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4,7 sur 5 étoiles
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le 14 mars 2015
Sorry for my English
Perfectly understandable for a non English fluent reader, which is already a good point ;-)
The story keeps moving, taking us further in the discovery of Aliens who want, through combat, to find their equals.
It's a real change compared to most SF books : we don't linger on vessels, the point that M. R. Hicks drives us to is the full discovery of a new culture. Space fights are of course here, but more as a mandatory SF part than for the sake of the story.
Through the main character, we finally come to live with these aliens, discover them from inside, take part in their life, ...
The fact that the series has other free books made me go through them as well. Only to find that the first one was just certainly the best.
I then decided that I would not risk reading the following books ... in fear of feeling deprived of the same pleasure and discovery I had when reading book 1.
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le 11 août 2015
If you like sci-fi and don't very have high literature requirements, go ahead.

The 3 books are easy to read, with lot of action, charismatic characters; the story line is complex enough to avoid being predictable.
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le 17 juin 2013
Brilliant from start to finish.Can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy.
Great plots and characters couldn't put it down.
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