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le 14 février 2015
In all honesty it has been a long time since I finished reading an entire book. This book on self-publishing by author Rick Smith is an absolute must for anyone looking into publishing their own book.

The book takes you from start to finish from generating ideas to actually publishing and marketing your book. There isn't a book like this because the author definitely walks the talk. He is so experienced and knows what he's talking about. One of the strategies for marketing that he mentions inside the book is absolutely killer. I have done similar strategies that have been very effective but with this method that Smith provides will definitely skyrocket my sales.

The book was recommended by a friend such a long time ago when I was getting started publishing, but I did not listen. The book was once again recommended by the same friend and I absolutely regret not taking his word the first time. I am definitely going to keep coming back to reference this book because it's like a personal publishing Bible.

If I could give you (an aspiring/current author) any advice I would have to say that don't waste your time on any other program or book. This book right here is the real deal. Whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction the author will give you his personal method on how to organize yourself on publishing your bestseller.
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le 21 novembre 2013
Amazon makes it easy to publish a CreateSpace Print-on-Demand Paperback or a Kindle ebook. That is, their publishing interface is easy to follow and fill out. And if that's all there was to publishing, we'd all be making a good living as authors. Unfortunately, that's only one tiny part of what it takes to SELL a book.

This useful guide will help you pick a topic to write about, and it will give you some pointers on how to write productively. It will help you with the all-important and sometimes difficult formatting of your book, and designing your cover or finding someone to do it for you.

This book also walks you through Amazon's Publishing interfaces, though they really are pretty self-explanatory.

OK - now you've written your book and published it. So you're done and can sit back and let Amazon sell it for you. Right?

No, unfortunately you'll also have to do some marketing work too. Fortunately this book covers that base too, from how to price your book to how to get book reviews and how to write your all-important Product Description - which you are going to have to think of as a sales pitch.

They also include a list of additional resources - a great bonus!
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le 22 novembre 2013
First of all, I wish I had found this great book that is helpful in so many ways. If you want to be an author and get your book out there in the world, I highly suggest you BUY THIS BOOK!

There are many books on the subject of how to publish your book. This one is easy to understand and takes you through every single step. Many things you may already know but there are also helpful suggestions on how to get through the process in formatting your book for better reviews.

There are helpful hints on using keywords and marketing strategies and groups to join to help make your book a success. I plan on using all of this wonderful information that Rick Smith has offered in this book to my advantage.

Createspace and Kindle Self-Publishing Masterclass is a book I will keep in my library and everytime I write a book, I will go through it again and follow it completely. There is a lot that goes into writing and publishing a book and it can be overwhelming. Why wouldn't you want every advantage to make it as easy as possible?

5 stars and thank you for letting me know its never too late to go back and make my book perfect.
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le 25 novembre 2013
Extremely helpful guidebook to self-publishing. This book has everything you need to know to start your own self-publishing empire -- from writing, to publishing, to marketing. Yes, marketing. You know, that one teeny tiny thing that most authors forget about or feign ignorance of. If you're like me, then that marketing step won't come naturally to you -- unless you check out this book! Highly recommended!
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