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le 17 décembre 2010
I was attracted to this book because of its tongue-in-cheek title. I then checked the reviews on and they were pretty good, so I gave it a go and no regrets!
If you don't like American measurements, this is not the book for you but honestly it is pretty easy to adapt to them and the results you will get with this book are well worth it.
The book is full of great coffee cake recipes, cookies and bars (pies as well but I haven't tried them yet). Quite on the sweet side as the title suggests, true, so you might have to adapt the amount of sugar to adjust to your taste but this is something I almost always do the second time I make a cake from an English (language) cookery book (our cakes tend to be less on the sweet side in France, although they are just as naughty in their own way).
This is not a coffee table type of book as there are no pictures of the cakes, just a few drawings to decorate so not the stuff of dreams but as you say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and these recipes deliver superb results in terms of texture and taste - not exactly what you always get from glossy cookbooks...
Dieters look elsewhere ;-) but a great baking book for people with a sweet tooth.
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