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le 27 août 2017
A must read. Here you get impressions on what really means to live in a muslim family and a muslim country. Thatnks to Ms Sultan.
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le 13 août 2014
I dont know if the person who made the previous comment red the same book as I, but if he didn't learned anything, he must be him self a muslim and in this circumstance I undrestand it statement as he must be highly pistoff by Wafa Sultan statments.
And yes Wafa Sultan is exploring different aspect of the muslim society and analysing it. To me she is repeating many times the same conclusions or conclusions that are similar. To me that doen't make her argument loosing understanding, nor the basic subject of the book, unvalid.

She definately induce the fact that a God like this is is very selfish as he has no respect what so ever for his creation and is only happy when his creation is behaving like slaves at his disposal to honor himand repeting him how great he is. It also seam to me that this God is so afraid of loosing his power and, do to the fact that he is not able to enfoce it by him self, he fund a way to us belivers submition to his worship to blackmail them to enforce his self estimate, using all sort of terrorist tools.
At the end one should question him self if this is what a god is all about or is it just a human construction invented by Muhammad to assure his safty and domination on the people of his time. Is Muhammad not using a surnatural body that nobody else has ever encountered and that is dictating rules and behaviours that at the end of the day profit Muhammah on this earth where every one else have to accept suffering. Of course he has many ways too also protect the people that are commited to him as to unsure them to stay commited. Isn't that similar to the way dictators behave?
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le 23 avril 2011
The author's performance on Aljazeera television was stunning! Her book is disappointing.
In some chapters the Islam by itself is the problem while in the following chapters the problem would rather come the Prophet of Islam or from Arabic language. In other chapter the real problem is Muslin men then Muslim women etc,..

At the end of the book, you no longer can say what was the scope that the author wanted to emphasize

It also because it contains some general judgments such as: all Muslims are violent, all Muslims living in the West are hypocrites, etc. I didn't really like it because I haven't felt that I learned something interesting
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