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le 29 août 2011
Gold Star Award Winner!

Ovid, named after and inspired by the Roman poet, journals all of his thoughts into a notebook, adding his expressive drawings throughout. Ovid's journal tells of his high school experience, as well as his family life, from an interesting perspective.

Through narrative, drawings, and emotional poetry, Ovid gives the reader a snapshot of his life, as well as the lives of other high school students. Each new poem reveals a different student's background and current going-ons in their life. Ovid's writing is snarky, raw, and honest.

METAMORPHOSIS: JUNIOR YEAR was incredible. There was such honest emotion in Ovid's writing. He held nothing back, putting all of his feelings on the line. I was incredibly drawn to his poetry, each about a different high school student. These poems dug deep into the person's life and showed their secrets, unknown to others. They were truly wonderful. The drawings, often abstract, were difficult to understand at times. Ovid, however, does describe many along with their meanings, creating a clearer image of what he is expressing through them.

Ovid also gives each student a separate identity, connecting each one to a Roman mythological character based on their personalities and struggles. Fans of mythology will love this concept. The book has a strong theme of, you guessed it, transformation. In such a short book, it's amazing how each character, including Ovid, grows and changes to become something better.

METAMORPHOSIS: JUNIOR YEAR by author Betsy Franco is a true masterpiece. I could find absolutely nothing wrong with this book. I recommend it to all readers. This one is a must-read.

Reviewed by: McKenzie Tritt
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