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4,4 sur 5 étoiles
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le 31 mai 2010
Elizabeth Gilbert's Commitment was a good read in general. I already got a sense of her her writing style so I felt confortable with her moments of
neuroticlike-overthinking. That's part of her charm. If you're thinking the story is about Part 2 of Eat,Pray,Love,you'll be dissapointed. Most of the book is about the story of Marriage and how she's trying to make sence of the idea of a 2nd marriage. It's only in few moments in the book where you are transported to her life and the events that ocurred.
I was a bit dissapointed because I thought I could handle the historical notes and references to poeple who've studied marriage in the past. Believe me,I learned some interesting things, but at certain points I wish I could have ELizabeth in front of me and tell her, ''Stop over-analizing this, you won't get anywhere. At the end learning and studying about marriage is like philosophy,the more you know,the more you realize you know nothing. You just gotta take the leap & work hard.''
Anyways, I still like her work and I look forward to more of her writing.
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le 1 mai 2016
Being myself in a long happy marriage my children sometimes ask me for the secret of this success. Up until now I haven't been able to give a clear answer but this book made me much more aware of all the specific things that can make a successful marriage so not only will I continue doing the right things but can now improve things further.
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le 4 février 2014
This book offers an interesting alternative perspective on marriage, something that everybody has an opinion on but doesn't know why! Neither endorsing nor criticizing marriage, the writer concludes by taking it out of the hands of 'the institution'. In the end marriage is something we have always done in various different ways and we will always want to for reasons other than just to conform. Easy to read and a personal book. Thanks to the author.
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le 23 juillet 2012
J'avais adoré "eat, pray,love", et j'ai beaucoup aimé cet ouvrage qui retrace l'histoire du mariage et ce qu'il représente dans les différentes parties du monde. Elizabeth Gilbert nous offre une fois de plus une prose légère et amusante.
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le 22 août 2011
Very interesting AND funny. This book makes you think, learn things and laugh. Elisabeth GIlbert surely has a real talent. I don't agree with all her opinions, but this is not the point. It is a nice book, so read it and recommend it around you to men/women, young/old !
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