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le 8 janvier 2015
From the introduction we read about a king: a king under siege not only by those close to him but also by those far away. This humble, soft spoken, kind hearted, gentle, vulnerable man had a giant heart for children, for the suffering and the poor. The king could not sleep and a doctor was brought to him. The doctor’s advisors commissioned him to make sure the king could perform, at any cost. After being administered a powerful poison, the king finally fell asleep, not to awaken again. Dr. Karen Moriarty’s book begins with the question: How could this happen to a king?

She describes Michael Jackson as a modern-day Rorschach Inkblot Test. Tell me what you think and feel about Michael Jackson and I will and can tell who you are. Is your heart wide open or closed? Michael’s was. Are you judgmental? Are you forgiving, compassionate? Who are you?

Because of Dr. Karen Moriarty’s expertise and background as a psychologist and therapist for many years, she has the ability to read people. And in her words," I have never met a person who was more persecuted than Michael Jackson."

Moriarty’s book is carefully researched from his family to his finances to the trials. I have been researching and blogging about Michael Jackson’s death for five years. When a friend’s husband grilled me about Michael, his first question was: “What about sex? Who was he having sex with?” And that is the sad state of our culture. Why is it not okay to attribute an all-encompassing love for children to a man in our culture? Why the need to be suspicious and dirty? Our culture is obsessed with sex and it’s the cynics that made something pure and innocent, into something evil. Moriarty delves into this topic and so much more.

She writes about the multitude of continuous, insidious assaults from frivolous lawsuits by the gross. From the crazies to the sharks in suits and the media with their unrelenting lies. Michael’s immense wealth could not protect him once he was captured by the legal system with arrest warrants, charges, an indictment, and a nightmare trial. All proven to be lies. She will share how the once strong Michael became overwhelmed by feelings during the trial and suffered anxiety, depression, insomnia and insecurity. She writes about the trial, the travesty of justice and the mean spirited attack on an innocent man. He never truly recovered from the torture of the trial. A trial where an endless parade of seedy prosecution witnesses continued to perjure themselves on an almost hourly basis and crumbled under cross examination.

It is indeed time for a paradigm shift when it comes to Michael Jackson. Moriarty writes a book that focuses on the normalcy in Michael and how he developed extraordinary coping mechanisms. She will delve into Michael’s religious beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness, and how he ultimately choose his art over religion.

Well written, insightful, researched to the smallest of details, I find Dr. Moriarty’s Defending a King, to be one of the most interesting of the many books written about Michael Jackson, and I have read dozens upon dozens. If you are a fan, you will love this book. If you are not, keep an open heart and open mind, for you are about to go on a journey. A well written journey of truth about a young boy from Gary, Indiana who became a king and truly won the hearts of people all around the globe. Bravo, Dr. Moriarty.
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For the Michael Jackson fan who is looking to learn so many precise details about Michael's extremely high profile and complex life, this is the book for them.

I must commend Dr. Karen Moriarty for her extensive research, but also for her commitment to putting a book such as this together. I was fascinated by so much of the information that I never knew, such as the truth behind Michael's finances and all of the lawsuits he dealt with over the years; I was shocked and saddened that one human being had to put up with so much. The details of so many aspects of his life are covered in this book, however, the chapter I found most fascinating and poignant was about the 2005 trial and the strategy set forth by Thomas Mesereau. Mesereau was clearly a genius and I can't help but feel divine intervention miraculously put him in place to defend Michael at the time in his life when he needed it the most.

Bravo to Mesereau for a job well done but also to Dr. Moriarty for having the wherewithal and determination to bring light to it all through this book! Thank you!
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le 4 janvier 2015
The most beautiful, in-depth portrait of Michael Jackson that I've read! In researching and writing this book, Karen Moriarty has given a magnificent Gift to those who love Michael, and those who want to better understand him. This book is no less than a Gift to the Planet.

I've read most of the major books about Michael (many of them wonderful, for various reasons). _Defending a King_ was the most grounded, yet it lost no aspect of the emotion or intensity surrounding Michaels life and death -- and his Spirit that lives on with us. It offers the most in-depth, moving, and captivating portraits of Michael Jackson -- in life and in death -- his private joys and his deep, life-long suffering as a human being. A beautifully written and moving accounting and analysis. The respect this author shows for Michael touched me deeply.

My most high recommendation for this particular book as one to be read by anyone who wants a deeper understanding of Michael Jackson and the unfathomable contribution he made to the Planet and to Humanity.
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le 4 juin 2015
5 Stars Rave Review

Early on in "Defending a King His Life His Legacy" by Dr. Karen Moriarty's she writes, " Michael Jackson is like a modern-day Rorschach Inkblot Test." "Tell me what you think and feel about Michael Jackson. What you see in him, and I can tell you much about yourself. How open is your heart, how wide is your perspective, how perceptive is your mind, how tolerate are your attitudes." Upon reading those lines I knew I had in my hands a book which was written by a human being who had been touched by the love only The Man himself can cause to effect. I was compelled to stop and write what I thought about Michael before I continued reading. I wanted to have an accounting of myself at the book's end. Only truly motivational and sacred writing can affect a reader in this manner.

Karen is a gifted writer and has brought to the world a comprehensive and moving presentation of the life and journey of a man who was born to embody the potential we are all capable of et, few ever achieve. I have read many books on Michael's life as I am a life long devotee. I have enjoyed this one the most finding in it's pages the nearest mirror to him I've ever witnessed. Karen's conviction and forthright dedication in the writing of this book is admirable and tells us much about the author herself from the manner in which she has exulted her subject matter and literature to a higher art form. You will be richer for having read her work and coming to know the Michael Jackson she introduces you to through her looking glass.

Carla Dawn Dunlap
Poet and Utterer
Author of
"A Peacock's Love Vows"
"Voices of the Grandmothers"
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le 15 mars 2015
Michael Jackson is the most beautiful person I've ever had the honor of knowing from afar! I wish I could have gotten to meet him! I grew up defending his honor from the first rumor! Michael is truly an angel kissed by God! His heart and soul illuminates with light and color straight from the heart of God almighty! Praise God for Michael and praise God for Jesus Christ who saved his beautiful soul! Michael's beautiful voice is comforting to hear and his energy is warm and caring! On stage, his energy explodes into a breath taking light show, he don't need Fireworks to preform! In '87, my mother introduced me to his music, Bad was my first song! I was 3 years old and all I could see was light and colors! Michael is an amazing person! His soul shines brighter when he is happy and even brighter when he is helping children! Michael's faith in God is inspiring and beautiful, it makes me feel so humble in my soul! It makes me feel so sad that some people can't see the amazing light that shines from Michael's beautiful soul, Jesus Christ is truly in his heart And he lived in God's beautiful light! We fans (MoonWalkers) love Michael so much and respect him as a man and a human being, we could have allowed him to go outside and maybe walk down the street to a corner store to buy a pack of big red bubble gum! We could stop the media from taking pictures by grabbing their cameras and running the opposite way from Michael, don't brake the camera, just play keep away! I love you all MoonWalkers around the world for loving Michael and making his life worth living in the midst of all the madness! God bless you all and I pray that you will be touched by God when you read this beautiful true story about the real Michael Jackson that some people can't understand! "Please don't hate those who hate you for my name sake!" Says the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen! Please pray for them, they may need some help with their faith in God! Michael is truly loved and deeply missed, it hurts deep in my soul! Lots of love and prayers to Michael's beautiful family and I pray they are doing okay! :') ¢' RIP Michael Return If Possible Praise God you are happy, safe, and free in Heaven!
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le 22 février 2015
Defending A King – His Life and Legacy by Dr. Karen Moriarty is an excellent book and a must read for any and all fans of Michael Jackson. Dr. Moriarty goes inside the defenders of Michael Jackson. Beginning with his arrival to America in December of 2006. Dr Moriarty was able to interview the bodyguards who were hired to defend Michael Jackson or as they referred to him as Mr. Jackson. They provide detailed information to Dr. Moriarty at detail of the extreme measures they protected Michael Jackson on a daily basis, and as time went on they gained his trust. Additionally, perhaps the greatest defender of Michael Jackson is that of attorney Thomas Mesereau whom Michael trusted in defending literally his life and freedoms. Mr. Mesereau defends Michael in 2005 in the child molestation case. Though a very arduous task, she is able provide insightful information as to what Mr. Mesereau and Susan Yu did to defend the life of Michael Jackson. Even in death, Michael still had to be defended. This time it is by David Walgren the prosecutor who tries Conrad Murray and wins. Being unemployed at the time, I was able to watch it and could not believe what I saw. However reading and reliving it in print, made me mad, angry at how neglectful (putting it mildly) Murray cared for Michael. Finally, she points out that Michaels life and legacy are his children: How he raised them with the care and love any proud father would care for his children and what they meant to him. He would do nothing to lose them. As a result, his children will use his example to carry on with their lives going forward and carry on his legacy that he built and created. Finally,the Legacy is the music he created will be a long and lasting to be shared for all of us to listen and remembered for a very long time. It will be just as fresh in the future as when it was first recorded. Today, his music touches, influences all ages, performers and entertainers alike all over the world. You just don’t have to be “Black or White” to appreciate his music but one must look at “The Man in the Mirror” to make that change.
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le 28 octobre 2014
Before I opened the 1st chapter, I read the forward and developed a respect for the author. I hoped the book wouldn't disappoint. I questioned Karen Moriarty's credentials and ability to convey accurate information. After further reading, it didn't matter. She took me on a journey that wrangled my emotions to the core of my own life purpose. I acquired numerous self revelations regarding my life as I read.

The author shared a prolific insight as to the life of a megastar. A life, draining the very core of their being from one who lives a life of stardom. A life degrading the very purpose of the star, due to the tabloid magazines nonstop delusion portrayed to the public. The author shows the greed and evil intent of many people. Karen Moriarty paints a picture that would make any rising star of today weary of any further pursuit of stardom.

There is a plethora of information inadvertently making me question my own path of altruistic abilities of contribution or lack thereof. It was refreshing to see Michael Jackson's life portrayed as humanitarian as opposed to demonized since he was cleared of any wrongdoing.

The author projected a unique style of writing, showing a poetic love toward Michael Jackson. Karen Moriarty has the ability to make me feel I was in the scene to which she was describing. I forgot the author was even there. This is a skill of the makings of a great author. I am so happy I read it, and my life will be better enriched because of it.

I want to recommend it to all of my friends and family or anyone who wants or needs to see the world in a greater light.
I recommend it to anyone who is looking for the real reason we are here.
I want to recommend it to anyone who wants to know their true purpose in life. The book does not disappoint.
Thank you Karen Moriarty for this wonderful experience.
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le 6 octobre 2014
Truly engaging … the real story at last!
I’ve always wanted to know the true story, and the psychology, behind the persona of Michael Jackson. I must have thought like millions of others; how could I trust the way the media portrayed him? All that hype … all the shouts of “fire,” when most of it must only be smoke. For example, I couldn’t believe such naïve transparency by a smart, international talent like Mr. Jackson was a true admission of guilt. I’m talking about the child molestation charges of course, and the agonizing court battle that he eventually won. And what about his carnival-like eccentricity in every facet of his life? All that bad press was entertaining, but was it all true? Even a little bit?
My curiosity was sated when I read Defending a King, by Dr. Karen Moriarty. The result of years of painstaking research into the life of Michael Jackson, Dr. Moriarty’s book tells the real story, and explains Mr. Jackson’s bizarre, misunderstood behavior once and for all. Skillfully-written with layer after layer of facts and presented with interesting style, this book tells the heart-wrenching story of that most interesting and complex entertainer.
The author points out (through countless interviews with Jackson insiders, and supported by her doctorate in Psychology), that Michael’s childlike behavior resulted from not having a childhood of his own. Due to the immense amount of work as the center of The Jackson Five, he was forced to be an adult too early in his developing years. That explains a lot. As Dr. Moriarty astutely points out; “He felt like an alien soul with adults, but he felt within himself the stirrings of a child. He felt wonder at their innocence, was awed by their charm, and he realized their vulnerability.”
Truthfully, I was never a fan of Michael Jackson. But I am keenly interested in the few who skyrocket beyond the heights of celebrity strata through hard work and sheer brilliance. Dr. Moriarty helped me appreciate this performer who, in spite of his eccentricities (which many great personalities seem to acquire), was a highly talented, creative, good man trying to do the right thing.
As the book illustrates so well, much of the world wanted a piece of him, but he reacted in the only way he knew … from deep disappointment and a desire to be loved as if his notoriety were a burden around his neck. He became a man who ran from everyone, into the arms of his Neverland home and his three children. And when it came to children, there were thousands the public did not know about that he helped in numerous ways. Only two posed as a problem—publicly at least—and Dr. Moriarty’s research strongly describes they too were the subjects of sensationalist press.
Finances, lawsuits, trials, accusations of child abuse, two-faced reporting by an English journalist, a naïve trust of others—all worked to create havoc in the life of a man who just wanted to be loved. Defending a King details these behind-the-scenes events, and the trauma that led to his death. Even the ensuing prosecution of his personal physician. Dr. Moriarty’s extensive vocabulary and keen insight lends even more credibility to this unbiased, comprehensive account of a complex, brilliant individual.
When the hype of the media skews the truth, you will find satisfying resolution to your doubts through this extraordinary book.
Kenneth R. Overman – Author, A Lion in Spring
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le 13 avril 2015
A malevolent circus mentalityfrom the media surrounded the life and death of Michael Jackson.
But finally someone has presented the truth. The author of this book trusted her instincts and followed a hunch. She felt deep down Michael Jackson was innocent and she set about digging into the facts not reported by mainstream media who
were on a witch hunt. Nasty lies about Michael Jackson earned
 millions of dollars for mainstream news, so unscrupulous, greedy reporters ruled the media circus.
 As a result, the world was robbed of the truth. Michael Jackson was not only a brilliant
musical performer and dancer, but probably the greatest humanitarian this Earth
has ever seen. Even the late and great NELSON MANDALA said he meditated
on Michael Jackson when he needed strength (and remember Mandala was also crucified
by the media). Just reading this book you will feel the love which was the essence of Michael. The book is part of the beginning, a great wave, of healing which will transpire on planet Earth when the people begin to know the truth about Michael. Thank you Karen!
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le 28 octobre 2014
Thank you Dr. Karen Moriarty for bringing to life such a wonderful book! As a big fun of Michael Jackson, this book highlights even more reasons as to why I loved Michael Jackson. Those of us in this society that are very quick to cast the stones, they should take a step back and deeply look at themselves. It's very easy to quickly pass judgement on others, point fingers for self fulfillment on another person's misery. Those who enjoyed watching Michael Jackson suffer for a paycheck or 5 minutes of fame should read this book, and then evaluate their lives today. I wonder if it was worth it!
Michael dedicated his life for his family, fans and giving back. Am glad I had a chance to see even more of him from a psychologist's point of view. This book is a must read :)
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