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Missing 411- Eastern United States: Unexplained disappearances of North Americans that have never been solved (Anglais) Broché – 6 mars 2012

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Par Raskolnikov - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
David Paulides Missing 411 series is amazing and well researched. He put a lot of hard work into his books and it shows.

Re-sellers are listing David's books on Amazon for $70.00 not even including shipping!!! That is absolutely INSANE and DISRESPECTFUL to the author and to the readers!

Buy these books from David's site directly for $24.95, you could even get overnight shipping and it would still be cheaper than the price these shameless re-sellers are listing for.

It's a shame and it's blatant price gouging. I would not support anyone selling this book for 3x the price it actually costs.

visit [...] for the whole missing 411 series.
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HASH(0x95f25210) étoiles sur 5 Fact is stranger than fiction... 18 mai 2012
Par Donna - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
You will never look at wilderness areas the same way... educate yourself. Everyone should read this book. Are you one of the people involved? A victim? Family? A rescuer or volunteer?
Share your memories with this author...
The information in these books seems to be just the tip of the iceberg.
Some one knows the rest of the story... or at least parts of it.... Is it you?

I am sure poor reporting of facts in newspapers etc. cause some of these people to not be connected to discoveries at a later time but that still leaves many missing people. When you are a family member or friend of a missing person, even one is too many. It is something that haunts you forever. Where are they? what happened to then? Did they suffer? Are they still out there?

Many questions come to mind as I read this book...
It brings a whole new meaning to "into thin air". Where are all these people? Hundreds of them, thousands maybe in the United States and Canada? Years, decades later... Still not a trace.
People do not vanish with out a trace, children and most adults do not walk up and over mountains covering many miles in short periods of time.
It all points to something.. The question in my mind is what??

What happens to these people? What would it take for them to regain those memories? Regression? Hypnotherapy? What a story they must have to tell.
Where are those people? Maybe some of them will come forward and share their story.

Such an odd set of common dominators... food source of berries, water in the general area and with other people in many cases with in a stone throw, remote wilderness areas or National Parks. I have spent many hours alone in National Forests and Fire Lookout Towers, it gives me goose bumps to think of it.

Where is the accountability? Where is the outrage over such indifference shown by the powers that be in the National Park Service and other officials? They seem to be more concerned about keeping the information away from the public than those missing people and their families.
In this day and age I can not believe the government(NPS and FBI) does not have readily available statistics. That being said, why are they not being released? How about it all you National Park Service employees? Share what you know, help solve the mystery and give these families some closure about their loved ones. Wouldn't you want to know?

So much for transparency and freedom of information. Why did they make it all but impossible for this author to gain access to the information? Can the NPS really be that lax in their record keeping? I doubt it.

Maybe it isn't a mystery at all... maybe the government knows but are keeping it to themselves?
Buy a copy and pass it on... I highly recommend it.
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HASH(0x95a73864) étoiles sur 5 Missing 411 Eastern United States 1 juin 2012
Par Elise Gwynn - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
Once again, David Paulides has researched and witten with integrity a disturbing and well documented stories about adults and children that are disappearing mostly in our wilderness areas. The circumstances that surround most of these factual stories could be from "The Twilight Zone". After reading both "Missing" books by Mr. Paulides, I will never go into the wilds again without paying more attention to my surroundings. It is obvious why the N.P.S. have been dragging their feet on the missing victims in their parks. It is disturbing when the profit margin wins out over people. I hope everyone will read these books with the best thoughts and support for the missings families and to make you aware of your loved ones so they do not join the ranks of the "Missing".
Steve Gwynn
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HASH(0x95a3172c) étoiles sur 5 Teriffic Sequel 25 juin 2012
Par Ray Crowe - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
Missing 411, Dave Paulides, Eastern United States, 2011

Just finished my second pass at this book, horrible in its implications, about the lost, missing, or dead 411 children and adults...and some found alive!!
It starts off with a whimper; missing berry pickers, sheepherders, and farmers. Then to the area reports. Many, many, of missing little children, mostly younger then 18...pretty little girls or cute little boys-even babies, somebody's bride-to-be, or sister, or cherished child. One can't properly sympathize at their loss, but can only offer silent prayers.
A brief tally of some of the numbers was interesting though. Of the younger children, age 18 or less in this book, I counted 34 as disappearing with no trace at all. Another 23 were found dead...the poor little things. But a good note; 53 were found alive. It appears that whatever monster that kidnaps the little ones has a thing about releasing them after they have done whatever it is they do to them...mostly clothes are found missing and they are nude and scratched in the cold. They are not molested apparently. Though have little memory of their abductor. The monster is indeed considerate at least by leaving them where they could be found. It leaves one with the feeling that if searches were extended a bit more, the vanished or dead might be saved. Search team leaders would do good to review in-depth this book and take heed of searching in swamps, in trees, briar patches, or at higher elevations further afield from where they disappeared.
Things not so bright for adults though. Perhaps they put up more resistance. Of those 18 and older, 42 vanished completely, 14 were found dead, but only 7 were recovered still living. Again, the living had little to say about their experience.
The book finishes with articles on a long list of the missing people in both books that considers their ages, when disappeared, sex, date of disappearance. Also there are comments about FBI involvement, the National Park Service, Dept. of Interior, and strange occurrence of groups like bow hunters and other anomalies.
Ray Crowe, July 5, 2012
Western Bigfoot Society.
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HASH(0x95a23330) étoiles sur 5 This book might save the life of you or a loved one... 22 octobre 2014
Par Mike_G - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
I read the Western US book last month and just finished reading the Eastern US book a second time. The western book is really good. The Eastern book is much stranger. I'm not sure what it is about the eastern US, but the patterns just seem to really jump out at you. I read through some of the reviews that gave 1 and 2 stars and I would personally discount them. Especially the one where the reviewer claims that Paulides is cherry picking cases. In interviews, Dave has actually brought this up and should be noted- it's called 'profiling' and that the reviewer is correct in that Dave and his researchers picked these specific cases, but these cases all meet a certain set of criteria. I do not believe that the reader took the time to read the intro or the last chapter of the book where Dave first lists out the criteria.

The reason why I read the Eastern book twice is that I was astonished by the details of many of the stories and how they mimic other stories within the same book. I don't know how many stories in the eastern US has a rain or snow storm hit right before or after the SAR (Search and Rescue) begins. The other really odd thing is missing clothes. Dave mentions this in his interviews and you hear him say it and you take notice of the statement, but you kinda forget about it. When you read the books, these things REALLY pop out. There are other very odd and disturbing trends in these stories.

Again- I think that these stories are very well researched and written about. I am sure that there will be those who will find an inconsistency or two because the live in an area where the stories come from. But, I highly doubt this is the case with all the stories.

The best part about the book is the very end of the Eastern book where the author draws parallels between many of the stories from both books. It leaves you scratching your head. As one reads through the stories, it's in our nature to try to think of a logical or rationale reason for these things to be happening. But then, there are stories like that of Trenny Gibson who is there one second and with one step to the side of the woods, she's never seen again. She was with a group of kids and she happened to get ahead. She was last seen staring off into the woods. The stories about people being chased through the woods is down right creepy. There is a new story out about a former football player who was out fishing. He called his wife when he didn't show up to be picked up saying that he was being followed and that he was scared. This guy was a QB (Quarter Back for those who don't watch Football) and played college ball. If you know anything about QBs, they are tough both mentally and physically. They are smart people usually. Whether or not a team has a successful year usually rests on the quick thinking of the QB. I guess he was also one of the toughest that ever played at his school. Regardless, he was reporting what many of the survivors report. Unfortunately, the QB (can't recall his name at the moment) did not survive and there are many strange aspects to this story.

Maybe what bothers me the most is that coroners generally cannot figure out the cause of death, if the victim is found dead (or found at all). In regards to kids, it bothers me even more. They'll be missing their shoes or some other article(s) of clothing, but they'll have no bite marks- so they're not being dragged away by a bear or a mountain lion.

1. These kids often disappear from remote locations, where there isn't usually vehicle access. And- even if there is a road leading up to the location, if the parents go into the house, they'll know a car is coming up the road. I'm not sure about the everyone who might read this, but I'm from South Dakota and when I'm out on my uncle's farm, it is so quiet that as soon as someone pulls off the main road onto the gravel road a mile or two away, we know it. You don't have to be sitting there listening for it. You get so used to the 'quiet.' If you have spend 99% of your life in the city, you don't know what quiet is. Out here, you know when that quiet is disturbed.
2. Some are reported to have scratches from head to toe. This would imply that they are picked up by someone or something and carried through the brush and they are horizontal to the ground. The part that really bothers me about this and I'm quite sure it bothers Dave and his colleagues, is that this carrying say a 4 year old isn't all that easy. I have a 4 year old and I can carry him maybe 100 yards, but it isn't easy that's only if he's sitting upright and his holding on to me. I would not be able to carry him horizontally for more than a few feet. I lift weights every other day and can easily bench press more than 3 times his weight. To take it one step further- in order for me to have any success in carrying my child, he has to be still. He cannot be thrashing about. AND- to take it yet another step- if I'm going to carry my child any distance, I need a CLEAR path. I'm not going to be carrying him through the bushes. So- combine all of these points- it would be nearly impossible to do, yet it is happening. And ask yourself, why would someone/something carry someone through the bushes? Well, if you want to disappear from sight really quickly, get yourself on the other side of some thick bushes as quickly as possible.
3. As a parent, I find most of the stories to be very disturbing. It makes me think twice when I take my kids for hikes here and there are no reported cases that he has written about in these two books. But- I make sure my boys are NEVER behind me and if they are ahead of me, they are always close and NEVER out of site. The story about Dennis Martin will bother most Dad's out there. Especially if you're like me where you keep your eyes on your kids wherever you go. If I lose site of my kid at the mall or in a store, I get nervous. The Martin story creates a mix of sadness, anger, and absolute frustration when you read it.

Another aspect that really pops out and that I cannot logically explain away is that many of the kids go missing while playing with or walking a dog. Why would that be?

I read a LOT. It's among my favorite hobbies. I read mostly non fiction. Of all the books I've read, none have made me THINK the way these have and above all, that is a very important aspect. It will leave you scratching your head because there is something going on. As Dave says, "I don't believe in coincidence." Read the stories... Coincidence in the similarities of 2 stories may be the case. When you have 20+ stories that play out exactly as though following a script, coincidence goes out the window.

In regards to the agencies not releasing information.... I have no words I want to write. It's deplorable. I wouldn't be surprised if that's why the book on this site is $300+. You can get them at Dave's site canammissing.com for FAR less. I think the high cost is intended to turn people off and to discourage them form buying the book. As a call to people to start paying attention to this mystery, I say go to youtube and do a search and david paulides. It won't ruin your desire to read the book. I think I've listened to every interview he's done and to be honest, in the hour or two interviews, he doesn't have a chance to really get into the stories and there are so many that he can't cover in that time span.

David- PLEASE continue your work. It's valuable information.
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