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Deluxe Edition Beer Kit

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M. Beer Kit Deluxe de bi-re Edition - Le kit comprend: 2 Gallon fermenteur Chaque fermenteur est enti-rement r-utilisable et faire 2 litres de bi-re prim-e avec chaque lot. Il est l-ger, incassable et en plastique conforme - la norme FDA, ce qui conf-re aucun go-t ou la migration de saveur. La grande bouche allowsfor faciles cleaning.Brewing Ingr-dients: Comprend 1 American Classic Recharge de lumi-re produit une teneur en alcool de 3,2% Chaque recharge comprend: 1. Extrait de malt houblonn- (HME), levure de bi-re s-che, sans rin-age nettoyant. Brewing avec Mr.Beer - Brewing Guide DVD, DVD Cette information est une excellente ressource pour les questions sur le syst-me de brassage d'accueil Mr.Beer et le brassage maison dans generalContains r-ponses - vos questions pratiques de brassage et quelques-unes des recettes les plus populaires Mr.Beer !

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 A Detailed Review on Mr. Beer Kit, Read for Clarity and for an Honest Review from a Beginner 29 novembre 2014
Par Danny Lee - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I came to home brewing when I was bored and looked up hobbies I can take up, and slowly got more and more interested.
I got this kit early this month, with the book How to Brew by John Palmer, which I highly recommend for anyone interested in home brewing. Though I cannot review on the quality of the beer (I bottled my first batch three days ago) I will write an honest review on the equipment, and ingredients that comes with this Mr. Beer Kit.

As a beginner in home brewing, every home brewing term seemed alien to me, and seeing the 5 to 6 gallon carboy with contraptions like siphons, air locks, and hydrometers just confused. Therefore, I decided to get the most simplistic kit available, that's why I chose Mr. Beer. I will first start with the Pros.


MR. BEER Kit out of the Box , Perfect for Beginners
This is a perfect kit for absolute beginners on a budget. For 50 dollars, you get a fermenter, bottles, two hopped malt extract, yeast, and no-rinse cleansing solution. Almost everything you need is included, minus a large pot (enough to hold 4 cups of water), metal spoon, can opener, and a silicone spatula. The instruction manual is not clear, but Mr. BEER has a Youtube video explaining step-by-step on how to sanitize, brew, and pitch the yeast. Mr. BEER also gives you daily email (if you register) on subjects like sanitizing, science behind yeast and fermentation, and other useful information. Like I said it has 90% of what you need to get started.

Ease of Use
Mr. BEER kit is easy to use. First you sanitize with the given sanitize solution. Then you boil 4 cups of water, add the hopped malt extract and stir until dissolved. Then you add 1 gallon of chilled water, add the wort, add another gallon of water, and then add the yeast. Finally, you close the lid and let it sit. of course there are more details involved, but it's pretty much as simple as it gets.

No Gimmick, It Actually Brews
This is a legit, beer making kit. You can see everything happening in the fermenter: yeast fermenting, high krausen (peak of fermentation), layer of yeast in the bottom, and the clarification of the beer as fermentation completes. It's so fool-proof, it's guaranteed to make drinkable beer... note the drinkable part.

Perfect for Increasing Knowledge
This kit is perfect for absolute beginners, who don't want to deal with a lot of complicated equipment, but as you brew, you will want to learn and start reading books and forums, like I did. As I gain more knowledge on the brewing process, watching videos and reading "How to Brew" by John Palmer, I see more and more future limitation when it comes to this Kit. This is where I start the Cons


Limited to MR. BEER Products
With this 8.5 Quart kit, you are limited to only using MR.BEER kit sold by MR. BEER. You can buy the standard 5 gallon recipe kit which makes 5 gallons, but you have to do the math and ratio out all the ingredients if you want to do so (who has time for that?). So unless you want to keep using hopped malt extract without using specialty grains, malt extracts, and add the hop yourself, this is obviously a kit that you'll "graduate" within time. But this kit is solely for Mr.BEER refills and nothing else.

Quality of the Ingredients/ Yeast
As I learn more about specialty hop, adding hops at different times, and other brewing techniques required for home crafted beer, I find that just pouring a liquid extract to boiling water is very limited and restrictive. Also, the quality of the yeast is questionable, for it does not have a date, and who knows how long the yeast (refill) has been sitting on a shelf. According to Palmer, quality beer requires quality yeast, and with Mr. BEER, there is not telling the quality of the yeast that comes with it.

Crude Ventilation/ Air Lock
This kit has "air notches": little holes on the mouth (top opening) of the keg which lets excess CO2 out, which, by theory can let oxygen in as well. Because how the lid is positioned, I do not believe a lot of oxygen gets in during the fermentation process, but the air notches are crude nonetheless.

You Will Outgrow it Very Quickly
Though it is for beginners, you will outgrow it quickly. As I read more, and watch more videos, I am itching to get a standard kit (5 gallon carboy, siphon, airlocks, etc.) to "graduate" from this kit. It is perfect for beginners yes, but if I had to do it again, I would buy a standard starter kit (Northern Brewing, True Brew, etc) and start from there.

This kit is awesome for beginners and those who want to start brewing without all the equipment. I will update this review on the quality of beer it makes.

Note: I am following the 2-2-2 rule (2 weeks in the primary fermenter, 2 weeks of bottling, and 2 weeks of conditioning). Just FYI for those wondering the process I took.

--------------------------------------------UPDATE 12/07/2014------------------------------------------------

Beer taste: Wow, so I brewed the Aztec Cerveza and I am enjoying a glass right now, watching the 49ers v Raiders game. So this is the process I followed to brew this batch: 2 weeks in the fermenter, 2 weeks bottling/carbonating, and 2 weeks of conditioning in the fridge. However, I was curious and couldn't wait any longer. It's been 3 days of conditioning, and decided to drink it.

This is an awesome tasting beer. More milder than other cerveza's out there, but awesome in every way. Good carbonation, good taste, and the best thing is that it is smooth. It has a hint of sour taste, but I think that is due to bottling a day or two early. But after this bottle, I will drink the rest of the bottles when the full two weeks of conditioning has been done.

This is smooth, and very enjoyable beer. But be aware: home brewed beer has a certain taste to them. Internet forum describes it as "the homebrew musk". There is definitely that, but it adds to the richness of the flavor. I am very impressed.

I bought one more keg: I bought one more keg. I thought about getting a 5 gallon, standard kit, but I am going to stick with Mr. Beer (I have changed my mind). It is simplistic, takes minimum equipment, I can brew multiple batches at one time, and the end result is outstanding. Right now I have a pilsner and a stout brewing. Can't be more happy with Mr. Beer. For those people telling you that you can't brew good tasting beer with simplistic equipment like Mr. Beer, they are wrong. I wish you were here right now so I can have a glass with you. Cheers!

Updated rating: 5/5
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Maybe add a nail file to your shopping cart... 8 février 2016
Par Amazon Customer - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I bought this item as a Valentine's day gift to my husband. (Which he opened early...) First off, I want to say that he was really excited about this! We ran into a bit of a snag when his fermenting keg was leaking. I shot an email off to the MR BEER company about it, and got an email back from Renee from Mr Beer within a day. After a few email exchanges for troubleshooting, she sent us a new keg to replace our leaking one. The second one leaked, but not as bad. I felt pretty bad that we kept running into this issue, so I took it into my own hands to figure this out.

One of the biggest complaints is a leaking keg. So I figured out that the problem is that the keg ends up with a little extra plastic at the seam where the spigot attached (the leaking point). I took a nail file and sanded down so that the seam was flush. Once I did that, all of the leaking stopped.

Once he actually got to brewing, he was thrilled! It was a lot of fun and it really piqued his interest. I asked my husband what rating I should give this and despite the initial issues, he still insisted on a 5 star. Renee at customer service was very polite and prompt, which made a negative situation so much better.

In 21 more days, I will report on the taste of the beer ;)
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 It's a beginner's process... and is very easy! 5 novembre 2012
Par Todd M. - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
No, you're not going to be a Brew Master with state-of-the-art equipment but you'll inexpensively be on your way. I purchased this kit to get a feel for making beer at home. I purchased this kit a few weeks ago for about 45 bucks because it includes both the bottles and an extra beer refill kit and that's worth about 35 bucks alone. Actually, the 2 refill kits that come with it sell for about 19 bucks on Amazon so the rest of it, including the bottles, is pretty much a freebie to get you hooked on the Mr. Beer system so I can't begrudge them for coming out with a 2 gallon system unique to their supplies while most of the others are based on 5 gallons. For me, 2 gallons of a brew is enough and that comes out to about 21 bottles of 12 ounce beers on the wall and 5 gallons would be a bit much with over 50 bottles. This system is not without its pluses and minuses but what isn't anymore?

Yes, it's plastic and it feels less than sturdy but it seems to be working OK as my first batch (St. Patrick's Irish Stout... purchased separately) is now fermenting. The seams are not perfect and you do have to install the spigot but it doesn't leak if you take a few seconds to clean off the keg edges with a little light sandpaper to make it nice and smooth. The instructions are not quite as clear as whoever wrote it may think but after a few complete reading, before you start anything, it's pretty straight forward. There's a few things not included that are needed like sugar for bottling or something you may want to have like a hydrometer. I didn't see it mentioned anywhere but the ABV (Alchohol By Volume) for most of the beers is only 3.7% so that's pretty low but can be increased by fermenting longer or adding a booster kit... though Mr. Beer's Website does offer a Deluxe Refill Kit that comes in at 4.7% and that's also low. I'm not looking to get plastered on one bottle but I am looking for a beer with some body, taste and a head that doesn't evaporate in 20 seconds. Another fact that wasn't noted is that fermentation must take place with a "consistent temperature between 68 and 76 degrees" which is pretty hard for me to do with hot days and cold nights here in the desert.

One of the big pluses is that the Irish Stout I'm brewing is not from China... it's made for Mr. Beer in Australia by Coopers Brewery Ltd. This is a baby step process and seems almost foolproof but I can't deal with what's on the shelves anymore. When I lived on the East Coast you could easily find distinctive tasting craft and import beers but here in Idaho that's not the case. Speaking of case, whatever happened to a case of beer? They're now 12 packs for more than what a case once cost and at about 18 bucks for a 12-pack of "craft" beer with little uniqueness in taste and no body Mr. Beer seemed little a viable alternative. I expect to move on to using my own ingredients, which you can also do with this kit, and was pleased to find a huge vine growing in my yard that I have fought off unsuccessfully for years is actually hops I'm already thinking ahead to next summer. Since I perceive this kit as a beginners point I can't find a reason to give it less than 5 stars. I'll review the beer once it's done but I agree with other reviewers that Mr. Beer's claim that you'll be downing it after only 2 weeks is probably not what you should expect if a better beer can be had by waiting a little longer. I'm going with 2 weeks each for fermenting, sitting in a bottle and then chilling in the fridge so an Irish Stout for Christmas is the goal.

Update 12/08/12: I posted a pic of what my first brew looks like after 2 weeks fermenting, 2 weeks carbonating and 1 week in the fridge (should have been 2 weeks but I'm impatient) and I couldn't be happier with what I poured. I think it tastes great (similar to a Guinness Stout) and the head is bold and lasts and doesn't evaporate in seconds like most beers. The beer I just made is the St. Patrick's Irish Stout and if my other brews come out like this one I'll never be in the beer aisles of a food store again. If you don't like the strong taste of a stout then this beer probably not what you want and perhaps a dark or a Porter may be better.
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Great place to start, and not a bad place to stay in home brewing. 11 février 2015
Par M. Carson - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
For very little money this is a very good place to start if you have any interest what so ever in home brewing. I am on my 3rd Mr. Beer batch. I have learned a great deal about brewing for very little initial money. Yes, there is a good chance that if you love home brewing you will move up to a 5-gallon kit, but even then, no real money lost with this inexpensive kit, mostly paying for the beer mixes which you will drink so not wasted. Yes, there is a good chance you could mess up or just not like the quality of beer made and again little lost on this purchase. For me, I like the 2-gallon size. I like the creating and brewing as much as the drinking, so 5-gallon batches would be too much for me (although following economics of scale it is cheaper per gallon). Some of the older reviews (pre 2013 or so) refer to the old Mr. Beer style equipment and beer batches. I never tried those but "most" agree the new Cooper's stuff is better. This is a hobby (like most actually) that you will get back what you put in. If you just want to add water, mix and drink a few weeks later, you probably don't care much about the beer you drink or you will be greatly disappointed. If you want to learn how beer is made, understand the basics and slowly learn to expand you abilities and the beer you make, this kit will work fine. I am now adding hops and malts and steeping grains in a standard Mr. Beer batch, none of which are required, but also very possible to enhance and customize your final product. There is a pretty good amount of info online and dedicated Mr. Beer group eager to answer your questions and a good variety of beer mixes to choose from and experiment with (and once you know what you are doing you don't have to just use Mr. Beer ingredients, you can use any you like, scaled as needed). There may very well be better, larger, more expensive kits out there and of course you can spend 1000's on all grain brewing, but for bang for the buck and the POSSIBILITY (if you make the efforts and have patience (something you truly need a great deal of in this hobby)) of making some pretty good beer while you learn how deeply you want to take this hobby, this is a pretty good place to start and learn. I don't see myself replacing my kit anytime soon, just learning more about brewing and modifying my recipes.
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Good updated kit. 12 octobre 2016
Par Ima Rascal - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
Good updated kit. Love the new spigot. Key product features include:
Kit contains a compact, lightweight, shatterproof, reusable Little Brown Keg fermenter that is modeled after the design of professional brewing equipment and brews 2 gallons (16 pints) of delicious craft beer. The gold kit contains two brewing extracts to brew 2 batches (4 gallons/32 pints) of beer.
• Mr. Beer brewing extracts are created by a renowned team of World Master Brewers on state-of-the-art equipment at Coopers Brewery. Brewing extracts cut multiple time, equipment, space and cost-intensive steps out of the homebrew process – while producing a consistently great-tasting beer.
• The Mr. Beer Gold kit includes the Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner brewing extract and the Aztec Mexcian Cerveza brewing extract. Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner is a bright golden pilsner displaying traditional spicy Saaz hop aroma and a dry, bitter finish. Aztec Mexican Cerveza is a delightfully refreshing Mexican lager with a crisp finish and is best served ice cold with a wedge of lime!
• Bottle your beer into eleven 25 oz. shatterproof reusable bottles that are specifically designed for carbonating beverages. These plastic bottles allow brewers to perform a “squeeze test” to determine if their beer is done carbonating while allowing the bottles to remain sealed until carbonation is complete.
• Also includes pre-measured carbonation drops for convenient, mess free carbonation, as well as a patented, robust brewing yeast that performs well in a wide-range of temperature, giving brewers the flexibility to brew in a variety of temperatures.
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