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le 28 avril 2013
Weinberg has done a remarkable job in developing cosmology from first principles. It reads like a guided passage through the literature, including citations to many original articles. It is mostly clearly written though succinct and at times he demands a lot of the reader. My one complaint is that I found I could get lost in the forest for all the trees. E.g. in chapter 3 on the CMB, I lost the context and was not clear what range of temperatures, what time period after the big bang, etc. were being discussed. In chapter 1 there is so much detail on the astronomy I got bored, tried to skip ahead, then realized I missed some critical material on dark matter. For that reason I would recommend learning the material first with another, perhaps more elementary, book. For example, Liddle (2003) provides a very accessible (middle undergraduate level) yet useful overview of cosmology. But the serious postgraduate student of cosmology needs more than one textbook in the field, and this should be among them. As Guth remarked, the special feature of Weinberg's approach is his thoroughness. To this I would add that his careful citations to the original literature are another unique and useful feature for someone aiming to enter the field. Thankyou Mr. Weinberg; you've done a great service to the community.
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le 23 avril 2010
Ce livre est un suite du precedent livre de Weinberg "relativity and cosmology", un tres bon textbook ecrit dans les annees 70. Cependant dans les deux denieres decennies notre connaissance en cosmologie a eu un avance explosive et il etait bien le temps d'avoir un livre ecrit par un scientifique de niveau de Weinberg. "Cosmology" couvre tous les sujets important pour la cosmologie et il peut etre utile pour les etudients niveau master et superieur comme un textbook et pour les cherecheurs comme un resume rapide qui contient egalement des references aux travaux originaux pour plus de details.
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