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Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Anglais) Poche – 16 février 2010

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 2 commentaires client

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Pleasure of a Dark Prince



Southern Louisiana

Present day

“Munro, you daft git, pass the ball!” Garreth MacRieve yelled at his kinsman over the thunder and howling winds.

Tonight was their yearly skins-versus-demons rugby match—a tradition for Garreth and his clan, meant to take his mind from the anniversary this day marked. Garreth was barefooted, wearing only jeans and no shirt. Rain pounded in strengthening intervals, turning this abandoned grassy airstrip in bayou country into a mire of muck and turf. Sweat mingled with mud—and some blood.

He almost felt . . . not numb. And that in itself was a feat.

Munro flipped him off but did finally sling him the ball. The leather was coated in grit, mixing with the filth covering Garreth’s bared chest. He feinted left, then sprinted right around two colossal Ferine demons, shoving his hand in their faces, stiff-arming them.

As he ran, with his heart pounding in his ears, he could forget. The exertion and the aggression were both so welcome, he wanted to beat his bare chest.

The swift Ferines surrounded him, so he tossed the ball to Uilleam, Munro’s twin, who took it in to score. His brothers-in-arms were strong and ruthless contenders, as was he. The beasts inside them loved to fight, to play. Rough.

The demons responded to the goal with trash talk and shoving. Like a shot, Garreth was in the middle.

“You’re raring to fight for an heirless king,” Caliban, the Ferines’ leader, sneered. “Nothing new—you Lykae go through kings like I piss demon brew.”

Of all the sore subjects to bring up, Garreth’s kingship was the one most infuriating. And on this day?

He launched himself at Caliban, but Munro and Uilleam heaved him back. As other demons steered Caliban away from the scuffle, Munro said, “Save it for the game, friend.”

Garreth spat blood in Caliban’s direction before letting the two lead him away to cool off. While Uilleam and Munro stayed with him, the other Lykae on the team made their way to the sidelines to mingle with the “cheerleaders.”

The demons took the opportunity to take a timeout and drink demon brew. The only bad thing about playing with demons—one of the few species in the Lore that could contend with the Lykae in a physical contest—was their continual “brew breaks.” Only seemed fair that Garreth and his kinsmen shoot copious amounts of whiskey to mitigate their advantage. They swilled it straight from the bottle, each one with his own, the Lykae version of Gatorade.

Their cooler was full of fifths.

“You’ve got to let this go, Garreth,” Munro said, taking a deep drink.

Garreth swiped his hand over the back of his neck, getting the feeling that he was being watched. But then, he and all the other players were. Nymphs lined the field, oblivious to the rain, touching themselves and sucking on their own fingers as they impatiently waited for this game to turn into an orgy.

He irritably gazed at the females. “Why’d you invite them?” he demanded. “Damn you both, I weary of this. Did you never think that I doona like nymphs?”

“Nay,” Uilleam said with a swig. “Any being that sports a penis likes nymphs.”

Munro drained his bottle and added, “You canna argue with medical facts.”

Garreth knew Uilleam and Munro meant well, but this was getting old. “I doona like them. They’re too . . . too . . .”



“Easy,” Garreth said. “They’re too easy. For once I’d like to have a female give me a challenge. One that would no’ fall into bed with me because I’m supposedly a king.” When Munro opened his mouth to speak, Garreth said, “Aye, supposedly.”

Munro shook his head gravely. “And still you believe Lachlain will return.”

The three had been round and round about this for one and a half centuries, since the time his older brother had vanished after setting out to hunt vampires.

Uilleam and Munro told Garreth that he awaited Lachlain unreasonably. Best accept that his brother was gone, especially after so long had passed since his disappearance. One hundred and fifty years—to the day, this day. They said Garreth hadn’t moved on and accepted his responsibilities as king.

They were right.

“When will you believe he’s no’ coming back?” Uilleam asked. “Two hundred years from now? Five hundred?”

“Never. No’ if I still feel he’s alive.” Though vampires had killed the rest of his immediate family, for some reason, Garreth still sensed Lachlain lived. “No’ if I feel it as I do now.”

“You’re as bad off as Bowen,” Uilleam said, finishing his own bottle—and opening another.

Bowen was Garreth’s first cousin, a shell of a man since he’d lost his mate. He spent every waking moment in agony, yet he wouldn’t accept the loss and end his life as most Lykae males would have in his situation. “No’ like Bowen,” Garreth said. “He saw his mate gored, saw her death. I dinna see such proof with Lachlain.” No, I searched and searched and found . . . nothing.

“Game on!” a demon called.

Garreth shook himself from his memories, swigged whiskey, then mustered to the field with his kinsmen.

Caliban bared his fangs at his opponents, a gesture Garreth returned as the teams huddled up.

Quick snap. Ball in play. Passed to Caliban. Garreth saw his chance, charging for him, pumping his arms for speed . . . faster . . . faster . . . He leapt for the demon, tackling him with all his strength.

As they careened to the ground, a length of Caliban’s horn snapped off, and he bellowed with rage. “You’re going to pay for that, Lykae!”


For miles, Lucia the Huntress had been stalking her night’s prey, growing increasingly perplexed when the tracks she followed led her closer to what sounded like a battle, echoing with roars and curses.

Mayhem? Without inviting the Valkyrie? And in our territory, too? If beings were going to trespass in order to war, they should at least have the courtesy to invite the host faction to the conflict.

When she came upon the battlefield, Lucia canted her head to the side. Clash of the Loreans, she thought as she beheld modern gladiators—not at war, but at play. Immortal rugby.

Winds whipped along the mile-long field, and lightning flashed above them, mirroring the intensity of the contest. It was like a ceremony celebrating . . . maleness.

Lucia easily recognized the horned players as demons, and she suspected their shirtless opponents were Lykae. If so, then the rumors were true. The werewolves were in fact encroaching on Valkyrie territory. She was surprised. In the past, they’d kept to themselves, staying at their sprawling compound outside of the city.

Congregating at the sidelines, Nymph spectators trembled with excitement, likely seeing this as no more than a mud-wrestling match between brawny heartthrobs.

A ruthless hit on the field made Lucia raise a brow. Not at the violence—she was a shield maiden after all—but at the unthinking violence. Though these Loreans all trespassed, they were oblivious to an Archer in their midst, one who could inflict serious damage—very swiftly and from a great distance.

Levelheaded Lucia, as she was now known, didn’t comprehend unthinking. But then she didn’t comprehend men. Never had.

Luckily for them, the only violence she’d deliver this eve would be to her targets: two kobolds—vile gnomelike creatures—who’d been seen stalking human young to feed on.

Her sister Nïx, the half-mad Valkyrie soothsayer, had dispatched her to these bayous to dispose of them. Lucia had asked Regin to join her, but she’d declined, preferring to play video games in the comfort of their coven over another “rain-drenched bug hunt.”

Lucia had jumped at the chance. After donning a T-shirt and hiking shorts, she’d strapped on her leather thigh quiver, archer’s glove, and forearm guard. With her trusty bow in hand, she’d set out at once . . . .

Another brutal hit. She nearly winced at the impact from that one—a piece of horn skipped down the field like a lost helmet—but she wasn’t surprised. Lykae and demons were two of the most brutal species on earth.

Worse, one of those bare-chested males had caught Lucia’s attention. Completely. No matter how badly she wished otherwise, Lucia still noted attractive men, and as the teams skirmished, she couldn’t help but appreciate the power in his towering frame, his speed and agility. Though mud splattered his torso and a shadow of a beard swathed his lean face, she still found him handsome in a rough and tumble way.

His eyes were a burnished gold color with rakish laugh lines fanning out from them. At one time, he’d been happy; he clearly wasn’t now. Tension radiated from his body, anger blazing off him.

When those golden irises flickered a bright ice blue, she confirmed what he was. A Lykae. A werewolf.

An animal. His handsome face masked a beast, literally.

“You call that a hit, you bluidy ponce!” he yelled at one of the demons, the muscles in his neck and chest standing out in strain as he bowed up and bared his fangs. His accent was Scottish, but then most of the Lykae were Highlanders—or they used to be, before homesteading southern Louisiana. “Aye, Caliban! Go fook yerself!”

Others were drawing him back from a particularly large demon, seeming exasperated, as if the male had been picking fights all night. Probably had. The Lykae were considered a menace in the Lore, with little control over their ferocity. In fact, they seemed to revel in it.

One hundred percent unadulterated male, alpha to the core. And still he was making her . . . lust. As the game continued, Lucia waited for revulsion to drown out her attraction. And waited.

Yet with each pitiless blow the male gave—and took—and with each of his growled threats and taunts, it burned hotter. Her breaths shallowed and her small claws went from straight to curling, aching to clutch a warm body to her own.

But when she remembered the last time she’d felt like this, a chill swept over her. She dragged her gaze from his antics and surveyed the nymphs frolicking on the sidelines. Lucia had once been like them—hedonistic, serving no higher purpose.

Am I still to be like them? No, she was disciplined now; she had a code. I’m a Skathian—by right of pain and the blood I’ve spilled.

With a hard shake of her head, she forced herself to focus on her mission—dispatching the kobolds. To the naked eye, they appeared cherubic, but they were actually ground dwellers with reptilian features. And when their populations went unchecked they tended to snatch human young, which jeopardized all of Lorekind.

The pair had split up, one of them fleeing deeper into the swamps, while the other hid behind the wall of nymph spectators, assuming itself safe in this crowd.

Lucia absently fingered the flights of the barbed arrows strapped to her thigh and savored the comforting weight of her bow over her shoulder.

Her prey assumed wrong. The Archer never missed.

Revue de presse

"Sizzling sex and high-stakes adventure are what's on tap in mega-talented Cole's sensational new paranormal release." --Romantic Times on NO REST FOR THE WICKED
"Rich mythology, a fresh approach, and excellent writing make this unique vampire tale superb." --Fresh Fiction on A HUNGER LIKE NO OTHER
"The snappy dialogue and sensual tormenting make this the best in the Immortals After Dark series so far!"
-- Romantic Times on DARK DESIRES AFTER DUSK
"Kresley Cole knows what paranormal romance readers crave and superbly delivers on every page. . . ."
--Single Titles on KISS OF A DEMON KING
"Not just another romantic read . . . this is a powerful experience!"
--Reader to Reader Reviews on A HUNGER LIKE NO OTHER --Ce texte fait référence à l'édition Broché .

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Format: Poche Achat vérifié
Garreth MacRieve, prince des Lykae a toujours été fasciné par Lucia la chasseuse mais la belle cache des secrets qui peuvent la détruire ainsi que ceux qu'elle aime. Garreth doit la convaincre de l'accepter comme gardien s'il veut la sauver et il compte bien profiter de sa seule faiblesse: son désir pour lui...

Une série fantastique, Immortals After Dark: un monde totalement recréé avec des loups-garou, des vampires, des furies... des intrigues bien montées et de l'action, des personnages que l'on retrouve avec plaisir de tome en tome, beaucoup de scènes d'amour (attention à ceux qui n'aiment pas!).
A lire absolument pour les autres mais en anglais (version française très décevante)

Dans l'ordre: A hunger like no other, No rest for the wicked, wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night,Dark Needs at Night's Edge, Dark Desires After Dusk, Kiss of a Demon King, Pleasure of a Dark Prince, Demon from the Dark, Dreams of a Dark Warrior
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Format: Format Kindle
Pleasure of a Dark Prince was another fab story in the Immortal after Dark series.

Garreth and Lucia's story was full of suspence and very heart breaking moments.
Lucia sure put Garreth to the test but he believed so strongly that Lucia was his mate that he never gave up, no matter what she (or Regin the Radiant) did to him.
Garreth MacRieve tought Lucia was running from him but actually she was on the most important mission of her life.
She was trying to find a Dieumort, a weapon who can kill the evil and very creepy god who tricked and deceived her when she was young and keeps haunting her life.
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Amazon.com: 4.6 étoiles sur 5 298 commentaires
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Another smokin' MacRieve! 1 mai 2017
Par Escobar - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Format Kindle Achat vérifié
Another page-turner from KC! Lots of Lore-centered mythology. Lucia and Garreth were written so well together.
This one is probably my favorite from the series so far. So much love (yet not too sappy), and lots of adventure.

Spoilers ahead!

KC killed this IAD book! The scenes from the Amazon were so enthralling, definitely a page-turner!

I loved the cameos of some of my favorites and their quirks (Nix, Reign)---had me cracking up.

I adored Lucia. Strong, determined but still had weaknesses (hello, hot rugby-playing Lykae!).

Garreth. Oh boy, another MacRieve to love! He was stubborn, but not as much as Lachlain. I loved how carefree he seemed the entire story, like nothing would deter him from Lucia just because he loved her (not so much the instinct or fate)- his instinct guided him to her, but it seemed he actually liked her.

As I said above, the Amazon scene(s)? Awesome.
4.0 étoiles sur 5 Shot Through the Heart and Your to Blame - 24 mars 2014
Par Robin Snyder - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Format Kindle Achat vérifié
I’ve been waiting for Lucia and Garreth’s story since A Hunger Like no Other and finally it is here and did not disappoint. It seems that the Valkyrie women are notoriously hard to catch and Lucia isn’t any different. She made a pact with a goddess to save her life and give her the gift of her bow skills, but it came with a high price, swear off all men forever. Never has Lucia even been tempted but Garreth MacRieve it temptation incarnate and she is now the hunted instead of the hunter.

“At fifty times the distance, you dispatched that ko-bold with three arrows to the neck. I’ve earned a trio to the chest. Seems you slapped him while you’re tickling me. You doona want to kill me, which is a good sign. Maybe this is your way of flirting?”

Those wolfy boys don’t give up easy and Garreth will follow her to the end of the earth in order to finally catch her. Lucia is on a deadly mission of her own. Sure she is running fast and hard from Garreth but she also needs to find a special arrow, a god killer, to avert an impending apocalypse. Our girl on a mission has no time to be swept off her feet, but thanks to Nix’s melding she is trapped in a position that she needs Garreth’s help to find the arrow that can kill a god and save her from her past. When stuck that close to a man she desperate wants and nowhere to run Lucia will finally have to face what does she want more her skill or a life with Garreth.

“I’ll do this to you till there’s something to take the place of your vows—until you see the two of us together as your religion.”

I loved/hated the bad guy in this installment, he was well thought up and terrifying. Also there was a guest appearance by Lothaire and he totally has some weird endgame plan that I’m not sure about but can’t wait to find out what goes through that vampires head. Of course Nixxy is my favorite goddess in training and I loved the explanation of how she could become a goddess by manipulating the outcome of this accession. She still has funny great lines and can’t give a straight answer for anything but leads our couple at least in the right direction.

Everything you need will be on that boat.”
“Nix, you have to tell me more!” Lucia cried. “Why do you always parcel out information?”
“I’m an oracle. It’s what we do,” she answered. “Now, do I really need to fake the static again?”Click

I think I’d probably read this series just for Nix moments. It seems like it has been awhile since we got to see Emma and Lachlian together as well so I was really happy for glimpses of the happy couple and Laclain giving Garreth advice on finding his mate. It looks like there could be some ¼ Valkyrie ¼ Vampire ½ Laykae sometime in the future is that a Valaypire, Vampkykae, or Layvamprie I have no idea how immortal genetics work.

“She took me to a mall yesterday"' Lachlain sounded as if he'd just stifled a shudder. "And she pointed to a boy and said, 'I think I want one.' So naturally, I start thinking, Where can I get a wee mortal? But she meant a bairn—our bairn.”

The lore of this book was back on track, great bad guy, wonderful love story and interesting resolution with a slight intrigue as to who exactly has kidnapped Regin. Can’t wait to read on and see what is happening with all of the immortals that have seem to gone missing…Nixxy I’m sure you have a finger in this jar too.
1 internautes sur 1 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
4.0 étoiles sur 5 Darker Story Than Others In the Series 17 novembre 2015
Par Sheila M - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Format Kindle Achat vérifié
FINAL DECISION: This story is a darker than others in the series. I also thought that there were dark secrets that Lucia was keeping that ended up putting both her and Garreth at risk at the end of the book. I was disappointed that the drama of this book turned so much on Lucia keeping a secret that she should have revealed.

THE STORY: Lucia the Huntress (a Valkyrie) is an amazing archer and has a dark and secretive past. When the Lykae (werewolf) Garreth MacRieve scents Lucia, he recognizes her as his mate. Lucia has sworn an oath of celibacy and tries to avoid the determined Garreth. Garreth spends his time watching and protecting Lucia from a distance until she goes on a journey to confront her past and save the future.

OPINION: There was so much that I liked about this book but I did not like it as much as others in the series. My biggest complaint is that it depended so much on Lucia keeping the secret of her past. She doesn't disclose it until it is too late and Lucia and Garreth almost die because of it. I slowly became annoyed by her continued determination to keep her secrets even when it obviously was necessary to disclose.

Despite this, I really liked these characters. I thought that Lucia was an intriguing character because she funneled her powerlessness into being powerful and yet fair and thoughtful. I felt for her painful past and the fact that she has to confront her pain again and again. Garreth is a sweetheart. I'm a fan of these "wolfy" characters. Affectionate, determined to bring joy and pleasure to their mates in all ways. I loved how he cares for Lucia even in the face of her determination to reject him.

This was a good book but not one of my favorites of the series.

WORTH MENTIONING: By the time this book ends, there are big things afoot.

CONNECTED BOOKS: PLEASURE OF A DARK PRINCE is the ninth book in the Immortals After Dark series. It can be read as a standalone but readers should be aware that these books build upon one another regarding an overarching storyline. I think the books are better read in order.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.
1 internautes sur 1 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Thumbs up for Kresley Cole! A Dark Prince has found his mate, but she could never be his! 16 juillet 2014
Par Cris-Cras - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Format Kindle Achat vérifié
Kresley Cole has an incredible imagination. Pleasure of a Dark Prince is just one more of her good books.
She created a whole world for the Immortal series - The Lore - of mythical creatures that live in our "normal" world.

This book can be read as a stand-alone, but I would advise you to start with the first one of the series. It gives the reader a bit more comprehension - and enjoyment - of the hundreds of secondary characters that appears here and there along the story.

The main characters:
Garreth MacRieve is the heir to the Lykae kingdom - or rather, its king. The hot, handsome werewolf, who waits for his mate - his one and only, forever and ever - for almost a thousand years, still doesn't believe his brother, the former king, is dead.
Until his mate arrives - and/or his brother is found - Garreth enjoys his life as a single and powerful man would - and in a lot more reckless way than some, earning for himself the title "the Dark Prince".

Lucia, the Archer, is a delicate, levelheaded, thousand year old Valkirie. When she was sixteen, she has vowed to be chaste and pure for her whole life, serving the goddess Skanthi, in return for being saved from death. She has a horrible secret, which is only known by her Valkirie "sister", Regin, the Radiant; the Skanthi goddess and the villain itself - or so she thought.
This evil secret rises every 500 years and it is her worst nightmare, which she must face as part of her vow.
Until she meets Garreth, she has had no interest in men, but with him she is loses the full possession of her mind, and there is an immediate attraction between them.
However, Lucia cannot forsake her vows is she wants to live and save the world from the villain. She is a bit contradictory at the beginning, but as the story unfolds, we understand why.

Garreth wants, needs - must have - her, but she is all he can't have. Specially now as the next 500 years is close at door.

So, our fun... er... the story begins!

Fast paced; with hilarious situations; twist and turns galore; erotic sex scenes; strong, willful, beautiful female heroines and hot, sexy, tortured heroes, great, charming, horrible foes - yeah, I know, an oxymoron - and terrifying villains, Kresley Cole takes us around the world, from the swamps of Louisiana to the great Amazon Forest, its huge rivers, endless tributaries and amazing, awesome animals in a hunt for a HEA for Garreth and Lucia.

Btw, I lived in Amazonia (Brazil) and I know she did her research well: the native boats; the awesome Amazon river and its dangers; its extraordinary trees, lilies and orchids; the heat, humidity and daily rain; and the animals' size and the threat they pose; all is correct, apart from only once when her creative mind exaggerated on the crocodiles' sizes, but it was meant to fit the story. And this is paranormal after all. It was missing the thousand of mosquitos and the variety of bug and insects - but that was okay. After all, it was not a book on the Amazonia fauna and I didn't need to be reminded of the weekends, when I was a guest in nicely built and comfortable friends' houses, being bitten by those annoying creatures even on unspeakable parts! :P

For those who love a nice escapade from the realities of our world, and those who like a light, fantastic, paranormal erotic read, I DO RECOMMEND IT.

x --------------- x --------------- x

I must raise a point that always makes me mad: the typos. And here comes the most interesting part - for me, at least. Being an avid reader of almost every genre, and a beginning author, I hate the infamous and irksome typos. Typos haunt and hunt me.

I speak many languages, a few fluently, others no so much, just passable enough to make myself understood, but my Portuguese is flawless.
There was not only one, but three or four typos - or misspelled words - and a surname that could have never been Brazilian (but it was close) - on the twenty or more Portuguese words or sentences (give or take, I was not counting, I was enjoying the story).
Just two examples that I remember: it should have been magnífico instead of magnicente (Portuguese has no such word), and Marcos Damiãno, should have been Marcos Damião (Damiano would be a tentative mix of Portuguese and Spanish). Damiãno makes no sense for Brazilians. We would never have the ã + a consonant, in this case.

And yet, I did not take a single star from my rating. Why?
Because this is such a good story, so funny, so fast-paced; there are action, fight, love, sex and relationships enough to make the Portuguese typos just a laughable moment, imagining such a creative American author trying to unveil the secrets of such a difficult language as Portuguese is.

I'm not being easy on her. No. I'm just acknowledging that when the story is captivating to the reader, a few mistakes can be overlooked - easily!

x --------------- x --------------- x
P.S. -
Hey, Kresley, if you ever need a helping hand on your Portuguese, I can beta read for you! :)
3.0 étoiles sur 5 Fun book with great characters, but inadequate love story 23 octobre 2014
Par Soba ice cream - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Format Kindle Achat vérifié
This was a fun adventure story to read, with excitement and danger at every turn. Unfortunately, it's supposed to be, first and foremost, a romance novel, and as someone who is in it for the love story, I found myself disappointed that the character development of Garreth and Lucia and their relationship suffered precisely because of the intense pacing of the story, the numerous side characters, and just so much darn stuff happening--all of it crammed into an inadequate number of pages.

As a long-time IAD fan who has reread many of the books, I didn't have trouble keeping up, but I would say, this was definitely not a stand-alone book. In fact, a lot of the parallel stories that were mentioned throughout felt like hastily tacked-on paragraphs. I wonder if anyone who hadn't read the previous books--or read them a long time ago--might feel like they were merely getting the Coles (har) Notes version of Everything That's Happened Up Until This Point. But this means that in an already short book, precious pages that should have been devoted to the main characters' story were designated to background filler instead.

A lot of people who wrote negative reviews for this book seemed to dislike the heroine, Lucia, for not spilling her guts to Garreth right away. I thought her reasons for holding onto her secrets made a lot of sense. However, I would have liked to see more of an evolvement of her character. Lucia is supposed to be this calm, controlled person who is unwavering in her responsibilities. But she meets Garreth for the first time, and BOOM, like five minutes after, she's making out with him. I mean, I get that he's THE ONE and he makes her FEEL things. But I would have found it more enjoyable to see Garreth slowly winning her over, drawing her out of her shell. Cole wrote it so that Lucia was instantly unable to control her lust for Garreth and the entire book was just this unchanging struggle. And while I did like what I saw of Lucia, I felt that so much was made of her past that it almost became her whole identity. It made it hard to see her, see what Garreth saw, understand why he fell in love with her.

So while I liked both the hero and heroine very much, I wanted a whole lot more of their actual love story.
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