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le 3 avril 2011
Professor Harold Hill, traveling salesman, presently is selling boy's bands. He is challenged by the other salesmen and the tuff sale of River City. Can he sell the band, and get out of town before they find out that he does not know one note from another, or will the local librarian find him out first?
While technically correct it lacks the finish of the movie ("The Music Man" 1962). You immediately realize that this is neither a stage play nor the movie. It is some type of hybrid that attempts to apply the play in a movie setting and misses both marks.

Next you will see the lack of dialog and expressive facial quarks that set the sparkle and is half of the story it's self. I do not know if the original play and movie deviated as much as this program does? However it is not an improvement. No one has quite the singing abilities. It is reasonable to expect different people to have different acting and singing styles. Yet I am not quite ready to see Farris Buller (by the way Matthew Broderick was excellent as Farris) in this dynamic role. Maybe 150 minutes were not long enough still many of the songs were cut short and some changed lyrics. Every once in a while Matthew would mumble the song.
Even if he could carry it off there was a dismal amount of support from the other characters. Marian (Kristin Chenoweth) looked more like a gypsy than a librarian. In all of this sea of mediocrity Victor Garber is well suited for the part of Mayor Shinn. There were a few time though where he was ahead and behind his queue.
This presentation was just not worth the effort.
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