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4,0 sur 5 étoiles
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le 8 décembre 2016
"Number the Stars" is set in Denmark during World War II. The main characters are: Annemarie Johansen, who is a ten-year old girl and is very brave, and her Jewish friend, Ellen Rosen.

The Nazis decide to relocate all the Danish Jews. The Johansens hide Annemarie's friend Ellen. But, during the night, Nazis come. Ellen says she is Lise, Annemarie's dead sister. However, they understand something has to be done to save all Denmark's Jews.

I really liked this story because I learnt lots of things about history. In addition, Annemarie is very brave. Moreover, when Annemarie's sister, Kirsti, joins in, it is always funny.

I have loved the story but I was disappointed because the end is not very happy. A member of the family who was in the Resistance is executed. Also, I don't know if Annemarie is going to see Ellen again. However, the war ends.

As a conclusion, it is both an interesting and exciting book. At the end, readers are relieved. The novel will appeal to any reader who is interested in World War II or in bravery.

Helen Delong, Our School, Versailles, CM2
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le 30 décembre 2016
This great book is the story of Annemarie Johansen and her family fighting for their Jewish friends during WW2.
Annemarie is a tall, sporty and lanky girl with blond and curly hair. She is very intelligent.
Kirsty is Annemarie’s younger sibling and she has the same blond curls as her sister. She brightens up the story.
Mr and Mrs Johansen are friendly people, determined to help the Rosen family.
Ellen is Annemarie’s best friend. She is short, has dark hair and is a Jew.
Mr Rosen is Ellen’s father, a teacher.
Mrs Rosen is Mrs Johansen’s friend and neighbour.
I have so much to say about this awesome book, but it’s all spoilers. The characters are in real danger, there’s suspense and bravery. Somebody gets shot at the end, and I won’t say who because it would be a spoiler (Buy the book)!☺
I'd recommend this book to people age 9+
Nell, Our School
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le 20 décembre 2016
Number the Stars is a fictional novel based on events during the Second World War in Denmark. The main character is Annemarie, a 10 year old girl who is sporty and who shows great bravery to save her best friend, Ellen.

I found the beginning a little bit slow but then I loved this book because each chapter ends with a cliff-hanger and there is lots of heart-stopping action at the end, which reminded me of a chase in Harry Potter. I had thought the War was all about fighting but now I know that it was very hard for the children at home and that the Resistance did amazing work.

I recommend this book to everybody aged around 9 to 101! Don't be put off by the fact that the main character is a girl. The action and suspense will make you not want to stop reading!

Joshua, Our School, Versailles
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le 29 décembre 2016
Number the Stars is an interesting story, set in Copenhagen, Denmark, that tells us about the Danish heroic effort to save their Jewish citizens during the World War II.
The book is about two families, The Johansens and The Rosens. The Rosens are Jewish.
The main character is Annemarie, a 10 years old girl, who is brave, determined, courageous and sporty. She and her family saved the lives of her Jewish friend’s family when the Nazis invaded Copenhagen.

I would like to ask Lois Lowry if this story is true.

After reading this book I realised how lucky we are to be free with no war in our country. I really enjoyed reading it, I would recommend this book to everyone from 10 years old and up.

Pierre Decarpigny, Our School, Versailles
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le 2 janvier 2017
It takes place in Copenhagen (Denmark) during World War II. Everybody was scared because of the Nazis. They were everywhere!:(
Annemarie, a ten year old girl had to be very brave: She had to put her life in danger to save her Jewish best friend Ellen. There were food shortages, no electricity and gas. The Jews were starting to get arrested. Ellen and her parents needed to flee. They needed to <escape to Sweden...

Maïa, CM2, OurSchool - Versailles
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le 20 décembre 2016
Number the Stars is a very nice book with lots of action and suspense. It is set during WWII, in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is about a girl named Annemarie, whose best friend, Ellen, is Jewish. When the Nazis start to arrest all the Jews, Annemarie and her family are called upon for courage. By escaping from Copenhagen to the countryside, next to the sea, in Annemarie's Uncle Henrik's house, they try to save Ellen's family..
I would recommend it to people that are interested in historical fiction and WWII.
Emilie, CM2, OurSchool, Versailles.
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le 20 janvier 2016
The story is about two girls Ellen and Annemarie that are best friends,they live in Denmark and goes to the same school.The story takes place during the WW2 .Ellen is Jewish and will have to hide from the Germans.

This book is an amazing story because it is about friendship and courage .Te setting during the WW2 makes it quite scary .
The main themes are :war,resistance,friendship and courage.
The main characters are very brave because they will help others to escape.

I learned in the book that it was very hard to live during the Germans occupation : people had hardly any food the Germans were very mean and cruel to the to the Jewish and you had to be very brave to survive.

My favorite part is when the family arrives in the uncle 's house in the countryside where there are cows and a cute little kitten!

I have a few question for L.Lowry ! Did L.Lowry get her inspiration from a true story? Why did she choose Denmark for the setting ?
All and all i think that Number The Stars was the yes book I have ever read.
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le 7 janvier 2016
Number the Stars is about a girl who is called Annemarie who is living in Denmark during WWII. She helps her Jewish friend, Ellen and Ellen’s parents to get away from the Nazis and go to a free country until the Nazis are gone.

Annemarie is very brave, tall, a fast runner. There were a lot of other brave characters in the story, like Peter, who was going to get married to Annemarie’s sister and worked for the Resistance, Annemarie’s parents and her Uncle Henrik who lived on a peaceful farm and had a fishing boat that he used to help people to escape.

The main themes of the book are bravery and friendship

I learnt that WWII was very violent and that you always have to beat your fear to save a friend.

I enjoyed the book. It was quite easy to read and each chapter was full of suspense which made me want to read the next one.

I would like to ask Lois Lowry to write a book about WWI and to put more boyish characters in.

Joshua, CM2, OurSchool, Versailles
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le 17 décembre 2015
This book is set in Copenhagen(Denmark) during the second World War. It all started where Hitler and the Nazis invaded Denmark; This book is about two families, the Johansens and the Rosens.The Rosens are Jewish so it is not safe for them because the Nazis are trying to capture all the Jews but luckily the Johansens help them. They went to Uncle Henrik's house bye the sea to travel to Sweden.Uncle Henrik was part of the Resistance, people that helped the Jews leave Denmark. They managed to escape and two years later the war ended.

My favourite part was when they were on the train going to Uncle Henrik's and Ellen was with them and the Nazi's came on the train and they thought that Kirsti was going to say something about Ellen but she just went on about her new black shoes.

I would change the ending to the book because there is not enough detail about what happened to them all after the war ended. Did Annemarie ever get to see her best friend Ellen again? Did the Rosens travel back to Copenhagen? I don't know.
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le 4 janvier 2016
This story takes place in Denmark during WWII. Annemarie is a young girl who lives with her parents and her daughter. Her best friend and neighbour Ellen is Jew. But Nazis are in Denmark and life will become more and more difficult for Ellen and her family.
Annemarie’s family will try to help Jews escaping the country. Annemarie will be part of this adventure.
I have mixed feelings regarding this book. I liked the story and I found Annemarie very courageous. But this story is also hard and frightening regarding the main theme.
My favourite part is when the Nazis asked Mrs Johansen to open the casket. Annemarie’s mother is very courageous and there is a lot of suspense during this action.
I would like to ask the author if Ellen will come back with her parents at the end of the war.
I would recommend this book to 10 years old children to be more informed about WWII.

Maxence – CM2 – Our School - Versailles
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