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Fujifilm FinePix S4000 Appareil Photo Numérique Compact 14 Mpix zoom 30 x Noir

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  • Description du produit: Fujifilm FinePix S4000
  • Mégapixel: 14 MP
  • Type d'appareil photo: Bridge
  • Taille du capteur optique: 1/0.0906 mm (1/2.3 ")
  • Zoom optique: 30 x
  • Longueur focale: 4.3 - 129 mm
  • Minimum distance focale (35mm equiv): 24 mm
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Informations sur le produit

Descriptif technique
Résolution du capteur14 Mégapixels
Zoom optique30 X
Ecran3 pouces LCD
Distance focale24 millimètres - 720 millimètres
Ouverture du diaphragme5.9
Zoom numérique6.7
Informations complémentaires
Dimensions du produit (L x l x h)11,8 x 10 x 8,1 cm
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Numéro du modèle de l'article16124248
Date de mise en ligne sur Amazon.fr23 avril 2011
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Fujifilm FinePix S4000 14 MP review 8 juin 2011
Par tech3 - Publié sur
Fujifilm FinePix S4000 14 MP Digital Camera with Fujinon 30x Super Wide Angle Optical Zoom Lens and 3-Inch LCD

I have owned a DSLR camera for sometime (Canon Rebel T1i) and wanted something I can take to places like the beach without hauling around the lenses, tripods, and the worry of damage to a $1000 camera. I want a fun, have a camera ready on the fly type of scenario...

Yes, its not a DSLR CANON or a NIKON or you would have bought one. So dont expect the same here. You get what you pay for and remind you this is ONLY a $230.00 camera...NOT A $1100 Canon with all the bells and whistles.

I have read many terrible reviews for this Fujiflm camera. But for me, I LOVE this camera for the PRICE and for just GENERAL USE - not pro use...its great for being with the family and not concerned about shutter speed...Its a great "family" camera. The picture quality of the camera great. Outdoors and Indoors. The zoom 30x is incredible, and VERY STABLE at 30x too..WHILE HOLDING IT! Very clear shots and you cant do that with a Canon unless you are on a tripod. The HD video is great too.

The Panorama setting is very cool. I love the wide angle screen shot. Video is great. Only thing I have found so far that is not to my liking is if you leave the lens cap on, the camera will tell you there is a problem and forces you to turn off the camera and on again. You just cant take the lens off and go. You have to shut it down. Not a big deal but annoying.

Picture quality is beautiful I think. For a simple point and shoot with HD Video and Panoramic viewing PLUS a 30X zoom...its AWESOME! MY Canon will not allow zooming in ideo mode where this camera will. You can ZOOM in and out while taking great video and the sound is great too.

Just a few drawbacks I can mention are:

There are some modes the camera has where the colors look "different", but still CLEAR and FOCUSED, which I care about more. The intensity and shading seems "off" a little, but so what? ITs FUN in the SUN and most people want to see their little girl in the pool with Grandma, or their son running the bases at the baseball game. (zoomed in too!)

One other drawback is the PLASTIC. 80% of it is plastic so dont drop it. Or that will be the end of it. I have not done that yet, but fair warning just the same. Another drawback is where they placed the slot for the memory card, which is in the battery compartmant. Why didnt they leave an open slot somewhere else on the side rather than there? So you have to remove the battery lid to get to the card which I really dont like at all.

At any rate, the pluses are the 30x zoom, decent pics indoor and outdoor, panaoramic mode, HD video, and is HDMI compatible.

Better than a point and shoot and FAR less than a DSLR. I put this camera in the "Very Good for the money camera category UNDER $250.

Hope this helps!!

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Fujifilm S4000 11 mai 2011
Par hiker28 - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
Great camera! I purchased this camera to replace an older model high-end point and shoot. It has a 30X zoom lens that allows you to get photos from a distance that are sharp and clear. I consider myself decent amateur photographer. I hike a lot and take the camera with me all the time. Landscapes and wildlife are my most common types of photos. On my first outing with the camera, I was able to get a photo of a bald eagle that was at least 1000 feet away. I especially like how much feedback the camera gives you while focusing. It will tell you if the focus isn't correct, if the picture will be blurry, if someone blinked, and a lot more. If you're used to using pocket point and shoot cameras, this will be an easy transition. Two features I especially like are the electronic viewfinder and the use of AA batteries for power. Using the setting for high resolution photos, I still get 300+ photos from one charging of the NiMh batteries. While this camera doesn't have the range of adjustability of an DSLR, it takes photos that look just as good. My only disappointment is the camera software. It isn't nearly as sophisticated as the camera. My old Olympus camera software is about 5 years old and is far superior. Fortunately, there's lots of photo software out there to use. I would recommend this camera.
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Incredible Camera! 16 mars 2012
Par Shooter Boone - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I have been around Photography about 45yrs. and have had allot of excelent equipment(Nikon)so I feel qualifyed to make these comments. I say that honestly not arrogantly. I was looking for a camera that had the capability to do what I require of it without allot of weight to carry around. I resarched this camera for two months bofore I ordered it in Dec. of last year. Whan it came I had already read the online manual from Fujifilm Global (and I highly suggest you do the same)so I knew about what to expect. So I thought! I have long been impressed with Fuji Lenses, but this camera absolutly floored me. First of all I was impressed with all the controls. This camera is loaded with all the great features I was looking for and a bunch more. This camera is as simple as you want it to be, or it can be as sophisicated as your mind can think. If you are a biginner or a pro, you will love this camera. I really like the light weight and size. It will fit in a coat pocket easily and when it is around your neck it's not a problem. I have put this camera to many tests that most people would never care about, but that's me. It passed all I put it through with streight A's. The lens on this camera will take your breath away. I tested it from the super macro through it's max telephoto and when I viewed the results I really could not believe my eyes. It was really that good. And yes, I am critical!!! When I got used to the camera (which is user friendly) and became fimilure with the controls, I was amazed at all that this race horse can do. I was really impressed with the three focus modes. They are HARD, SOFT, and STANDAD. They are refered to in the menue on the camera as "Sharpness". The "HARD", is mostly for taking shots of buildings and archecture. The "STANDARD" is for general shots that you take every day (excelent by the way) and "SOFT", which is mostly for taking portraits or shots where you might like to add a little "MOOD" to your shot. The "INSTANT FOCUS" features in this camera are really easy to use and will add to your many pleasures I assure you this camera will give you. I really, really, urge you to learn this as one of the first things you master, you will see why on your own! I have done some macro work with this camera as close as one inch from the lens while hand held, and the shots were super. (normally if you don't use a tripod these are hard to do)I would say the same for the telephoto end of this lens. Fuji outdid themselves with their "Dual Image Stabilization" system!! This camera has two fully atomatic modes where the camera dose all the thinking for you. The "Fully Automatic Mode" speaks for its self, and the results do also. The "Scene Recognition" (SR) mode will produce outstanding shots in all kinds of tough lighting shots. I use this allot if I am not sure of a scene. The "MANUAL MODE" is as good as any I have used. There are many many more features that I will not go into for times sake, but let me tell you this: "This is all the camera you need." So why not 5 STARS? I only have a few remarks, not complaints! First, I wish it had a "B" Mode, but I can do without. Also, I don't know why there is no cable release, but the self timer will work just fine. The threaded hole for the tripod is plastic. I am used to metal so I get the feeling this is a weak link. But I could be wrong, since the body is plastic, and if you research this they (Fuji) claim to have used a "High Impact" plastic. I did not test this, nor do I plan to. I'll take their word and try not to drop it. In conclusion: For the money this is much more camera than I expected. Great optics, great features, great feel, great looks, and "FABULOUS PICTURES". One last thing: Go online and search "Fujifilm Global", look for the X4000 and then download the instruction manual. The book they send you is a typical hand book. The online manual is good and is worth your time to download specially if you are new to cameras. I have shot many frames through the years, but this little camera excites me to no end!!! Happy Shooting.
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Almost professional quality! 26 août 2011
Par Tim D. Lewis - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
This camera is a good starting point for learning digital photography and the modern DSLR. It can be simple or complicated, manual or automatic. If you take the the time to read the manual (going over all the options) you will discover it is a very versatile camera. (It will train you for the more expensive options at a fraction of the cost). The quality of the photos are professional but as a professional personally I can tell the difference of expensive equipment and budget equipment. I will say that it is comparable to more expensive cameras. I considered it a good buy and worth the small cost. I recommend this camera as a good value, good quality and good for learning the ropes at a lesser cost.
5 internautes sur 5 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Great Christmas Gift! 27 décembre 2011
Par Chuwie - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I purchased this camera for my wife as a Christmas gift. She always wants to take nature shots while we are camping but could never get close enough to really get a good picture.
Although we have not had the camera but for a few days and too cold to go camping, we did take a trip through the woods and got some great shots of some geese on a pond several hundred feet away.
The 30X zoom is great. I always shake too much to get good shots but the image stabilization seems to work very well at full zoom.
We also used this camera for the family pictures during Christmas and the timer function is pretty cool. It actually shows the 10 second count down in the view finder. This leads me to another plus. The view finder is great when you're outside. It is often so hard to see the image on the screen because it is too bright outside and this view finder takes that problem away!
One other option I found to be of interest is the option of changing the image size. You can take the normal picture at 4:3 aspect ratio or switch it to a 16:9 aspect ratio as I did when we took the family pictures at Christmas. I was able to get over 20 people in the picture and the image quality looks great!
There are still a lot of different settings on the camera that we have not even touched yet.
I have read other post's about the lens cap. Well it's true, if you don't remove it before you turn on the camera, it will tell you about it. It happened to me, but not much of a problem. Just turn the camera off and remove the cap.
This camera is everything I (My Wife) was looking for and I would recommend it to anyone!
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