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Cooler Master NotePal X3, up to 17 1x USB/miniUSB 2.0, R9-NBC-NPX3-GP (1x USB/miniUSB 2.0 200 x 200 Fan, Black)

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Descriptif technique
MarqueCooler Master
Numéro du modèle de l'articleR9-NBC-NPX3-GP
Taille de l'écran17 pouces
Nombre de ports USB 2.01
Item dimensions L x W x H39.9 x 31 x 7.1 centimeter
Poids du produit900 grammes
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Date de mise en ligne sur Amazon.fr2 mars 2012
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1x USB/miniUSB 2.0 200 x 200 Fan, Black

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Really Cool! 27 mai 2011
Par Johnny thunder - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
Currently, I own a 2008 Dell Latitude E6400, which always gets the "blue screen of death" from over-heating. Keep in mind, I often crossed my legs on my lap, allowing sufficient airflow to the cooling vent. I honestly thought notebook coolers were a niche product. Having had experience with the awful Targus PA248U1 Chill Mat, I had virtually given up on a notebook cooler being able to solve my alarming heat problem. However, I perused Amazon's site for a few hours and did my homework. I soon discovered the criteria that my prospective cooler needed to fit:

-College student's meager budget
-Solve severe laptop over-heating problem
-Style wasn't important. An ugly/effective cooler is better than vice versa.
-Casual web-surfing/movie-watching/paper-writing use. I don't need a gaming cooler, since I don't leave my laptop on for like 6-8 hours at a time.
-Ability to be used on the lap. I do lots of homework on the couch at my school's study lounge.
-Good Warranty when Amazon's return period expires
-Preferably one fan
-Preferably with an extra USB port
-Preferably a company that specializes in desktop/laptop cooling
-Most important: Something that will LAST a long time, more than 1 year.


-Zalman NC-300U
-One fan, not-bulky, great workmanship, extra USB ports and fan this had it all! While the price was a bit of a stretch (I still could have afforded it), it did not look lap-friendly at all.

-Antec "Classic" Cooler
-The three year warranty and trustability on the market since 2003 was really, REALLY tempting. However, the sole reason I did not choose this was that the wire adaptor looked very flimsy.

-No fans, no electricity, cheap price, highly durable, effective rubber stoppers and beating out other coolers in a test made this very tempting! However, I have heard the customer service is non-responsive, the new rubber stinks and some users have reported the heat is transferred to their legs. Most of all, cooling ability depends on the laptop's design. Since my laptop's vent is on the side and not on in the center, I was skeptical. By the way, here is the link to that test:

-Thermaltake Massive23 LX
-This, in my opinion, was the most similar to my final decision. However, it looked really bulky and didn't seem suitable for lap use.

-Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE55US
-I really wanted to give Targus another chance, no hard feelings. It looked really roomy! However, it was reputed to not last longer than a year. After looking at the price against the reliability, I decided against it

-Cooler Master Notepal U2
-While the fan-positioning, price and #1 best-selling status made this a front-runner, I decided against this for 3 reasons: the fans weren't known to last long, the wiring was exposed and it wasn't good for lap use

-Logitech Cooling Pad N100
-The silent operation, rear-intake and how it was designed specifically for the lap was really tempting. However, the material looked flimsy, it was reviewed to not last long and the airflow was not adjustable. I needed a really strong fan.

First Impressions

When I opened to box, I was immediately struck by how much sturdier, classier and compact it looks in person. I was reading the reviews and I noticed some say its bulky, but for my needs, I don't find this an issue. I carry a leather briefcase in addition to my laptop backpack, so I'll just stick this in there so it doesn't get crushed.


I used a free program called CPUID Hardware Monitor to record the temperature with and without the cooler.

Without and wireless on (casual web surfing): 108 Degrees Fahrenheit
With (high speed) and wireless on (watching movie online): 100 Degrees Fahrenheit
With (high speed) and wireless on (casual web surfing): 98 Degrees Fahrenheit
With (high speed) and wireless off: 94 Degrees Fahrenheit


-The aluminum "mesh belly" dissipates heat effectively. I'd also imagine that it would make using a can of compressed air easy.
-Cool Light-up effect. Not only does it look space-age, but it lets you know that the cooler is on.
-On/Off Switch. As I have been told, this is more valuable than you think because detaching the USB cord while the fan is on could possibly shorten the cooler's life. I would turn it off first before disconnecting it
-Fan Control. Its stiff (indicating great build-quality) and responsive. At a touch or two below max level, it's still very quiet!
-Having one large fan instead of two smaller ones is rather nice. Not only is it quieter, but distributes heat evenly. Even though my laptop's main vent is located on the left side (as opposed to the "windier" center of the cooler), it still cools very well!
-Pop-out legs for height adjustment
-2 USB ports, one to connect your laptop and one to replace the USB port you gave up connecting this cooler. That means you don't give up any USB ports at all to connect this cooler to.
-Detachable USB cord is well-constructed. If you don't want to use up your laptop's battery, you can plug in the USB cord into an MP3/Cell phone charger.
-Unlike some other (especially more high-end) notebook coolers on the market, this can be used comfortably on the lap. While it does not have a mesh underside, the plastic is surprisingly comfortable and does not conduct any heat to my legs.
-1 year warranty


-Doesn't look easy to take apart to really clean inside the nook and crannies.
-Perforated edges don't hold my laptop securely. The crannies between my laptop and battery pack thankfully provide a good anchor to the cooler. A rubber stopper on the surface (like on the Cooler Master Notepal U2) or pop-up legs on the bottom (like on the Logitech Speaker Lap Desk N700) would have been nice.

To buy or not to buy...?

For day one, I'll let the performance speak for itself. However, I will keep you posted if anything arises.

Thanks for reading and good luck on your search!
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Looks Nice/ Works Nice Too 17 août 2012
Par Leon - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
i have gone through 3 other cooling pads, the coolermaster U2, the thermaltake massive, and this other unbranded one that had 2 big fans, well this looks a lot nicer then the thermal massive one, and it cools a looot better. the way the blue LED's light up the fan looks pretty sexy actually, now it is very big, and it isn't very portable, now if you don't care about looks then get the u2/u3, those fans are actually really strong and are a little more quite then the fan on this one, they basically cool the same though, its just the base isn't as nice. Some people say they have a laptop slipping problem but mine doesn't slip off... also the "palm cooler" dosn't really blow out too much air, but it keeps the hands a little bit cool, especially if your laptop gets hot... but overall the product is really nice, a little pricey but good non the less

edit/week 2
-well some things i have noticed in the past week, the first think is the serial number sticker came right off, the rubber feet on the bottom of the laptop are unsticking and are somewhat fallng apart, and now when i have it on full with my laptop on it makes a weird sound... im sure it is fine but the sound scares me

edit/week 4
-well i have noticed that the fan is actually supposed to make that sound when it is on full blast so that's fine, also the rubber feet aren't glued on the bottom they are actually clipped on in some way so that's why it looked like it was unsticking, i have moved it around a lot and it still works great, but another thing thing bad that i noticed was that it makes a nasty burning plastic smell, i don't know if its just because it blowing the hot air and it just smells like it or not, but whatever, also the metal top on it is actually getting quite slippery, when it is at the normal angle it is fine, but when you raise it with the pegs it slips very slowly down it, which is quite dangerous, overall i'm happy with this product, Definitely the best laptop cooler i have used

i would also like to add how well the fan works so here are the temperature of my CPU's 4 cores (in Fahrenheit)

W/O Fan (Regular Use)
Core 1- 100-110
Core 2- 93-109
Core 3- 97-109
Core 4- 104-112

W/ Fan (Regular Use)
Core 1- 93-102
Core 2- 84-100
Core 3- 90-102
Core 4- 93-106

as you can see in terms of everyday regular use like watching videos on youtube or just surfing the web it did keep the laptop about an average of 8 degrees cooler

W/O Fan (Gaming Use)
Core 1- 156-176
Core 2- 154-174
Core 3- 153-174
Core 4- 151-180

W/ Fan (Gaming Use)
Core 1- 140-163
Core 2- 135-158
Core 3- 140-165
Core 4- 140-172

As you can see the fan does help when you are hardcore gaming, keeping it around an average of 10 degrees cooler, which is significant

I would also like to add that this is not very comfortable on the lap with the back pegs sticking out, but with its regular position it feels okay, overall i lowered the rating to a 4 because this basically cools a little better thn the u2 that i had bought for 12 bucks, the only difference is that this cooler looks very cool and works when its on the lap, i will update this review next week as well if there are any other problems that arise

UPDATE: May 4, 2014

Still using this laptop cooler after a year and a half, still works and looks awesome! I don't just use it as a cooler but as a lap stand too!

edit/ i have done some more tests on how well the fan works, i have updated the above information
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Decent cooler for 17" laptops. 15 février 2014
Par Bill - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
Just got a new laptop a couple of days ago to replace an aging one. Got a HP Pavilion 17-e049wm. I had a laptop cooler from Targus that worked well with my old laptop but the new laptop is so large that it overhangs by over an inch on either side. So I decided to go shopping for a new one.

After checking out various products I decided on this one. I've noticed that other laptop coolers that say they are good for 17" laptops usually fall short on the size and you will have some overhang of the laptop. This one seemed to fit the bill and seemed to be a good value for the money, but alas it's not perfect.

1. Value. It seems that laptop coolers try to be too much...... 5 fans, 4 USB ports..... I don't need all of that. This is a simple cooler. It has a padded section on the bottom for comfort when you using it on your lap and after using it all day today, I have no complaints.

2. Ease of use: Plug in passthrough cable for the fan and you're good to go. And you still have access to your USB port. There are also channels on the bottom of it to route the USB cable in several directions depending on where you'll be plugging it in to your laptop at.

3. Maintenance: My old laptop cooler from Targus had two fans that pushed quite a lot of air. But it got very dirty and there is no easy way to clean it. This laptop cooler has a mettle mesh on the top the pulls off very simply and it allows you to directly access the blower to clean and change out the blower itself (if it every dies). Very cool.

4. Quality: Made of seemingly durable plastic. It's nothing spectacular to look at, but it seems to be pretty well constructed; very solid.

5. The blower: I love the blower vs. a standard fan. This thing puts out a fair amount of movement. I can feel airflow coming from under the front of my computer when I'm using it. It's also fairly quiet.


1. USB cable: A pretty thin wire has been used and I can see the passthrough USB port developing issues at some point with wear and tear on it. Should be pretty simple to replace if I ever need to, but I know that some people will just through the whole unit out if it ever stop working.

2. The channels for the USB cable: It's a great theory, but the wire tends to fall out. Don't really know what else they could have done with it, but figured I'd include it. Should easily be solved with a lil bit of tape.

3. The top: There is a recess in the top of the unit. I'm assuming it's to cradle smaller laptops but creates a huge issue with large laptops. If I have the laptop sitting square in the middle of the cooler, the front rubber feet do not touch anything due to this recess. My laptop will overhang the front by about an inch and a half before they hit the edge of the recess and stop. I rectified this by using some standard shelf liner. Before I did that my laptop would literally slide just from typing.

Overall, this is a pretty nice cooler. It's comfy to have sitting on my lap, is pretty quiet and moves a fair amount of air. The main issue that I have is with the recess in the top that causes my computers rubber feet to not grip anything. If it wasn't for that, this would have been rated at 5 stars.
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1.0 étoiles sur 5 *BUYER BEWARE* Product Is A Cheap Knock Off! 9 août 2014
Par Ryan W. - Publié sur

I purchased this "Cooler Master" laptop cooler and what I received was a complete knock off, cheap quality no name brand product. The cooler I was sent came in a generic box and the name Cooler Master was nowhere to be found on the packaging.

This cheap knock off came with a 140mm fan with blue leds, which isn't even the correct size fan to begin with. The real Cooler Master comes with a 160mm fan.

The materials and build quality are horrible.
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Fairly quiet, laptop fans run less when using, lap or desk use 20 avril 2013
Par AGK - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
This cooler seems sturdy enough although I haven't had it long. The USB power cord is cleverly contained in a groove on the bottom and can be run to either side of the computer. It also has a USB pass-through connector so you don't loose a port. (I believe it is USB 2.0. Unfortunate, since all four of my ports are USB 3.0) The cord seems a little lightweight but adequate.
The design works well for either using on your lap or on a table. It has a cushion pad and a rubber strip on the bottom. It can be used with both 15" and 17" laptop computers. My 17" fits just right. Fits in a bag made for 17" laptop computer.
The fan provides enough air flow to be as effective as a device like this can probably be and is reasonably quiet. Seems to keep my internal fan from running as much. Draws air from the back and blows it up against the bottom of the computer (check your computer's air flow design, this works perfectly for mine but may not for other computer designs).
This design would've lent itself to including a 5"x7"-8" slide out mouse pad, but sadly, it is not included. (Maybe it will be in the next USB 3.0 pass-though, no-slip coating version?!)
I knocked off one star because my laptop wants to slide toward me and off the cooler when I'm using it on my lap. Some kind of soft rubbery no-slip coating or a prominent lip at the front/bottom would have prevented this, (and it would have earned 5 stars.) Works just fine on a table.
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