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le 7 juillet 2013
Review for a questionable client

This novella shows us Kate und Saiman's first meeting and how she end up saving his life and catching his interest. It was a classic Kate Daniels' story with some mythological creature, powerful mage and Kate chopping bit of monster with her sword. I love Kate and Saiman's banter, they were really fun. It was a great story and a possible introduction to the series.
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le 12 septembre 2012
Both stories were brilliant.

One for the Money was a reminder why I love Cat and Bones from the Night Huntress series so much!
It's only about 30 pages but it's a great short story in the usual Cat And Bones style (including a quicky when they take a break from their assignment). Cat's mom was in the story as well so we get the usual banter between her and Bones as well.

A Questionable Client was a great intro to the Kate Daniels series.
I'm starting on this series now and this short story gave me a taste of how Kate is and the world she lives in. I already love Kate and I love the writing style.
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