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4.0 étoiles sur 5 1 commentaire client

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  • CD (25 mai 2004)
  • Nombre de disques: 1
  • Format : Import
  • Label: Mis
  • ASIN : B000286PZY
  • Autres éditions : CD  |  Téléchargement MP3
  • Moyenne des commentaires client : 4.0 étoiles sur 5 1 commentaire client
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Par Blaster of Muppets TOP 1000 COMMENTATEURSMEMBRE DU CLUB DES TESTEURS le 15 septembre 2004
Format: CD
Les productions du sieur Impellitteri ne sont pas toujours d'excellente qualité, certains albums valent toutefois le détour. C'est le cas ici; avec "Pedal To The Metal", Impellitteri continue sur la voie abordée avec "Crunch" et "System X", à savoir celle d'un métal plus radical, beaucoup plus puissant et rageur, mais aussi plus moderne. Nous sommes à 1000 lieux d'un énième album de Malmsteen par exemple... Le nouveau chanteur s'illustre de fort belle manière, il possède un timbre de voix interessant et a un registre varié. La production est à la hauteur et l'album passe comme une lettre à la poste. "Pedal to the Metal" n'est pas exempt de défauts, certains riffs rappellent parfois d'autres morceaux déjà existants (à ce propos, Fall Of Titus ressemble bien trop à "Pinball Map" d'In Flames), comme d'habitude l'album est très court (40 minutes), certains reprocheront également au guitariste d'avoir trop radicalisé son style ("Crushing Daze" et son riff à la Pantera, les sonorités néo-métal de certains morceaux)... Moi, j'aime bien. Un peu de fraicheur, de renouvellement ne font pas de mal quand les talents de composition et d'interprétation sont de la partie. Impellitteri a changé (Ecoutez "Punk", c'est assez déroutant) mais ne fait pas n'importe quoi pour autant, et nous livre là un de ses meilleurs albums.
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Impellitteri meets metalcore 8 novembre 2010
Par Tore Linde - Publié sur
Format: CD Achat vérifié
Well, this Impellitteri album was both a little different and a little the same good old. With a different singer, Curtis Skelton, this album adds a tiny little bit of scream into the mix which I like. The darker guitar tones makes me think technical Sepultura doing shred. Nice! The opening cut "The Iceman Cometh" and "Punk" were my favourites. I just love how they take the piss out of the rappers and teenyboppers in the latter. Who said standard three chords or none at all was all there was? Being an old Malmsteen fan I've really taken to Impellitteri and I totally disagree with those who diss Chris Impellitteri because his shredding is so old hat. What a bunch of whiners! Chris does what he enjoys and is entertaining to boot. Good vocals aren't everything, although I admit they often add an extra dimension provided the singer can actually sing. And Curtis Skelton can sing even if he's not up there with Rob Rock or Graham Bonnet. Already looking forward to the next Impellitteri album after their latest "Wicked Maiden".
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Metal Stomp! 29 avril 2005
Par D. Wiedecker - Publié sur
Format: CD
This my first complete listen of Chris Impelliteri. I have heard bits and pieces of his neoclassical playing in previous releases, and I could say then that he sounded like every other neoclassical shredder. I can understand fans of his prior works of "the shred" will not like this. I do. Though I can't take an album's worth of shredding (how much monotony can one take?), I appreciate it in small doses, where it applies to the musical art form within the structure of a song. This album has a perfect smattering of the different abilities of this guitar great.

To classify "Pedal..." as any one form of metal would be a severe disservice to the release. The vocals are outstanding, I am not sure what the naysayers are talking about. The range is excellent, and the delivery gritty. The lyrical subject matter patterns Chris' typical good v. evil take, and the writing is stellar. The accompanying music has some speedy thrash elements in parts, some classic heavy rock hooks throughout, the rhythm section is steadily heavy and rock solid, and of course there is the phenominal, oppropriate soloing by Chris.

I have to say something about Chris' guitar tone and sustain. It is exquisite on this release. I dislike it when shredders cut back on sustain and distortion to make them sound faster and cleaner. Chris throws caution to the wind, and opts for the metal guitar artist overdrive and sustain, and it works to perfection. Some of the solos are jaw dropping, as he mixes tone, mode and key. What an amazing talent. I hope this is the shape of things to come for the band.

In closing, the song "Punk" is a hilariously perfect take on the evanescent "rap metal" industry. Impelliteri is not "trying" to do rap guys missed the point. They are making a parody on how much of an "artless" form of music it was. Listen closely. The song, music, and lyrical content hit the nail on the head, as well as being a kick ass metal song! This album is a pure treat for the thrash based metalhead!
4 internautes sur 4 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
5.0 étoiles sur 5 5 stars with an asterisk 23 avril 2004
Par M. Kell - Publié sur
Format: CD
I'll state this first and foremost, I love Rob Rock's voice. The guy was an amazing part of this band and I was sorry to see him go after Crunch. In my opinion, System X was terrible. Musically it was fine but Graham Bonnet sounded bad and his lyrics were often shameful. Even if they would have been written in the 80s that would have been the case. In other words, I was glad to see him gone even if he was replaced by an unknown.
So, how is the new guy? Basically the guy sounds like a mix of Russel Allen of Symphony X and Corey Brown of Magnitude 9 (if you don't know those bands get buying their stuff chop, chop!). In other words he's awesome! For those of you still lost, he's got a smooth mid range voice with plenty of power and some higher range to boot. I'd actually say he's better than Rob in that he's more diverse. Now, with the vocal spot filled to perfection, how is the music?
Well, Pedal to the Metal is typical Impellitteri, shredding solos, super speedy riffs, and some awesome groove. If you don't know what that equates to, I always consider them like Dokken at their most metal with even more shredding solos. As for this album, I'd say it takes the heaviness of Crunch and some more 80's sounding stuff and finishes out being quite diverse. No recycled riffs like a few times in the past and no crappy keyboards but tasteful and actually cool keys used sparingly. Outside of the song I'll mention a bit later this whole album is awesome and the production is again flawlessly clear and powerful. Pedal to the Metal is one of the best Impellitteri albums and the bonus track The Fall of Titus is very good. Buy it if you like'em and try it if you never heard'em before.
Now for the asterisk. The song Punk is terrible! Remember the days when Metal bands shamelessly threw rap in their songs? You thought that was over didn't you? Well it isn't. It's not nu-metal but the classic embarrasing style hair bands tried their hand at as they passed into obscurity. I gotta admit that they give it their all but it's horrible, the chorus being "Come on get up, P.U.N.K. Punk, Heavy Metal Punk." The miracle of CDRs will allow me to burn this disc without that track but still, it's crap. Two other small things, the sound effects on Hurricane suck and the F-word is said twice. I don't want to hear lightning crashes or lasers being shot in the chorus. It was bad in the 80s but it's really bad now. The f-word is pointless too but isn't a distraction at all. Depends on how offended you are I guess.
8 internautes sur 9 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
3.0 étoiles sur 5 The difference between diversity and identity 14 mai 2005
Par Murat Batmaz - Publié sur
Format: CD
There is a difference between diversity and identity. Diversity is about the growth a band shows in their musical evolution without forgetting who they are and where they are coming from. It's about progressing, moving forward and adding new ideas to your music without distorting the classic sound of your band. However, when too many 'influences' work their way into your compositions, you may end up in an identity crisis and some fans may question the validity of your work.

Impellitteri is a very good band. Their earlier albums with Rob Rock and Graham Bonnet remain as classics in their genres and I still play them on a regular basis. Pedal to the Metal, their new one, however, is a tad too mixed. It does have some of the classical Impellitteri stuff marked by great neoclassical guitar runs, fierce drum and bass combination and powerful vocals and is perfectly exemplified on the closing track "The Writing's on the Wall" featuring classical piano in its breakdown and awesome Malmsteen-like guitars. There are also satisfying works of power metal in the forms of "Dance with the Devil" and "Judgement Day" with slow guitars in the beginning giving way to speedy double drum bass and dark guitar riffs backing Curtis Skelton's singing. Sadly though, Skelton tends to over-scream on songs like "The Iceman Cometh" or sounds more like Layne Staley than himself on the Sabbath-y "Hurricane" marked by heavy riffing and solid lyrics.

The more modern songs are what prevent this album from rocking as hard as most of its predecessors. The two-minute "Crushing Daze" is the band's attempt at going more 'commercial' as it displays meaningless down-tuned guitars and mixes them up with weird, inappropriate processed vocals. "Punk", another song I detest, is obviously meant to be funny and a song written to ridicule the current state of the music business. However, it is very irritating to hear the singer doing rap-ish vocals and, aside from Chris' guitar solo, it is hard to tell the difference between this one and a Linkin Park track. I simply don't like to see all those amazing bands treading 'new' musical territory in the name of progression. The band continues to experiment with modern style songwriting on "Propaganda Mind", a song with numerous Linkin Park references except for the uplifting guitar solo. That said, Chris Impellitteri's guitar playing doesn't come close to his earlier stuff either. His tone is screechy in places ("Destruction") and the solos are more simplistic than his work with Rob Rock. Apparently he wanted to mix old with new and see what happens - hopefully he'll go back to doing what he can do best on the next album.
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 He"s Back 24 avril 2005
Par Carlos D. Brooks - Publié sur
Format: CD
Ive been a fan since the begining,I never really got over the Rob,Chris split,system x was ok the vocals did me in.So here we come to this project,"well" done He has found a vocalist that can play the part,the music could be the best yet,the songs are well constructed,catchy,they stick with ya,and best yet even though they have plenty of melody they are heavy,you can sing along or bang your head.I have seen some flack on his song called punk,I think its great, its better than most of the stuff that you here on the radio,and besides that its about time sombody makes a statement like that.This song could be a hit if record companies would take a chance,this whole album could top the charts,Anyway it deserves a rating of 5 but,I wonderd about some language and the love song,but most people wont even notice.
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