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NSD PB-188 Blue Mood Spinner Bleu

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Hauteur4.50 pouces
Longueur5 pouces
Poids360 grammes
Largeur3 pouces
Batterie(s) / Pile(s) incluse(s) Non
MarqueNSD Powerball

Détails sur le produit

  • Poids de l'article: 254 g
  • Numéro du modèle de l'article: PB-688 Blue
  • ASIN: B007GGCLK8
  • Date de mise en ligne sur Amazon.fr : 3 mai 2013
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Descriptions du produit

Coque en plastique bleu -pur- et -l-gant renferme un gyroscope de haute pr-cision dans la conception de notre Spinner -ssentiel! G-n-rez votre propre moment angulaire et utiliser la r-sistance gyroscopique de former votre poignet et avant-bras dans un petit paquet. Quelques minutes par jour avec notre Spinner Essential vous donnera toute la flexibilit- et le contr-le musculaire amende pour conjurer r-p-titif des blessures sportives
utilisation r-guli-re de NSD Spinner vous donne ce qui suit:.

Photos POWER-r-gulier de la Spinner NSD permettra de renforcer les muscles de votre avant-bras et du poignet, vous donnant la force et la puissance dont vous avez besoin dans vos sports et activit-s quotidiennes.
Spinner SPEED-NSD aussi maximise l'utilisation des muscles explosifs dans votre avant-bras et du poignet, vous permettant d'augmenter la vitesse de votre mouvement de bras, entra-nant plus rapide, plus puissant swing ou lancer de mouvement dans n'importe quel sport que vous jouez.

CONTROL-Le Spinner NSD forme -galement les muscles de votre avant-bras et du poignet pour le contr-le de la motricit- fine et la coordination, parce que pour faire tourner le Spinner - 10,000 + RPM n-cessite un timing pr-cis et beau mouvement. Utilisation de l'Spinner sera r-guli-rement am-liorer le contr-le des muscles du poignet et du bras pour les t-ches d-licates telles que jouer d'un instrument, ou tout ce qui requiert une pr-cision chirurgicale de la main.
Puissance. Speed. Contr-le. Ce sont les attributs que n'importe quel athl-te d-sire. Et le Spinner NSD original d-livrer. Allez-y, lui donner un spin. Pendant quatorze ans, filateurs NSD ont aid- les golfeurs, joueurs de tennis, les entra-neurs et les athl-tes. La pr-cision portant gyroscope contr-l- donnera - votre poignet et avant-bras d'une s-ance d'entra-nement et r-aliser ce que d'heures de formation avec des halt-res vont faire, en quelques questions de minutes. Et avec vos bras et poignet

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HASH(0x911a2314) étoiles sur 5 Decent, but not long-lasting 26 décembre 2012
Par Alyssa - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
My job involves a lot of keyboard use, resulting in occasional wrist pain, so I've been looking at various wrist exercisers to try to help. A gyroscopic wrist exerciser sounded more fun than some of the other tools out there, but I had never used one before, and couldn't quite justify a $50 purchase of something that might or might not work, so I purchased this (relatively) cheap one.
It worked well enough, and helped my wrists, even though I only remembered to use it once or twice a week. Well enough, in fact, that I purchased one for a friend who was having more severe wrist pain. He took it to work with him, using it multiple times a day. Within a week he was no longer experiencing wrist pain. Within two weeks, he had managed to wear it out from constant use; its operation became noisy, and he could no longer get it started spinning without the string.
I since went on to buy one of the fancier, metal gyroscopic wrist exercisers (the Ironpower force two). It was much quieter, much smoother, easier to start, and gave a more strenuous workout. It also has replaceable parts, in case the plastic rings it slides around on get worn out.

The NSD Power Essential Spinner is a decent entry-level wrist exerciser, but it seems to have a limited lifespan. It is fine for occasional use, and a good way to tell if the gyroscopic spinners are for you, but don't be surprised if it wears out.
42 internautes sur 43 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x90c19d98) étoiles sur 5 Obviously entry level, but VERY effective! 23 mars 2013
Par zKi Comp - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
I was able to pick up this NSD Powerball for $17 here on Amazon and what a steal!

It probably took me about twenty minutes to get the motion down and, to be honest, I thought I got a broken one for the first ten because I couldn't get it to do anything. The best advice I can give is not to fight the motion you feel in the gyro. It's not about just spinning your hand around as fast or as hard as you can, it's about matching and then revving up the cadence of the gyro. It's fascinating to watch it switch directions when changing hands or rotation and equally amazing watching it jump about when you've ceased moving and the gyro just spins and spins and spins.

As far as the exercise goes, I can certainly feel the burn and wish that I was able to keep it going for longer without becoming sore. I got this to help strengthen my hands, wrists, and forearms, which get abused daily as a computer tech and also an avid landscaper. I can certainly see this helping, but I have to be careful not to overdo it, as it honestly is quite addicting and fun (not really a valid complaint :)

My only con is cheap construction. While I don't think it's going to stop working anytime soon, mine makes a lot of squealing noises at low speeds. Once revved up, it's no longer audible and you can only hear the whir of the gyro. At the price point, it's not really something worth complaining about. Whenever this one wears out, I'm quite sure I'll go for a nicer model. Very satisfied.


About a month with the NSD Gyro and I am feeling amazing. The first three weeks were spent exercising one day and being sore for two, and again, and again. I'm happy to say that after a week or so, I began to have this warm tingling feeling spreading from fingertip to elbow while I lay in bed at night. My god, that's blood circulation! Within the last week I've been able to make it an every or every other day affair. I like to put in earbuds and either play air drums, or dance around a bit with the gyro. It really is fascinatingly fun to go with a good beat. I like to get rhythms going where I can swing the gyro around half speed on the down beat to mix things up. My highest praise goes to the fact that the exercises can be as easy or as hard as you'd like without any need to change weights. I tend to start out with a wide, slow arc holding it as a baseball, switching rotation clockwise and counterclockwise before switching hands, just to warm up. Then I speed up a tad, holding the gyro like you would the end of a jump rope: clockwise, counterclockwise, switch hands. Then I grip the gyro like I'm holding a glass of water and I tip it forward and back, forward and back (this is an amazing workout...if you can manage to switch rotation of the gyro on this one, kudos...it's hard). Then I hold it by nothing but my fingertips and again pretend that I'm holding one end of a jump roap: clockwise, counterclockwise, switch hands. This is when I go back to the original slow arcs, holding it as a baseball. Once I've loosened up a bit, I do it all over again, but usually at double speed, or close to it. Realistically, you can make this spin in almost any way you can imagine, as long as you go with the flow :)

It still squeaks when slowing down, but shows no signs of wear. Very impressed.
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HASH(0x9127eddc) étoiles sur 5 Works well 7 novembre 2012
Par The "Hermano" Guy - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
I originally purchased this because I started lifting and have noticed that usually the first thing to go, even on "press" exercises, is my grip. My forearms tire out, so I haven't been able to get over my plateau. Instead of dedicating a day to working out my grip and forearms at the gym, I decided to get this.

I've only been using it for a week, so I can't say if it has improved my grip strength yet. It does cause a serious workout, though. Within a minute of working out one arm, I have to switch to the other arm. Although I don't know if it has helped my grip strength, it did help something unexpectedly. My serve.

I play tennis regularly, but had a rotator cuff injury about 2 years ago. That's actually why I started lifting, I was doing therapy for my shoulder, then trying to strengthen it. Regardless of the years worth of work I put in, my serve didn't get any more powerful, although I had no more shoulder issues. I used this guy for a week, and now when I serve I can feel the "whip-crack"ing action again at contact. Using this must have loosened up and strengthened my wrist (forearm), because my hand feels much more relaxed when serving. I'm guessing all the pushing and pulling motions of weightlifting may have hindered the flexibility of my forearms, but now my serve is anywhere from 5-10 mph faster than it was 2 weeks ago.

If you have trouble starting it, here's how I went about it. Put in the rip cord, wind it carefully so the string won't fall off to the side when starting it, and hold the ball in your non-dominant hand. Grab the string with your dominant hand, apply a little pulling pressure until the cord is just taught. Hold it there, then pull it HARD. Now switch the ball to your dominant hand and use a motion like you're opening and closing a door knob. You'll feel the gyro weight spinning in your hand, you just have to get it into a spinning rhythm (don't worry about speed when getting it started).
11 internautes sur 11 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Par Dinakar Jayarajan - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
Pretty interesting device. Provides a nice and smooth resistance to exercise the arms and wrist. It took me a while to learn how to get the device started, but I got the knack of it, it starts like a charm
5 internautes sur 5 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x90d6fce4) étoiles sur 5 Great for my tennis elbow - and just plain fun to use. 10 juillet 2015
Par bythecshore - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
I use it daily when my tennis elbow acts up, and it keeps it under control. Kind of fun to use, too. I keep it in my office where it makes a cool conversation piece, as when people walk in and ask what it is, they're always interested in why I'm using it and how it works.

I've alternatively used a 10-lb. dumbbell, but I find this better. It takes up less room and I think the rotation it causes works our my forearm muscles better.

I previously had the model that lit up, which I did like and would get that next time. It doesn't function any differently, but it's more fun as the light gets brighter the faster you make it go. So it probably makes you keep going a little longer each time. Unfortunately, I lent it to someone one and never got it back. :-(

The build quality on these is great. I've dropped them many times, thrown them around, and they've both kept working perfectly.

Regarding starting them, I don't use the included cord. Instead, I just swipe it along the carpet or plastic chair pad (that protects the carpet from the chair) and get it going from there. Occasionally I can get it going by swiping it along my glass-topped desk, but only about 50% of the time. I like to see where I can swipe it to get it going; I'm working on just using my fingers to spin it up... almost got it a couple of times but not yet!
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