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le 7 février 2012
I give this book three stars not because it is not worth more but because I made a huge mistake buying it! The same author has another book: Naturally Healthy Skin: Tips & Techniques for a Lifetime of Radiant Skin (Herbal Body Series) which I believe is better value for money. This one has 32 pages, the other one 192. They were both printed in 1999 and I believe that this one is a very reduced version of the other one. Now I understand why there are no reviews on this one neither on, neither, everybody who was interested in skin care got the other one, it is that simple! Too bad I wasted my money on it because I would gladly have gone for the other one but I got some good tips about skin care and also some recipes I want to try out! She also talks you through vitamins and minerals which are essential for a beautiful, healthy skin. Her advice to avoid the sun is outdated and quite dangerous but keep in mind that this book is already 12 years old. There is also a chapter which will interest a lot of people: Causes for tired eyes! I know that it interested me very much as tired eyes don't suit anybody. The drawing showing how to apply lotion to the eyes is not correct, the author says to always start on the outside of the eye but the picture shows arrows starting outside, under the eye, but then going all the way around and ending outside top. Well, never mind...! I would be interested in the green papaya enzyme mask for the age spots but unfortunately I wouldn't know where to find it. I will surely look around (right now I am trying out a cream which was advised to me on an Internet site: zinc and castor oil, the same you can use on the baby's bottom!).... The Lemon Cream skin lightener may work wonders but it seems to be quite messy, not sure I will try that one!

Once more.... maybe better go for her other book, there will be a lot more information there! I wish I had known on time.... but maybe I buy it too! Funny enough the other book is advertised at the end of this one, no idea why they bothered to print both of them!.
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