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4,0 sur 5 étoiles
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le 18 mai 2007
Quand la réalité rattrappe la fiction... En ce moment tout le monde parle de Second Life, l'endroit de la toile où... Niel Stephenson a décrit cet univers il y a presque 15 ans : un hacker de génie samouraï, une ado porteuse de plis pour la mafia, un virus informatique s'attaquant aux personnes physiques via leur avatar dans le meta-univers... je n'en dis pas plus...
A lire.
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le 28 février 2005
When I first read this book (over 10 years ago) I was of the opinion that it was the best science fiction book ever written. On re-reading it recently I am no longer sure that it is the best but it certainly is excellent.
Snow Crash is well written, with a strong well-paced plot and an interesting, well realised, cast of characters. Most importantly it bristles with ideas. I loved his bizarre vision of the future. The USA in terrible economic decline (worthless trillion dollar notes) with no law, just a franchise system of government (or independent Burbclaves). A brilliant reworking of the Babel myth utilising a type of direct linguistic programming - allowing people to be directly controlled through language. On first reading I was impressed with the Metaverse (a kind of equivalent of Gibson's cyberspace) but 10 years later it is much less impressive - it is far too literal and too closely modelled on reality to fire the imagination.
The action proceeds at breakneck speed - Hiro is a good hero and Raven is a fantastic bad guy. His physical threat almost leaps from the page (although he is such an excellent character that he does tend to overshadow the more sinister threat of the main villain L. Bob Rife).
I love Stephenson's work, particularly the early books, but as other reviewers have noted endings are not strength. This is one of his better efforts (certainly better than the ending of the otherwise excellent The Diamond Age) but is still rather abrupt and not entirely satisfactory.
None of the problems really matter, at the end of the day they are just quibbles - it is still a totally fantastic book!
Buy it, read it, enjoy it
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le 10 juin 2013
Reading the book is like watching a movie. I've just check that the movie really exist. It does.
It has been difficult some times to switch the light off and sleep.
I'm no longer practicing skateboard but I was there, in the street with them :-)

The rhythm is good, the frame is logic, the parallel world is "real", the bad's are ... bad and the good's -I stop there. Read the book.

Enjoy (I think I'll go to the movie very soon).
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le 23 octobre 2014
While there are some smart things in there - the pseudo parodical style is not really of my taste... this and the sumerian story.
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le 25 mai 2014
Difficult to stop reading when started. Despite time having made it a bit retro the anticipative power is still wonderful!
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