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NAD NADH - 25 mg - Coenzyme 1 vitamine B3 - 30 comprimés

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MarqueSource Naturals
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Moyenne des commentaires client 3.5 étoiles sur 5 2 commentaires client
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Date de mise en ligne sur Amazon.fr27 mai 2014
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j'ai un traitement lourd suite à 2 infarctus, j'ai pris le NAD pendant plus d'un an et me sentais bien. j'ai arrêté pour voir depuis décembre (un peu par force, privé d'internet par déménagement) et petit à petit, les effets secondaires de mes statines, bétabloquants et anticalciques se sont fait sentir: faiblesses musculaires, fatigue, apparement le NAD me protégeais très efficacement! j'attends impatiament qu'il ne soit plus en rupture pour le commander à nouveau! Je recommande fortement ce produit pour tous ceux qui souffrent d'une pathologie cardiovasculaire et sont sous traitement en complément indispensable.
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Attendez qu'il soit utilisé pour juger de son efficacité !
Je peux seulement juger du service commercial qui fut tout à fait satisfaisant !
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Commentaires client les plus utiles sur (beta) 4.2 étoiles sur 5 6 commentaires
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Quick Acting Niacin Supplementation for Enhancing Brain Function 22 juin 2016
Par Kerrie - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
This is an exceptionally quick-acting form of coenzymated B3 (niacin); I find it works GREAT for enhancing my energy levels (both physical and mental energy). I usually take these two at a time, dissolved under the tongue & I can feel an energy improvement in about 10 minutes. It's my go-to solution for deadline days (I'm a freelance writer), making writing and editing projects both easier and quicker for me. Your mileage may vary.

Personally, I think this depends a lot on your genetics, but in my case, niacin is a "missing link" that seems to help improve my metabolism & this is the easiest, "no-flush" way to take it. I do supplement with "regular" niacin on a regular basis, so this is my stopgap supplement, used when I need a little extra energy boost. I'd recommend co-supplementing with Vitamin C for the best benefit, but I find niacin supplementation also helps keep skin healthy and younger-looking. Do a little web research; niacin supplementation helps provide NADH, a substance/chemical process scientists are finding MAY help moderate the aging process, among other important functions. You can learn much more detail about this by Googling "NADH" or checking that term in Wikipedia.

These sublinguals have a nice, gentle mint flavor--not too strong, not to hot--just pleasant & refreshing. Most highly recommended!

Have a question about this supplement? Just leave a Comment & I'll be happy to help you, if I can.
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Five Stars 4 juillet 2016
Par Bobby Davis - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
need a stronger dose.
1 internautes sur 2 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Dissolves easily in the mouth. Similar to Altoids. 23 janvier 2015
Par Ryan - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
Dissolves easily in the mouth. Similar to Altoids. Mild minty taste.
6 internautes sur 10 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
1.0 étoiles sur 5 not really sublingua 25 juillet 2013
Par denis arvay - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
These are supposed to be sublingual -- dissolving easily under the tongue. Most B12 tabs work well like that. These are hard tablets that need to be chewed. They don't dissolve under the tongue. I've had to grind them in pestle and spoon the resulting powder under my tongue, and I'm not sure that's really effective.
6 internautes sur 6 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Surprisingly good anecdotal timeline review 28 septembre 2015
Par John Veneruso - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
After reading a research article about how taking nicotinamide riboside was found to reduce the incidence of melanoma and carcinoma and realizing that I have two close relatives that have recently recovered from these forms of cancer, I decided to try out this supplement. The science is still very new and as with initial published science studies the initial research always looks far more promising that it turns out to be twenty years later. I started by reading the vast number of Amazon reviews on the 250mg version of this supplement and categorized them: supplement was helpful, no affect, and harmful. It appears to be about 30%/30% between helpful and harmful. It's unknown what effect genetic variants and diet have on the effect of nicotinamide riboside and its clear from large numbers of users that there is a clear upper bound for this supplement beyond which you tip over into bad side effects. So I chose this supplement that's just 25mg. It's meant to be taken sublingually, but the reality is that it is a hard minty tasting pill that you have to chew up a bit before moving it around to under your tongue and waiting five minutes for it to mostly dissolve. On the plus side, many studies have shown that substances are more readily absorbed into your blood stream when put under your tongue than if they first have to land in your stomach where the acids and over 160 species of bacteria can consume it first.

The following are the results that I personally had with this supplement. Please realize that this is just one anecdotal data point. I also eat a healthy Mediterranean dietary pattern that has 10+ servings/day of fruits and vegetable and I'm on no medications so your personal experience may vary considerably from mine.
Week 1-2: Absolutely no difference seen.
Week 3: Gums began to feel much healthier. My regimen of brushing twice a day, flossing, and using the in-between mini brush hadn't changed.
Week 4: Regular six-month dental checkup and the dental hygienist and dentist that I've been seeing for years both exclaimed, "Wow, those zero and one gum numbers are astonishingly good. What are you doing differently?"
Week 5-6: My hearing seems to be curiously better in picking up distinct sounds like birds and voices across a crowded room. It's annoying at first because its distracting me from my task.
Week 7-8: Hearing is definitely better. I've found my car radio setting sweet spot is now 3-4 notches (out of 30) lower than it was before. I had to close the lid on my piano because I'm now apparently able to place it too loud when I get to the fortissimo sections. In choir, I'm able to here the altos clearly even though they're on the other side of the organ and there's at least 50 other singers between me and them. When I spent several hours outside during mid-day, I didn't sunburn at all where I forgot to put sunscreen whereas in the past I'd get at least a little red.

If you have a family history of skin cancer, this might be something worth trying. (I did ask my doctor about it before starting it. If you try it, make sure it gets noted in your health record.)
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