coming. At approximatley 4:30PM I called and was told by Paul that Tim had left for the day at 3PM. However, he would be happy to take my info and passed it on to Tim in an e-mail. Been there, done that, a waste of time. May I speak with someone else? Yes here is Dwayne; Tim's Boss. As usual, the sweet little man had nothing useful to add except that "Updates will be available on Monday and you should call back then."

Proof 3: Everyone in this company is passing the buck to the almighty halfwitted supervisor. No one is taking ownership for anything.

Proof 4: There appears to be a complete break down in communication.

Proof 5: You'll have a massive headache at the end of it all that will make you wish you had purchased this piece of junk from a company with better support & customer service or that you had taken the money and given it to your local shelter or the Republicans. Hence, the saga continues, resolution pending...

Update 11/16/11
Duane has not heard from the warehouse yet.
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