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le 27 novembre 2013
Galactic Energies by Luca Rossi is a great book! I started out excited for one reason, lost that and got excited for different reasons.

I really liked the combination of science fiction with erotica. The concepts are great but they are the executions that really bring those to life.

I felt compassion and shame. I felt excited. This story really moved me. The stories are immediately gripping and frighteningly real. I was hooked from cover to cover!

This book will change you.

5 stars and can't wait to read more from this author
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le 6 janvier 2014
'Galactic Energies', caught me completely by surprise. It met and exceeded my expectations in every way. It was a pleasure to read, on a number of different levels. It has the "hand" of an excellent writer evident in it. For instance, there are creative plot twists, well-done to provide that touch of the unexpected without straying from the original plot in order to pull it off. It has that polished feel about it that comes from writing, rewriting, and rewriting again, a true mark of a labor of love.

Like any outstanding book, it makes you reflect on it long after you have finished reading. As a teacher of English Teaching English Language Learners Worldwide: Theory & Practical Guide EAL ELL ESL EFL , I had to reflect upon how language is able to carry not only words and their meanings, but serve as a repository for the transmission of cultural values, norms, and traditions.

Another universal appeal this book has for me is its variety, and universality, of its themes. Without a doubt, many science fiction fans will enjoy the universal themes. For example, the book includes themes such as: the fate of humankind in a hyper-technological world, and even speculation on what may be found in other parts of the galaxy. Beyond that, the book delivers on what you expect from this genre, namely, aliens, wizards and space-time warps. You get what you expect, and more. If sci-fi is you, what you like to read, get this book. You will not be disappointed. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Thomas Jerome Baker
Author of Story Tellers: In Pursuit of Happiness

Many thanks to the author for providing me with a digital copy of this book in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.
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le 23 décembre 2013
This collection of stories makes for compulsive reading. Sexily imaginative, they are constructed around the interface between vestiges of reality and a futuristic world of magic, advanced technology and sci-fi wonders. Nothing is what it seems. Characters who seem (or think they are) normal, living humdrum lives with their wives, confront fantastic situations or hitherto hidden identities. We are in a world of electronic games, sci-fi vampires and women married to, and pleasured and impregnated by robots. Each story is uniquely compelling. Check out the story of Antelmo and Anna, ostensibly husband and wife, but in fact, respectively, a King from another universe and a duplicitous weaver of magic. In one story, the hero is put into a prison to service its masochistic director in a series of graphic sex scenes; in another, a galactic police officer, in pursuit of a mutant female shape-shifter, engages in a passionate affair with her; the first story, set a couple of years in the future, despite the deceptively realistic nature of its events (with Alberto rising in business and politics like a youthful Berlusconi, and obsessed with Jasmine Ferrari, a world-renowned actress), is revealed ultimately to be the description of a fantasy world in which Alberto, locked within a computer game, can have fulfilled each and every wish. You really must check these stories out.
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le 12 décembre 2013
A wonderful collection of interconnected stories with some overlapping characters that transcends its genre. Sure, it's sci-fi since it has robots, lots of technology, computers, and attempts to program a universe - all fascinating stuff, especially in today's high-paced and hi-tech world. But it's much more than sci-fi: it's also a book about human nature, psychology, love, and just the right dose of erotica to keep things exciting.

As he immerses us in his amazing world, Luca Rossi makes us think about effects of technology on society and human relationships, and even the psychology of fame and fans, particularly in his first story when a fan experiences an unforgettable moments as he is watching a celebrity who is a few steps away from him. All he wants is "to see her and feel, if only for a moment, that we share the same air." From this romantic story, the book takes a few twists and turns and gets to the story called "Orgy" - use your imagination to figure out what that story might be about.

The writing style in this whole collection is fresh and unique, the topics varied, and Luca Rossi's imagination knows no bounds. A wonderful book! Five stars.
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le 14 décembre 2013
This is not my usual kind of read but I was amazed by the array of issues and character traits explored in these stories.

Cleverly linked through ideas and themes these stories look at the human character but in a wide range of genres. They are designed to engage the reader on all levels and in a variety of ways.

The stories are well-written and draw out the reader's empathy for the main characters.

Be prepared to be taken on an exciting journey through the pages of this book which will have you turning the pages quickly in eager anticipation.
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le 6 mars 2014
If MC Escher was a writer, he would write like this. This diverse series of novellas is chock full of interesting ideas and concepts including travels to other dimensions, reincarnation, mutant shape shifters, advanced technologies and even some dark nightmares. Galactic Energies serves up a mix of fantasy, science fiction, erotica and the metaphysical just for starters. Luca Rossi has an engaging way of writing that is uniquely his own.

A brave and interesting new voice on the indie writing scene. I eagerly await his next work.
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le 25 octobre 2013
When I came across this best-selling book of short stories in the Sci-Fi genre, I did not really expect anything of the kind. The narrative of this young but extraordinary author is undoubtedly astonishing. The style is both intellectual and lively, scientific and exciting. In other words, a supernatural mix of talent, ideas and delivery of exquisite literary work, incorporating a human touch into some universally significant issues. A book to be reread and enjoyed every single time with no regret whatever.
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le 11 avril 2014
Galactic Energies is a inspiring collection of stories that delve into how technology changes lives. This is Science Fiction yet encompasses elements from other genres like Romance and Fantasy which makes it a far more varied read. I liked some stories more than others, Rewind was my favourite and a great story to lead into the book, however I enjoyed elements from each of them and could not fault any. Luca Rossi has a vivid imagination and a flair with words, I look forward to reading more of this author.
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le 28 novembre 2013
Galactic Energies by Luca Rossi and Andrea Pakieser

Galactic Energies is a wonderful page-turner and a well-written, entertaining read.

Imagination oozes from the leaves on the pages, while spinning thoughts through your mind. A fantasy trip that is highly recommended, captivating, funny and sometimes sad.

It will tease your emotions- buckle-up for a high sci-fi ride!

A superb book full of interesting twists which is a must for any science fiction fan.
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le 30 janvier 2014
The stories are so entertaining and original that I could not put this book down. They were great companions for a couple of days. Story lines are great, every story better than the previous one. They are very different from what I usually read but it was a true pleasure to discover this new ‘erotica cyberpunk’ subgenre. The book really won me over! It’s is very well written and smart, full of surprising characters. I have recommended it to my friends.
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