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le 29 mai 2013
First time I've read Oliver Tidy. I think that Romney and Marsh have potential to develop into a series of future books. A few more details about their personalities lifestlyle and looks and some more info about the private and personal lives of the the other characters would make them overall more interesting. Julie Carpenter comes across as unlikely and unbelievable, mainly because nothing is known about her, not even how she looks, except that she's an teacher and seems to be only there for the sex. What is so great about her that Romney rates her so highly? Only her youth? Her kindness? Her looks? What? Otherwise, she should be pictured as so important?
Speaking of sex, I have no problem and even enjoy reading well-written,even explicit descriptions of this, but I think the bit about the"reek of her nether regions (!)" on his face was frankly, unecessary and overkill.
Good plotting, needs more editing and refining, but am sure this will come about with future books. Looking forward to reading more of this authors works and recommend others to support him!
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le 23 octobre 2015
I enjoyed the 5 books of the serie, very entertaining! Romney and Marsh are good characters. How about getting to know more about Marsh's past and troubles on the next one?
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le 1 février 2016
Excellent livre, n'ai pu le quitter avant dernière ligne, merci je l'ai eu gratuit et vous achete toute la série inspecteur Romney continuez c'est extra.
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