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4,7 sur 5 étoiles
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le 18 décembre 2011
This book contains a wide variety of techniques for lucid dreaming from different esoteric traditions. The essence of one's success with lucid dreaming though, IS, intention to dream lucidly.

You may be surprised with how many things you can accomplish just like that by beginning with a state of mind that it is easy to accomplish, that it is natural for you to accomplish it, intending the effect and expecting it.

It may take you more time to experience lucid dreaming if you have never invested any effort to work intentionally with your subconscious mind, but on the other hand, if you are experienced working with self-hypnosis, you may find yourself having a lucid dream just by reading through the book because it would plant a suggestion in your subconscious. Perhaps you have already had experiences where you watched something on TV just before going to sleep and then dreaming about it; or reading something before going to sleep and then dreaming about it - it can be as easy as that.

And yes, the practice of conditioning your mind to be aware that you are, even now, awake in your dream - works. Again, if you have never engaged in any spiritual practice, or working with your mind, it may seem that there is a distinction between the "dream" of your waking life (the time when you believe that you are fully awake) and the dreams you dream during the night - but if you'd engage in creating outcomes intentionally in your daily life with your mind - your daily life would soon begin to feel like a dream, just a projection from your mind - one moment you think about something - and the next moment you experience it in your outer reality.

There is a distinction, though - as you'll find yourself able to do certain things while dreaming with your physical body asleep, which you are not able to do with your physical body - such as fly - so any such unusual experiences can serve as a wonderful "cue" to alert you to the fact that you are dreaming and help you to become lucid.
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le 1 mai 2013
Probably one of the most complete book on Lucid dreams.
It contains a large variety of techniques from différent
sensibilities relying on experiences but it goes far beyond, explaining how to use them, which kind of benefits can be drawn, their different forms etc....
So fascinating.
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le 10 mars 2014
une approche plus systematique du reve lucide que dans son premier livre 'Reves Lucides'
avec des exercices a pratiquer pour induire les reves lucides
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