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le 24 août 2005
According to the author all material limitations are produced by a so-called mind trapped in a matrix world of deception, which is supported and fed by a vicious circle of fear.
Material life is an illusion generated with the aid of the Reptilian illuminati who tricks and controls the human mind through holograms, disasters, be them natural or not, (9-11) cell phone towers, television, the government, chemicals in food and water, dreams and countless other ways.
It is good to know that David Icke is not the first to say that human experience is an illusion. Science and Health, authored by Mary Baker Eddy, has been teaching the illusive, mental nature of time, the body, matter, and limitations since 1875. Also some Oriental religions teach Maya or the illusive nature of life.
Human fear, which is expressed in hate and competition for "limited" resources, is the most effective weapon in the hands of the manipulators says David.
Take a look for instance of what happened on 9-11-01, which was nothing but a nasty show of the Illuminati to generate fear, to divide nations for feeding the illusion and enslaving humans. (Yet the oppressors are losing the mental confrontation, they say)
"There is no creation." Says Icke and I agree with him. There is not such a thing as material, limited creation of planets, peoples and nature. One of the most effective tricks of the rulers is the lie, pushed mostly through religions, of an imperfect God who has created mater, time and evil.
Yet I believe there is an escape from the trap and this book will get you out of your cell and into at least the prison yard. The next step for freedom, in my opinion, is the understanding of our here and now Perfection, Our Divinity and Oneness.
That We are God, One Mind, Love, Infinity, and All here and now. We are neither children, reflection of anything, nor fallen or separated from goodness. Once it is understood that We are the I Am Presence, and that there is nothing else, then the illusion will gradually fade away, and we will experience a more pleasant probable reality totally free of fear.
I recommend this book to anyone with an open mind and a positive attitude.
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