Endless Space Emperor [Code Jeu]

Plate-forme : Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Me

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Taille du téléchargement : 2 GB
Durée du téléchargement : 5 minutes en haut débit, 3 jours, 11 heures et 13 minutes via modem
  • Includes the Admiral Edition content, plus: United Empire "Emperor's Guard Extra Skin" Pack - The community will vote for the look of the United Empire "Emperor's Guard Extra Skin" Pack through a special GAMES2GETHER vote.
  • Endless Space Forum Account Award - Adds a unique "Endless Space" Award on your Amplitude account profile*
  • Official Digital Soundtrack

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Informations sur le jeu

  • Plate-forme:   Windows 7 / Vista / XP / Me
  • Classification PEGI : 7 ans et plus
  • Support : Logiciels à télécharger

Détails sur le produit

  • Téléchargement en cours : Actuellement, cet article est uniquement disponible pour les clients résidant en France métropolitaine et ayant une adresse de facturation en France.
  • Remarque : L'option cadeau n'est pas disponible pour cet article.
  • ASIN : B008DK59TG
  • Date de parution : 1 juillet 2012
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Descriptions du produit

La galaxie est ancienne, et sa première forme d'intelligence est apparue avec une civilisation appelée Les Endless. Bien avant que nous commencions à admirer les étoiles, ils voyageaient déjà entre elles ; bien que maintenant, tout ce qu'il nous reste d'eux est appelé Brume. Il s'agit d'un matériau épars, découvert dans des temples oubliés : il donnait du pouvoir aux amiraux et gouverneurs galactiques. Ainsi, la galaxie appartiendra à la faction qui pourra prendre le contrôle et dévoiler les secrets de la Brume…

Configuration Nécessaire:
  • Système d’exploitation: Windows XP   Windows Vista         
  • Processeur: Core 2 Duo Processor or Equivalent 
  • Mémoire vive: 2 GB RAM 
  • Disque dur: 2 GB HD space 
  • Carte vidéo: 512 MB DX9 Compliant with PS 3.0 support 

Un compte Steam est nécessaire pour l'installation et l'activation du jeu

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HASH(0x8d24b9a8) étoiles sur 5 It was ok at first, got a little better, and is now among countless forgotten games 1 août 2012
Par scpd - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
Endless Space is an indie, turn-based, 4x space strategy game focusing on overall strategy over combat and nitpicky micromanaging. This is the super-special edition which grants the in-game soundtrack and points which can be used to vote for product updates; it's a gimmick. There are plenty of in-depth reviews on Youtube and those do more justice than anything I can say here.

I thought I'd really like this game, but even a month after its release it still needs polishing to bring it up to the 8/10 many game reviewers have been awarding; many would disagree with me. In fact, after I publish this review I expect to receive numerous comments expressing outrage at my rating. I think this game has been overrated due to the fact it's an indie game with a relatively small team of developers who happened to make something way above everyone's expectations. It's good, but not great.

Fortunately the developers are treating this as a live game and are making continuous improvements to the game engine based on community recommendations. So far they've fixed some of the glaring problems, such as AI fleet spamming (while at-war with an AI they would create dozens of fleets, leading to endless amounts of combat) and early-game pirate fleet difficulty. I'm not going to say much about this game other than it lacks depth and replayability. There are lots of configuration options when starting a game but there is virtually nothing separating one game from the next aside from the size, shape, and age of the generated galaxy. However, Endless Space is still enjoyable due to its complexity, pleasing graphics, and co-op mode. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the devs will really polish up this game - it still has potential.

Newcomers to the 4x genre should expect a steep learning curve (20+ hours) to gain a handle on the game mechanics.

This is a game protected by Steamworks DRM. All downloads of this game from any site will require you to download and install the Steam client.

9/1/14 Update: I purchased the DLC, which made the game less bad. Like a lot of DLC's these days, there's very little actual content and a lot of general improvements/bug fixes. I almost bumped up my rating to 4 stars, but then I remembered that the game's multiplayer is completely dead and there really isn't any reason to play this game anymore. I mean, multiplayer was the only time when empire-building didn't feel so one-sided (with the AI's usually kicking your butt unless you got lucky in the beginning).
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HASH(0x8d24b798) étoiles sur 5 Awesome 24 juillet 2012
Par R. Huala - Publié sur Amazon.com
Hardly ever write reviews but this game has been a blast. It's a little frustrating and hard to learn at first so be patient, there's plenty of walk thru tutorials on Youtube and I visit the forums for from the developer when I have a list of questions. This is a great game for your brain, it's all about thinking and strategy...

1. Cool battle graphics
2. Good AI so far, keep upping the difficulty level after each game
3. Supports multi-player, want to play co-op with my son soon.
4. Good game balance, haven't found any glaring uber powerful item or strategy.

Dislikes , not many and pretty piddly:
1. Overwhelming tech tree at first, didn't like it when I started but now I'm used to it so it's okay.
2. More battle control, I'd like to be able to set some ships to block damage.
3. Ship way points, so I can send newly developed ships to a system automatically.

Anyways great game and highly recommended especially if you liked the Master of Orion series...

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HASH(0x8d24b630) étoiles sur 5 MOO fans rejoice! A worthy successor has arrived. 7 août 2013
Par A. Compton - Publié sur Amazon.com
Anyone out there who has wandered aimlessly from space strategy to space strategy looking for something to fill the addictive void left in your life by the Master of Orion series...this game is for you.
It's not perfect (what game is?) but I love Endless Space and I'm totally hooked.
The great:
* It's beautiful! Graphically fantastic.
* The interface and controls are intuitive, simple, efficient, and utterly useful.
* Popup help explanations on just about everything you can click or adjust.
* I like the depth in the back story.
* Tech tree is deep and varied. Advancement seems very well paced.
* I like the variety of the default races. Good back stories, interesting and novel options, great variety of racial picks to differentiate them. Probably as many options as I've seen in any game for building custom races.
* Map generation. Good variety of options. Nice variety of planetary choices, nice implementation of strategic and luxury resources (very civ like), planetary specials, and story driven wonders. I personally like the star lane concept, but I also like that ES includes (optional) wormholes and a tech achievable warp for travel off road. They balanced it very well.
* Active, committed, caring developers. There are still a (very) few glitches and balance issues but they take feedback seriously and are actively working on improving and adding to the game.

The good:
* Good hero system (what I think the moo3 team wanted to do but couldn't pull off), though it could be argued that it's too limited from a system/empire effect standpoint and occasionally overpowered from a fleet combat standpoint.
* Good diplomacy system - personally I'd like a little more with generic trade agreements and espionage, but the system works well and has depth. Racial moral alignments come into play to certain extent instead of individual racial biases. Races seem to behave more or less as their back stories would indicate when you up the difficulty. On Normal and lower everyone (just about) seems to like you just fine.
* The combat system works well. I (sometimes) wish for true tactical battle control, but I've started to really like the concept that ES employs. You pick some simple (could use more options) formation and targeting strategies and then you pick a tactic to employ in each of three battle phases. Some tactic "cards" are there from the beginning, some you unlike via the tech tree, and some you gain from assigning a hero to control a fleet and leveling that hero up. You can adjust formation, targeting, and tactic choices for battle phases that haven't begun during the battle. You still maintain some macro control but you're also freed up to watch the battle. Which you'll want to, cause they game is flat beautiful.
Conquering systems is....different. Juries still out on whether I like it.

The (few) bad:
* Steam...I'm just not a fan.
* Pirates work very much like barbarians in Civ (at least Civ 3 and 4). It's nothing "wrong" with the game, I just find that methodology irritating. If you don't have eyes on a system, pirates might just pop up there and then they'll show up and start invading your fledgling outpost. And their difficulty scales with your tech, so as soon as you get a better hull expect the pirates to have better stuff immediately. You can turn them off, but that always feels like I'm cheating. I would have preferred a system more like Star Ruler. They get more powerful by raiding you and other AI's. If you're successful beating them down, they don't get more powerful and eventually go away.
* The Disharmony extension did something to the game that is slowing down the turn processing considerably. The devs are working on it though.
* It's not really bad, but there are things could use better descriptions, whether tech items, ship modules, or hero effects. Some of it is probably language translation, I believe the developers are French, and sometimes the meaning of descriptions just aren't clear. There is a ton of information on the forums and the wiki to help out.

In summary...if you like turn based strategy, especially scifi based, get this game cause it rocks. Then prepare for sleep deprivation from the "one. more. turn." syndrome.
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HASH(0x8d24b57c) étoiles sur 5 A good MOO clone 15 août 2012
Par Chris - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
If you ever played Master of Orion (Moo) this is a pretty good clone. Good graphics decent game play. The economy is kind of hard to figure out, you can easily be broke all the time. Read up on the internet about economy and keeping your people happy and the game becomes kind of easy. The only downside is the AI is kind of weak.
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HASH(0x8d24ac6c) étoiles sur 5 Entertaining and addictive... for a little while. 25 octobre 2013
Par Heidi - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
This is a beautiful game and I absolutely couldn't get enough of it for the first couple of weeks. The tech trees allow for a variety of different play styles and the descriptions of the techs themselves are interested and sometimes even fairly funny. Building your own ships is fun but I didn't particularly care for the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" battle mechanics in which you pick a few cards and hope that your cards trump the other guy's cards. (Technological advancement and smart ship-building obviously helps, but still....)

My main complaint is that it got straight up boring after a few weeks of gorging on the game. It's probably just personal preference and I'm sure some folks would disagree, but I just lost interest. Maybe I'm too used to terrestrial strategy games like Civ.
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