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le 10 octobre 2017
This book -and the following two- are truly delightful, and funny. I bought the first one after reading a good review on a blog and it was such a good surprise: the main character, her loyal and trusty Leon, the whole St Mary's little universe, the unespected never ending adventures in time and, yes, I even loved the dinosaurs. I'm currently reading book 3 and still enjoying Jodi Taylor's witty talent!
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le 15 février 2014
A truly fun , enjoyable story. The main character is a member of an agency allowing its history-experts to switch between the past and the present. There are quite a few interesting ideas for a fantasy novel, and a small plot comprising villains also traveling in time. Motives of the villains are not so clear but the whole story does make sense, and the light, humorous writing entails a pleasant read.
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le 29 mars 2014
A lightweight read. Disable disbelief and logic first (writers always tie themselves in knots over time travel and its consequences) and it's moderately enjoyable!
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le 23 janvier 2014
Original comic book genius, startlingly surreal, very tongue in cheek, can't wait to find the next chronicle. Thanks Liz for recommending.
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