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le 16 avril 2014
I've waited many, many months for the story of Emily and Cameron to continue.

Speak of a cliffhanger at the end of the first one. Really, what did you to us, poor readers Julie?

If you've read Crow's Row, you already now that Cameron let Emily believe he was dead to protect her from Viktor. He is determined to keep her safe and so out of his world. Well, it turned out as his worst decision. In the second book, Emily will suffer from deep despair and sink in a bottomless pit. Until she will shake herself and seek revenge. So this book is told from both point of view, Emily's and Cameron. None of them cope well while apart and it was really, really hard to read because I love both so much!

While reading Scare Crow I wanted to throw my Ereader through the window (on Emily's bad days) or kiss it maddly (when a ray of hope came into her life). Let me tell you, this book is a hazard for your health. I think my heart aged ten years while reading.

For once, I'll write a review as a reading journal. This is the roller-coaster of my emotions and thaughts. Be brave, the worst is yet to come.

15% in the book and already biting my nails! Poor Emily. If it's not a HEA or it's ending on a humongous cliffhanger I'll need gallons of ice cream and a container of tissues.

27% Hope comes to Emily! Cameron struggles ...Gah! This is awful I'm dying slowly ... I'm going back to my book.

57% Emily's had a personality transplant! Gone the sweet and kind girl, welcome the vengeful, determined woman. Bye, bye hope Emily is once more in a pit of despair! Cameron is plotting the demise of Viktor and walks a fine line with the captains of the underworld. As always, he tries to protect his loved ones but let the darkness grow in his soul.

67% Emily's gone home to her horrible family. Cold and selfish parents. God, she's had a truly sad and bitter youth. Cheers for the caring maids! Unexpected help comes to her and she is set again on her vengeful journey. Emily, is it really wise? Do you truly want to doom yourself and take this path???

85% Oh Hell!!!! She is letting go and moving on. Cameron too. NOOOOOO! I want them back together. Rewind, please change the story ...

100% Finished! And I won't spill the beans! You have to read it all by yourself.

Happy reading and thank you Julie! You took your time but now I know it was worth it! Well done.
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