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Format: DVD
Christophe Lambert, qui a depuis longtemps renoncé à jouer dans des films décents, continue son petit bonhomme de chemin sur l'avenue royale des daubes réussies: eh, oui, il fallait y songer.
Bien sûr, Chris s'inspire d'une longue tradition ancestrale qui remonte à la nuit des temps du cinéma muet et parlant, noir et blanc ou couleurs...
Réussir une daube, mmmm... ça c'est un objectif honorable, un but en soi, qui n'est pas donné à tous les acteurs.
Rater un chef d'oeuvre, par contre, s'apparente à du pipi de chat pour notre frenchy-américain. A quoi bon faire mal un bon film, quand on peut réussir, les doigts dans le nez, une immonde daube!!
Sacré chenapan, va! Tu as encore accompli ta mission haut la main, Christophe!
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HASH(0x8e5529a8) étoiles sur 5 Vampire Soap Opera 28 septembre 2010
Par Compay - Publié sur
Format: DVD
Metamorphosis is about what you would expect from most straight-to-DVD horror flicks. The film follows the story of a young American writer researching a centuries-old legend in Europe, and the mysterious stranger that his friends pick up along the way.

Pros: The film was shot primarily in Hungary, and the setting is amazing. Terrific forest and mountain shots, and scenes shot in real castles and monasteries add to the authentic vibe of the film. The cast features a wide variety of experienced Hungarian actors, and a mix of others from Germany, America and the UK. While not particularly talented, the amazingly beautiful Romanian actress Irena Hoffman makes a welcome addition as the mysterious woman the Americans encounter.

Cons: Low production value, weak CGI effects, and sub-par writing. Kudos to director Jenö Hodi (who makes a cameo) for not wanting to make a "typical" vampire flick, but Metamorphosis comes off like a bad soap opera. The film's focus is that vampires have feelings too, but it's displayed through overdramatic dialogue. Christopher Lambert of Highlander fame plays a vampire that is so chatty that it becomes annoying after a while. The jokes in the film are dry, and there's an awful lot of overracting.

There's very little blood in the film, and nuances like Deja Vu moments are never really explained. There's a twist by the film's conclusion, but even that doesn't fully answer the viewer's questions about the story.

The DVD extras include a featurette on the making of the film, with interviews of the main cast. There is also a video for "Route 66", by Hungarian rapper Döglégy (Zolee Ganxsta) who appears in the film as Igor the Russian traveler.

The film had some interesting elements that made it different from other horror movies, but overall I just wasn't impressed with this vampire romance film. Rent this one from Redbox and form your own opinion before you decide to buy the DVD.
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HASH(0x8e552a80) étoiles sur 5 Poor entry in Vampire films 12 août 2011
Par Dr. James Gardner - Publié sur
Format: DVD
"Metamorphosis" has almost no redeeming qualities, apart from the beautiful and captivating Irena A. Hoffman, a former model. Hoffman has been in more than a dozen films since 2004 and guest starred on several TV series

The film's star is Christopher Lambert (1957), best known for his "Highlander" films (1986, 1991, 1994, 2000). Though born on Long Island, he moved to Switzerland at the age of 2. His first few films were French, and "Greystoke" (1984) was his first English film. He made a number of other English speaking films (e.g., "The Sicilian" in 1987, "Mortal Combat" in 1995) but most of his subsequent work has been foreign, primarily French. He won the Cesar Award (French Oscar) in 1986 for "Subway", a Luc Besson film. Though he is the "star" of the film, Lambert barely gets any screen time for the first half, and what time he does spend in the second half he probably wishes he hadn't.

For a vampire film there isn't all that much blood and not that much Vampire "lore". The best part of the film is the lovely landscape in Hungary.

This was the last film for writer/director/producer Jeno Hodi.

Bottom line - considering how many excellent Vampire films are out there, there is little here to recommend it.
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HASH(0x8e555474) étoiles sur 5 WHY did I watch this?! 7 août 2011
Par Amanda Pike - Publié sur
Format: DVD
This is one of the worst vampire films I have ever seen. The dialogue was so cheesy I practically winced. Some of it didn't make sense. WHY did Christopher Lambert's character (who was British) call Elizabeth Bathory's daughter a tourist while they were IN Hungary? WHY are people able to bleed IN purgatory? What was with the vampire hunter?

The main character is what many call a Gary Stu. A Gary Stu is the male equivalent of the Mary Sue, a very flat, two dimensional protagonist designed to be an ideal that the audience members are supposed to relate to. He's the sort of character that is frowned upon in role playing games for being uncreative and contrived.

The more you think about it, the less sense the film made and it over explained simple things like the term clinically dead. This was just bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. This felt like a Syfy original movie, that's how bad it was. I can't even put into words how much I disliked this movie. On the list of bad vampire movies this goes up there with the Twilight films, Dracula 3000, Queen of the damned and the Fright Night remake, just bad.

If you want an interesting vampire romance just go watch Bram Stoker's Dracula. This was awful.

The plot of Metamorphosis: Okay, so it begins with the sad, misunderstood ...Elizabeth Bathory (yes, the woman who bathed in virgin blood) as her daughter (also named Elizabeth) is ripped from her arms. He comes off as a cheesy villain. "Mwahaha! You'll never see your child again! Mwaaha!" And flings her over a horse (obviously a doll at this point because her head bobs up and down way too fast as they gallop away). Apparently the daughter grew up, cursed God for what became of her family and became a vampire.

Cut to modern day Hungary. British Christopher Lambert (yes, the Highlander. I have trouble buying that too) shows up at his brother's funeral where he tries to stop a vampire hunter from staking his brother. Apparently Chris is playing the last of his family. The family descended from the man who separated Elizabeth Bathory from her daughter. The 'evil family' was cursed to each become vampires at the time of their death. And the daughter has been killing them off one by one. That's right. Our vampire hero (yes, she's supposed to be the good guy) has been killing men, women and children just because of who one of their ancestors were! Christopher Lambert drives off and has a car crash and dies.

A a group of American tourists are driving through the Hungarian countryside (which suddenly has a LOT more desert than Hungary really should... yet the film claims to have been filmed on location...) They pick up the strangely dressed Elizabeth and then meet with some monks who tell them that life has three phases. Life, purgatory, and what comes after. But in Purgatory your soul can be utterly destroyed and is very dangerous. Why the monks tell them this... exposition for later, of course!

The leader of these tourists is the guy who also played Mathew in Dresden Files (the Hellion from the episode Rules of Engagement). I'll call the character Gary Stu from this point out. He's flat, two dimensional and very obviously there to be the hero / love interest. He's poorly developed.
He sympathizes with poor, misunderstood Elizabeth Bathory. 'She just needed help' And worst of all the cruel fiend (Lambert's character's ancestor) ripped her daughter from her arms. He also memorized a Hungarian poem even though he doesn't speak the language just because it "sounded beautiful" so Elizabeth (who is familiar with the poem and loves it too) translates. I'm sorry but WHO memorizes a poem because it "Sounds beautiful" if you don't understand the language!?

The other passengers are annoying stereotypes including one shallow bimbo in a half-cut hoody.

Eventually all the heroes end up in a castle where Christopher Lambert is dressed in period clothes. Elizabeth gloats about having killed his entire family while he gives off cheesy one liners and lines that sound like they directly rip off Dracula. When he's not paraphrasing Dracula he's delivering these very, very cheesy and over used one liners that sound like they belong in a comic book. They were so bad I wanted to wince. At one point he shouts at her "I will not be defeated by a tourist!" Umm... She's not a tourist. You are. You're British, SHE is Hungarian, you are IN Hungary. Unless he means the American boy but he was saying it to Elizabeth while fighting her. It does not make sense. He even, at one point, gives the over used line about The Bible being the world's greatest Best selling fiction.

All the while Elizabeth keeps "mysteriously" telling Gary Stu that he needs to go to the light. One of his friends is caught in a cartoonish loop of running down a flight of stairs, through a door and then down the same flight of stairs again and again and again, apparently not noticing it's the same stairs over and over and over again!

Finally Christopher Lambert and all his cheesy one liners are defeated but both Elizabeth and Gary Stu are badly wounded. Again she pleads with him to go to the light (and sure enough there's a glowing vortex of light) but instead he chooses to stay with her because he lubs her (Yes, I said lub instead of love because it's just that cheesy). She says 'Forgive me' and then bites him.

Gary Stu wakes up, impaled on a stake-like shaft of broken wood sticking out of the ground. Apparently all his travel companions died in a horrible car crash. He pulls himself off the stake and staggers to an old shack and as he does we see that the back of his jacket doesn't even have a hole in it even though he was impaled! At the shack Elizabeth is waiting and she tells him that in the real world only four minutes passed while it seemed like hours in purgatory and if he didn't go to the light in time his brain cells would have died for he was only clinically dead (which she also has to explain to the audience because apparently we're morons...) Vampires apparently could pass from the real world to purgatory at will since they are of both the living world and the dead but if you're killed in purgatory the soul is destroyed (contradicting just about every religious view of purgatory and the soul, ever). She informs Gary Stu that vampirism isn't so bad and they can even go in the sun, the whole burning in the sun thing is only in the movies. This part doesn't bother me because in Dracula they could go in the sun too.

Well, Gary Stu eventually forgives her for making him a vampire since she did it out of lub. They make out on the side of the road and who should be driving by but the vampire hunter from Christopher Lambert's brother's funeral! He sees them (or rather doesn't see them) in his rear view mirror and pulls over his pick up truck. Yes, the vampire hunter has a pickup truck. He climbs out and takes two stakes and a hammer from his trunk (which is loaded with stakes, crosses and garlic) and he gets back in the front seat with the stakes and hammer next to him. The final scene is our vampire lovers hitchhinking and getting into the back of the pickup truck with the vampire hunter, apparently not noticing the stakes and hammers right next to him or the smell of garlic from the back!

Then the credits rolled and my head hurt...
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HASH(0x8e555be8) étoiles sur 5 Is Like Car Wreck, You Want to Turn Away, but Can't 4 février 2012
Par K. Gardner - Publié sur
Format: DVD
Besides, I couldn't find the remote, was working on my laptop and didn't want to get up to go hunt for it. Also, I thought, man.. this is beautiful scenery. And it's Christopher Lambert - The Highlander! Lord Greystoke! He wouldn't be in a horrid film. It has to get better.

He was. And it didn't. It only kept getting worse. It was seriously so bad, I kept thinking maybe it was the Monty Python edition.

Dialogue.. ugh. Character development, cliched and nonexistant. Acting was nothing short of pathetic.

Nothing. Made. Sense. Who made this film and why? A hundreds of year old strong immortal gets sidetracked by a girls boobs and gets "staked" by a 20 year old? Are you kidding me? Now.. if you can watch this for FREE, and have a bottle of booze, make it a drinking game. That might be fun. But if you "drink" at "any ridiculous part", you'll be schnockered 1/4 way through.

Good for a laugh, nothing more.
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HASH(0x8e4f3888) étoiles sur 5 But if you're into just watching and having fun while turning off your critical faculties 10 juillet 2014
Par Stelios Touchtidis - Publié sur
Format: DVD
If you are looking for a complex, layered, thought-provoking movie, this is not it. But if you're into just watching and having fun while turning off your critical faculties, this is THE movie for you. The concept is based on a real historical event, the infamous blood-bathing countess Erzebet (Elizabeth) Bathory and her implacable enemy, the Thurzo clan. It's very hard to separate enemy-written truth from fiction, which leaves room for rethinking who the villains and heroes might be.

The standout in the movie is not Christopher Lambert who kind of phones it in, but the stunningly beautiful and memorable Romanian actress Irena A. Hoffman, who has a preternatural calmness about her that made me think "vampire" as well as "wow" on her very first appearance. It is exactly how I would imagine an aristocratic woman of great age, but young in body, would stand and move. The rest of the cast is pretty much filler, there to provide victims on the way to the resolution.

The movie is watchable because of a strong forward pace, a twist on history, and (mainly) Irena. It's what we used to call a "B" movie--a great time waster. I had fun with it, and as long as you don't expect Shakespeare, so will you.
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