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le 13 mai 2013
As a father of two boys, this book was very eye opening with suggestions of such simple things I should do differently than what I do now. I have read a lot of self-improvement books and this was a real keeper as these books go. I am very grateful to find a book like this and of such a high value.

So what's in the book, well its jammed packed with all the tips and hints needed to be a better dad and more importantly he takes you by the hand so you can improve for the better. I love the way the author has gone through all the details and has explained in simple terms, so you can put them to use fast.

I especially loved the section of the book about quality time and how I could make small changes to make these times more special for my children and myself.

The book is as filled with parts called "one minute magics" these are little things that you can do in a minute to make yourself a better dad. These are great to complete after reading the previous chapter which covers similar topics, it really bring everything together for more understanding of the covered subject. There is also a very helpful section called "one minute grenades" which are things to avoid.

This is a great book that every father should read and will surely add some skills to his fathering journey.
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le 15 mai 2013
All I can say about this lovely book is that it is super book which was a revelation for me. I will try to explain my situation with honesty.

I am working 6 days a week and my workplace is too far from my home. It takes me more than 3 hours of driving back and forth.

Practically, 6 out of 7 days, when I return from my job, the kids are in their beds. My only chance to spend quality time with them is Sunday.

I bought this book right after I read its short description. It is full, full, full of interesting tips and tricks about kids behaviour and things they love and things they make them happy and "feel loved"! I have read this book 2-3 times to get enough ideas for the surprises I can create when magic Sunday comes.

My full support for the authors of this master book which I am sure has made me a good father (hopefully) and inspiring me to do exactly the things that my kids enjoy. I am the happiest father in the world.
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le 13 mai 2013
This book has life lessons, that are not found in books even if some are known, they have been long forgotten. The style of this book is in an easy to use format that allows busy dads to read through these at their own pace and can read through 1 at a time or all 99 together.

The chapter on Self Worth was my personal favorite although each and every point brought up serves a purpose and will make an incredible impact on a child's life.

Whether it be a new dad or a dad looking for new ways to improve their parenting skills, this books delivers a highly impactful message that will change the life of any child with a dad willing to put forth the time and effort of improving their relationship with their child.

Highly recommended.
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le 16 mai 2013
This is a book that every parent needs to read, not just dads. It is filled with very useful information and the 99 one-minute magic moments are are great idea. They are are spread throughout the book and categorized very well. There are some good examples of what to do and what not to do. I also really like the suggestions for games or things to do with your kids in the least possible time.
I think the best part of the book is the simplicity of writing. There are quotes or mention of over a 100 books in this book which shows how well and the author has worked and researched for the book apart from interviewing so many experts.
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