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le 21 juillet 2012
If you have not heard Dave Frank play piano you have been missing out on the very heartbeat of jazz on 52nd Street. In concert, Dave bops as if the fate of humanity depended upon his musical passion.

His "Joy Of Improv" series gives deep insight into the mind of a genius linked spiritually, even telepathically, to the past masters of the art.

The tunes elaborated on are contrefacts of familiar RB jazz numbers (All of Me/Less of Me, Just Friends/Buck Trends, Ornithology/Bird's Bounce, etc) usually in the common keys, backed in the LH mostly by standard rootless system stabs.

Will these books transmogrify you into a match for Frank's right hand prowess? Well, it's definitely a step in the right direction, I'll tell you that.

The point is not to imitate him, though, but rather to internalize the principles, vocabulary, and grammar in order to play like you - grokking your options as channeled through this guru of New York City jazz.

The CD is a beautiful thing. He plays his melodies with such perfect dynamics, all these cool little twists and turns like the ways he phrases his triplets. If there were no CD, you'd never get all those essential nuances from just the sheet music - no way. The high quality audio recording is an indispensable part of the package!

Take my advice: Buy the books, put in the time and when it all sinks in, you'll be so glad you did.

Jazz Pianist Dave Frank has a large number of master classes available on youtube (gratis!) as well as astonishing live concert material that you should also check out.

Jeff Brent
author of Modalogy - scales, modes & chords: the primordial building blocks of music
(music theory / Hal Leonard 2011)
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le 6 août 2015
Bon manuel pour le travail en jazz!!!
Recommandé pour tous les pianistes désireux d'améliorer leur potentiel et amplifier leur qualité d'improvisation, de modulation.....l!!
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