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Freddy sort de la nuit [VHS]

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  • Acteurs : Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, Miko Hughes, David Newsom, Tracey Middendorf
  • Réalisateurs : Wes Craven
  • Format : Couleur, Secam
  • Date de sortie VHS : 2 juillet 2000
  • Durée : 112 minutes
  • ASIN: B00004WDAQ
  • Classement des meilleures ventes d'Amazon: 6.191 en Vidéo (Voir les 100 premiers en Vidéo)
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Freddy sort de la nuit (Wes Craven's New Nightmare), 1 DVD, 112 minutes


Depuis quelques temps, Heather LANGENKAMP reçoit de terrifiants coups de fils anonymes. Son fils Dylan se comporte bizarrement et ne cesse de parler d'un homme qui vient le chercher quand il dort. Pour Heather, Freddy, que tous croyaient mort et enterré est bel et bien vivant !

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Format: DVD
Inconditionnel de longue date de la série, je bénie la deuxième naissance de chaque épisode en DVD. Le son est incroyable de qualité. Je signale ce point fort car le son est certainement la partie la plus importante dans le succès d'un grand film d'horreur. Je conseille l'achat car la facture de ce dvd est au dessus de la moyenne.
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HASH(0x93ac6c60) étoiles sur 5 A brilliantly innovative return to Elm Street 26 janvier 2004
Par Daniel Jolley - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: DVD
Freddy was always Wes Craven's baby. The Elm Street sequels, without the creator's active involvement, veered increasingly farther away from his original vision, and Freddy Krueger as we knew and loved him did die in the sixth film. Evil never truly dies, though, a fact made clear by this remarkable, visionary film. Only the most ingenious of scripts could bring Freddy back to us in an acceptable way, and Wes Craven was the only man who could do it. Hearkening all the way back to the fairy tales of old, we learn that Freddy was only one incarnation of what could be called the ultimate evil. Stories, so long as they are told, have the power to contain the forces of evil; when Freddy was killed and the Nightmare series ended, that evil was freed from its bonds and thus given the opportunity to cross over to reality. The whole idea behind Wes Craven's New Nightmare is simply brilliant and ingenious, and it works fabulously on more levels than I will have space enough to expound upon here.
Heather Langenkamp, who played Nancy in the first and third films, plays herself in Wes Craven's New Nightmare. She is joined by a myriad of cast members and contributors to the original Elm Street film, including John Saxon (who played Nancy's father), Robert Englund (whom everyone knows played Freddy), Wes Craven himself, and a number of the men and women who worked with Wes and New Line Cinema to bring Freddy to life in 1984. Craven is working on a new script that will revive Freddy and pit him against his old nemesis Nancy. The only problem is that fantasy is becoming fact for Heather and her family, and the script begins to mirror real life in a frightening way. Heather begins having horrible dreams of Freddy, and her son Dylan (Miko Hughes) begins suffering from his own nightmares. As crazy as it sounds, Heather is forced to conclude that Freddy Krueger is somehow becoming real, and she will eventually have to reassume the role of Nancy in an effort to stop him from passing through the final gate from fantasy to reality.
Wes Craven's New Nightmare is to me the greatest Freddy film of them all. The idea of having cast and crew members of the original film serve as Freddy's conduit to true existence works amazingly well. Langenkamp gives a truly amazing performance in the highly personal role of herself, trying to save her son and her very sanity from the evil she once defeated as a character in a movie. Non-actors such as Wes Craven and New Line Cinema's Bob Shaye play their parts very effectively, and the images of Robert Englund that we see could not be in greater contrast to those of his character Freddy. There are a number of direct references and haunting similarities between the original film and this fresh and exciting new Freddy classic. Not only should these delight the Freddy aficionado, they serve to make the ultimate ending of this film believable and effective. Heather Langenkamp has to become Nancy once again to stop Freddy, only this time the battle is disturbingly real. Wes Craven's New Nightmare presents itself as real life rather than cinema, making this the most innovative horror sequel I have ever seen.
Some Freddy fans don't care for this film, while others such as myself absolutely love it. For some people, Freddy had become the witty, wise-cracking, over-the-top killer of the later Elm Street sequels, and these fans want this type of film to showcase Freddy doing his thing as many times as possible. To me, that is not the true Freddy. A Nightmare on Elm Street's original power was drawn from an incomprehensible foe that could kill you in your dreams and scare the audience to death in the process. He was evil; he just wanted revenge in the form of blood, guts, and terror, and he didn't need to make a big production out of it. It is that Freddy who now haunts Heather. This dark film may deliver far less of Freddy-ness in terms of body count, dialogue, and on-camera minutes, but that only makes Freddy all the more frightening and effective. Wes Craven's New Nightmare truly morphs the boundary between the real and unreal, delivering a level of suspense and evil that all the earlier Elm Street sequels could never hope to equal.
The DVD features a long-desired extra in the form of commentary by Wes Craven himself. He not only furnishes the reader with all sorts of fascinating trivia about the film, he also captures the true essence of Freddy as a monstrous villain and lends a philosophical appraisal of human nature and the archetype of evil in society. I see this film as a defense of the horror genre itself, one made abundantly clear in Craven's references to a career of anguish with the MPAA and censors in particular. It is the very existence of horror stories that allow evil to be contained in this world, and the eradication of horror films in particular, something a number of people would love to see happen, would truly let the genie out of the bottle and give free rein to evil in the hearts of men. Wes Craven's New Nightmare captures to a significant degree not only the attraction of horror but the absolute necessity of it.
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HASH(0x93ecc48c) étoiles sur 5 What kind of stupid person spoilers the entire horror movie? 18 août 2004
Par EricinLA - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: DVD
Hey, I liked this movie a lot...in fact I saw it before it went into wide release at the Toronto Film Festival and Wes got a standing ovation. It's probably better than the original.

But I can't understand why any Amazon reviewer would be dumb enough to spoiler the ENTIRE movie in their review. And they don't even warn you! Hey--It's a horror movie. If we wanted to know what happens beforehand, we'd ask ya. The point of a horror movie is to be surprised.

If you're reading these reviews and haven't seen the movie yet, beware! There's a total spoiler post below, and you should skip it if you want to enjoy the film.
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HASH(0x93afb6a8) étoiles sur 5 Reality, or fantasy, or fiction . . or a film within a film? 20 août 2003
Par Meesha - Publié sur Amazon.com
This probably isn't the best Freddy film to watch if it's your first time watching one. But I needed to see one, to get the gist, as I'm going to see the new `Freddy Vs Jason' movie in a couple of days. I've seen some Jason/Friday 13th movies, and I know the basic storyline behind the Freddy films, but I thought it would be best to see one. I probably should have watched one of the first ones, right?
This film has shades of `The Exorcist', `Poltergeist', `The Ring' and `Urban Legends 2: The Final Cut'. It has the best bits of all these movies thrown in. Unfortunately, I can't say which bits, cos it might give away the plotline. But you get the idea.
This film gets very confusing, and I found myself with my head in my hands throughout, trying to figure out what was happening. Wes Craven plays himself, as does Robert Englund. And according to the credits, Freddy Krueger plays Freddy Krueger. Right . . .There are quite a few actors who play themselves in this film, which I didn't realise, having not recognised anyone, including the lead actress.
There are quite a few mistakes I noticed in this film; mainly the microphone quite often appears at the top of the screen. Does no one watch these films anymore, in the editing room? Or were they on that tight a budget that they couldn't afford to? It's really noticeable.
It must have been really weird for Wes Craven to be in front of the camera for once. He was a natural too. Although he didn't have a big part, he had a considerably bigger part than in the first Scream movie, where he appeared for a split second (blink & you'll miss him!), as a janitor, wearing a Freddy-esque striped sweater.
The soundtrack to this film is absolutely fantastic! I really enjoyed it, and it was noticeable throughout the film, which was actually a good thing. I recognised some of the music, although could not place it.
Although it doesn't have as much killing as the Jason movies, Freddy has all the suspense and creepiness to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the film. Without all the blood & gore that has Jason fans going back for more, it's hard to see why these Freddy films were as popular. I was disappointed that there wasn't more killing, and when there was, it was always in a dream - or was it? If you're after blood & guts, and teenagers getting killed right after they've done the deed, then you need to watch the Friday 13th movies. However, if you want to be jumping out of your skin, or wondering what IS going to happen next, then you're best going for the Freddy movies.
But if you're a fan of both movies, then you will have to see `Freddy Vs Jason', and get the best of both worlds. And who's going to win? After seeing this . . . I think it might be Jason, although I stand my ground, and say there's going to be sequels upon sequels!
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HASH(0x93cb318c) étoiles sur 5 Wes Craven's New Nightmare 11 février 2002
Par Un client - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: DVD
Wes Craven has one of the most horrific imaginations ever and the ultamite film "New Nightmare" will prove him GUILTY in Fred Krueger's Nightmare Courtroom!
From Nightmare One where Fred(dy) Krueger was introduced, I'll admit, I was very scared at first because Freddy was new to me (not to mention that I was only nine and chickened out before the movie began.) but over time, I had gotten very used to him; I fell in love with the glove!
Freddy introduced me to the wonderful world of nightmares. Honestly, he still cares me now though not as much. I had only seen Nightmares 1, 2, 4, and 6 before checking out New Nightmare. The plot is phenomenal! Wes puts (or is putting) an amazing nightmarish puzzle together. (Actually he already has put that puzzle together, but he let's the audience try to decipher that.)
He mixes fantasy with reality; characters to actors and dreams (nightmares) that once realized are (or were) actual events. And even the nightmare sequences are puzzling.
Also I revelled at the fact that the characters aren't who they are or . . . I don't know! Even that was confusing! (Until I saw it again, of course!) But what I pondered more was that the last two or three scenes went "backwards!" though hte film was progressing. It's like we went from Seven to One in twenty minutes at least in an attempt to put Freddy to rest. (Laughs)
The reunited cast from Nightmare One was spectacular especially Heather Langenkamp. Though Robert Englund gave Freddy his physical attributes, Heather has captivated and brought out Freddy emotionally and psychologically. It's as if Heather and Freddy (not Robert) have a "relationship." (Freddy wishes!) These two have been at it "hand and glove" (no pun intended) trying to out do the other; I believe that they should have kept "Kamp and Krug" together throughout the series. Remember the "Bride of Chucky" or "The Bride of Frankenstein"? Well, I give you (Craven) The horror/comedy: "The Bride of Krueger." (Who Fred's feather? Who else, his sweet, innocent school-girl . . . Heather! Fred glistens, Heather cringes!) Tag lines: Talk about living one's dream . . . or in Heather's case, one's nightmare! One's true love, hand in glove. Till death do us part . . . literally!
And for the kids, (not New Nightmare or any in the series obviously) the plot seems like a very familiar story as emphasized heavily in the scenes with "Heather" and "her son" Dylan. Wes did a superb job when he decided to let "Heather" have a son; it definitely reinforces the very familiar "good vs. evil" story structure where the villain strikes, or tries to get to "Heather" (heroine) at her weakest point. But in those scenes, Heather with Dylan, Wes, Jon and/or maybe everyone else she talks to, forces you to pay attention which was Wes' intention when this film was made; Wes wants you to THINK and not just react; also, if you miss any part of the film, you haven't "missed" any part of the story; you pick up the beginning from the end (as with the last few scenes that take you back to where and how this whole Nightmare began--and that's a little foreign in itself sometimes!
Wes, I have enjoyed your nightmares and I hope you have many more! As to the "The Bride of Krueger," with mentioned tag-lines, I hope you consider them.
P.S. Please be sure to tell Heather the script this time, unless . . . "One, two . . . Heather's coming for you!" (Laughs) Heather Langenkamp a.k.a. Mrs. Freddy Krueger!
To Robert Englund, I tip my "hat" and "take off my 'glove'" to you. You and your nightmares will always be remembered. Anytime, Robert, anytime! I'm always "Ready for Freddy!"
P.S. I hope you claw Voorhees to hell! Wait a minute, you're both in Hell. Anyway, show him that Fred Krug rules the nightmare world and beat his Wayne Gretsky wanna-be behine to death.
And to Mrs. Freddy Krueger: (laughs) Heather, if they do make more movies, I hope you decide to "go to sleep" to be a part of them too. If they don't make any more movies, (please bug Craven for me) I hope you remember who you were and who you "came, saw and conquered." Heather, I wish your relationship with Robert, and I dare say, Fred Krueger, didn't have to end, but, you, as well as everyone else, have done a HORRIFIC job in showing us that "it was only a dream," or in "Heather Langenkamp's and Nancy Thompson's case, a NIGHTMARE! Therefore, I leave you with this song: (Freddy voice) "1, 2 . . ." just kidding! (Laughs)
P.S. If Wes approves of my idea, I hope you will take part in it (Let your husband know first though!)
The DVD is awesome! I especially love the interactive disc with the menus and games. Even the commentary by Wes, "Freddy", Robert, Heather, and Jon is excellent! The soundtrack is phenomenal! I would recommend this disc or NIGHTMARE box-set to anyone who loves the glove or who loves his "feather" Heather!
2 internautes sur 2 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x93afba08) étoiles sur 5 The best of the entire Freddy series! 2 juin 2000
Par Seifer - Publié sur Amazon.com
Some big spoilers ahead.Read carefully!
If you ask me,this is the best of the whole series.I liked the NOES series,but I wasn't really a big fan.The first was only OK,the second a little better,3 pretty cool,4 not bad,5 OK,6 entertaining,but weak.I was excited when I heard about NOES 7,but when I went to see it,it turned out soooo much better than I thought it would. The story is extremely imaginative and creative. Instead of mindlessly slaughtering teens on Elm Street (which got very old),Freddy terrorizes the film makers who created him and tries to get his revenge on Nancy (actually Heather Langenkamp). I absolutely fell in love with this,and if you ask me,this is by far the scariest of the series. I mean,the idea of Freddy being a real person,is just terrifying.He looks really cool in this one too and looks soooo much better than in the first six NOES movies.His new bio-engineered claw looks awesome and makes his old glove look like a child's mitten.His new style of make-up rocks! He looks really dark and is badder than ever.The special F/X blew me away.The confrontation at the end between Freddy,Heather and Dylan in the Mayan temple is really incredible and the ending is the kind of ending Part 1 should've had.I really don't have any complaints here.Wes Craven realized what was wrong with the first six movies and improved it. Freddy's awesome new look,kick a$$ special F/X, an incredibly high scare factor and an incredible ending make this the best Freddy movie ever.Buy it now! Rated R for "gory" violence and very little profanity.
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